• Overpopulation and global warming make a colony on Mars seem necessary.

    Earth will eventually not be able to hold all the people on it with the rate that the population is growing. We will begin to run out of space and resources over time. With global warming affecting Earth's atmosphere, a colony on Mars could become a necessity in the future. Mars can provide a safe environment and a new place for Humans to live if these events occur.

  • We Have The Technology already....

    The United States have already created a space station called skylab, it was successful untill space shuttles failed to reach it in time after the the earth's gravity pulled it in. We have already reached the moon. People may say that there is nothing on mars for human benefits, but remember that there are the aspects of more living space on mars and we could find precious metals or other materials. Pressurized atmosphere and biological atmospheres is what they use in space all the time. SO WHY NOT USE IT ON MARS! Do you realize that there can be more resources on mars that are running out here on Earth. The cost won't be so bad, since you have seen that they've already invested so much in other space things....

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  • Oh Hell Nah

    I believe People shouldn't go to Mars because it is not a place for us to live, and it might be true that we won't have space to live on Earth the we will have to forget about living in Villas and make flats to accommodate everyone. Mars doesn't have water and Humans can't breathe in Mars. This mission will be a waste of money and peoples lives

  • It would be impossible to set up a colony on Mars.

    I believe that the logistics of setting up a colony on Mars
    would make it impossible or impractical.
    There are too many problems right here on Earth that need to be fixed
    for us to focus on making a colony on Mars.
    There is no food on Mars and human beings can’t breathe the
    atmosphere. This would just be a waste
    of a lot of money.

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