• Yes, because without him the US could be much different.

    Yes, we should continue to recognize him. He is apart of our countries history. Without Christopher Columbus, this country could've ended up much different than it is. Although the country has changed drastically since then, we shouldn't get rid or our history. The British could've taken over and today we may not have the luxuries that we do now. So much is changing today, we need to leave history alone.

  • We should still recognize Christopher Columbus with his own holiday

    We should still recognize Christopher Columbus with his own holiday because the importance of what he did can not be underscored enough. In these times, people will find some cause celebre to capture their 15 minutes of fame. Ignoring history won't make it go away. History is filled with important events, even if some people find them offensive.

  • He didn't really do anything memorable

    All he did was mistakenly come across a piece of land that people already knew about, and his primary goal was to bring back wealth to the country that sent him. Both he and his fellow traveling people caused havoc, death, rape, and a mockery of the natives that they happened upon, disregarding them solely with the goal of Christianization and the seeking of wealth. Him sailing the ocean blue in 1942 was indeed important for the global trade routes, but it isn't really something that warrants a holiday, in my opinion, and it isn't America-specific. He wasn't even the first non-native to "find" America anyway, I don't know why only he alone is considered so special and memorable.

  • No more Columbus Day Holiday

    Recognizing and celebrating Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day is great if you are a school-age kid because you get the day off, but overall it is a holiday celebrating the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans. Christopher Columbus and his crew took their land away from them and destroyed an entire culture.

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