• Shame the fat out of them!

    If we publicly shame fat people then they can't serve as role models for younger potential fatties. It may encourage fats to lose weight. This will also create new jobs as more people will be going to the gym, therefore more gyms will open.
    More all you can eat buffets will open, as there will be less fat people to take advantage of the "all you can eat" deal.
    The NHS and other health services will have less strain on them, meaning waiting rooms will be less filled. If the shaming kicks off globally, other countries may even be able to justify having free health care without the fats around. This will increase health globally.
    There might be enough food left for Africa to finally eat.

  • It really depends

    I don't care if they're fat until our tax dollars are used to pay for their healthcare. At that point they're fat and should be fat shamed so we don't have to keep wasting our money on pointless things. Its okay to be a little over weight but being fat and taking government money to pay for your health problems is a big FAT no no.

  • Nothing Good About It.

    We shouldn't support or become an enabler for fat or obese people. Obesity comes with a huge number of health problems. It isn't a lifestyle people shouldn't try to be happy with. Unless they want to live a life of suffering and not live life to the fullest. Obesity is just one way of killing yourself, if you want to make your life short, that's one dumb way to go. Obese people won't change until we encouraged them to be healthier people, you can't go around accepting every lifestyle out there, as some are nonsense that only bring negative effects to the environment and themselves. Obesity isn't beauty, healthy, right, or acceptable. It's something that needs to be fixed, otherwise rippel affects would just happen and makes things worse than they already are.

  • Fuck u asshole

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  • They are People

    Its not there fault. Actually its the governments fault as they wanted to fix the corn growing problem and instead of giving it to the needy Africans. They made corn syrup which causes a lot of health problems. This product is in everything and make people fat easily and there children.

  • This a messed up and an ignorant idea

    Just because someone's different doesn't mean you should knock the way they live. Besides, who cares if someone's fat or obese? It's not one's problem or their concern on how someone looks. Not to mention it's not always their fault, some people gain weight off a few health issues that doesn't involve eating. Getting older, Pregnancy, stress at work, little time to exercise, not being able to exercise due to disability, etc. Some people need to take a look at both sides of the issue before coming up such childish ideas.

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