• Can you hear me now!!

    Did you know that 2,500 acres of rain forest are being destroyed every single hour? And if you think that’s bad in every 20 minutes an area of rain forest the size of New York's Central Park is destroyed. I think that people should STOP cutting down the rain forest! One reason why is because animal’s homes will be destroyed. A second reason why is because the trees in the rain forest gives us all oxygen. And thirdly, some of the medicines we have now come from the plants in the rain forest, and they will be destroyed if you cut down the trees. Those are three good reasons why you should stop cutting down the rain forest.

  • Why Cut Them?

    I think we should stop and think about what we are doing. The world is getting more and more polluted. We should save the trees for future generations. Our ancestors left a beautiful ecology for us. Why ruin it? In addition, trees are an important place for living systems including us.

  • Yes we should stop cutting down trees!!

    The rain forest is being cut down day by day. With these fools cutting down trees there they are ruining the animals habitat. We also need oxygen that we get from the trees. So you want all of us to die. Just be smart and think for a change. How could you sit there and say no!

  • Reading some of these funny comments made by these Naysayers.

    I find it quite amusing seeing some of the people saying now we should cut down the trees for all of our needs, Houses, furniture, paper money etc. Do you know there are cheaper alternatives out there.

    As for the housing and Furniture, Some species of bamboo can grow well on poor and unstable sites, which makes it useful crop alternative. Bamboo has the potential for rapid growth: shoots have been observed to grow over 3 feet in a single day. Stands of bamboo establish quickly and harvest can place in less than 10 years. It is also less expensive than many other woods. Harder then oak.

    Bamboo is the fastest growing canopy for the regreening of degraded lands, and its stands release 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

    Bamboo is a high-yield renewable resource: "Ply boo" is now being used for wall paneling and floor tiles; bamboo pulp for paper-making; briquettes for fuel, raw material for housing construction; and rebar for reinforced concrete beams. There are 1500 species of bamboo on the earth. This diversity makes bamboo adaptable to many environments. It can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-20 years for most softwoods. Bamboo tolerates extremes of precipitation, from 30-250 inches of annual rainfall.

    A huge benefit of using bamboo as the organic base for textile fibres is that there is no need for pesticides or fertilisers when growing bamboo. However, herbicide and fertilizer applications are common in some places to encourage edible shoot growth. Bamboo also contains a substance called bamboo-kun – an antimicrobial agent that gives the plant a natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation.

    Why dont countries do what we Canadians are doing. Plastic money. Our bills cant rip, wash proof also cant be counterfitted. So our banks and government dont have to spend millions on shreding millions of dollers since they are in bad condition and not usable.

    Also an alternative to paper is hemp. 1 acre of hemp can produce as much paper as much as 10 acres of trees.So you can use hemp to make your books or that cardboard.

    I just dont understand some people really, they post things that they assume to be correct, without even checking out alternatives. WE DONT NEED LOGGING COMPANIES. Using these methods can help the survivability of the human race longer and healthier.

  • Yes, we should.

    Trees are always being re-planted. A couple of trees cut down WILL NOT HURT. Seriously, we are taking this too seriously. A 90-store mall was about to be built around my home, but they stopped it due to people signing a stupid petition about not to cut down 50 trees. America has millions of trees. 50 trees will not hurt.

  • Or at least keep it in moderation.

    I get it, we need wood and we need people and we need fuel. We need to build things like tables, etc.

    But we need to tone it down. Trees are good for our environment. They give us oxygen. Animals, who are also helping out environments, use them as food, or as part of their habitats. Less trees mean less benefits for our earth and that just means a lot of trouble for humans in the long run.

    It would be best to try and find alternative materials to make things like paper or fuel from, replant more trees for each one that needs to be cut down, and just keep it in moderation if we can't avoid cutting them down.

  • We should be thinking of the natures in the world that is getting dirtier.

    Lots of people know that we need trees in different reasons, but there would be no people in the world living in their own country, their sweet home if there is no nature. Think about it, people are part of the living organism in the world, so people shouldn't be hurting the beautiful nature in the world. No nature, no people. No people, yes nature.

  • Yes yes yes do we wanna live in a polluted horrible world?!

    Yes because trees are helping us live and also we do not always need wood for everything do we?
    I am sure that there are so many cheap ways to build a house!
    I think that by cutting trees we are destroying the lovely nature around us and we are already destroying the world with pollution!

  • Living trees remove carbon from the atmosphere, dead one don't

    As humans continue to increase the amount of carbon we pump into the atmosphere every day. It makes sense to change our rituals to promote tree growth. Some make the argument that the current destructive rituals promote tree farming, this is the case. However, for a tree to have a long term effect on carbon removal it must live a full and Long life.

  • Why should animals die just because we wan't wood?

    Animals need the forrest to survive and the wood init. We don't need wood to survive so why take it away from it? Many trees get cut down everyday and many animals along with it.Imagine an animal waiting for their parents that will never come home.Those animals will die aswell.

  • No, we need the logging industry.

    1. Houses would be more expensive. We would have to build houses from concrete, glass, metal, or some other expensive material.

    2. There would be no new wood furniture. Beds, dressers, shelves. And et cetera would have to be made of either stone, metal, or plastic.

    3. There would be no more paper money. Everyone would have to use credit or debit cards or coins. (No more money for homeless people.)

    4. We need paper for books. Ebook readers are worse for the environment than paper.

    5. We need cardboard for shipping. No one wants to receive iron crates in the mail.

  • It creates jobs, gives us wood, and we plant more trees anyway

    It is required for people to replace the trees that they cut down with new ones, so where is the harm? Without wood, where would we be? If trees ceased to be cut, how many would lose their jobs and their homes? How many would have to go hungry and put their children into foster care? Is it really worth losing a necessity?

  • No! This is wrong to the animals!

    Pandas are becoming extinct because some people are cutting down bamboo. Wow, there is allot of people who are wearing bamboo in their clothes, and even have some bamboo goods for their houses! (Floors, chairs, decorations, etc.) And trees help you and me breathe air. Trees are very important to the community.

  • We should stop cutting down trees.

    When we cut down trees that is less oxygen that goes into the atmosphere. If you cut down a tree you should plant another one and most people don't replant trees. If they did it would be fine but they usually don't, Stop cutting down trees for no good reason.

  • Silviculture is the answer.

    When looking at the big picture I can see how it would be easy to say "yes" we should stop cutting down trees. When looking at the statistics in the past hundred years it is quite obvious that we see a huge decline in our forested regions. We especially see our Forested regions decline during the big industry boom in the early 1900s.
    Without a doubt we are cutting more trees down today then we ever had before in the past history to meet the needs of society. But while also looking at our forested acreage you can see that we are slowly increasing the amount of forested land throughout the nation.
    Thanks to a man name Gifford Pinchot who was one of the most well-known Forster's in the United States, is known for reforming the management and development of forests in the United States and for advocating the conservation of the nation's reserves by planned use and renewal. This type of practice is now called Silviculture. When using Silviculture practices correctly, the more trees we cut down, the more trees we get back in return by natural regeneration methods.
    There is a lot more science behind using silviculture practices, but Im not going to type out a whole 6 year degree worth of information on here.
    It is quite funny reading some of the comments on here by people opposing cutting down trees. It's easy for me to pick out the ones who have little to no knowledge about the forestry industry but continue to argue and believe that they have all the answers to life.

  • We can always replant!

    Natural Resources are here to be used therefore we should use them. EXAMPLE: cutting down trees: we need paper ,paper comes from trees. Sure, going green is good but like i said we need natural resources and replanting is possible. Plants and animals reproduce. I like the idea of going green but it's important that people get a life as full as possible. Plants are important but replanting is also important.(and possible)

  • We should replant the trees we cut down

    When you cut down trees you can always plant them again. So if you are going to cut down a tree you should always make sure you have a seed to plant. Then it will re-grow and you get the oxygen from that plant instead of the tree that you cut down.

  • Stop cutting down TREES

    We can use a different things to make homes and pencils etc If we stop we can have clean air. So let's make a change and change the world one step at a time! We can do it by: Reusing items and using them wisely . So remember let's change!

  • No, cutting trees adds oxygen to the atmosphere.

    Trees do NOT make oxygen through photosynthesis. They make sugar for their own use. A plant cell and animal cell are alike–both oxidize sugar. For every atom of oxygen split off using the sun’s energy, there is an oxygen atom recombined somehow, someday, either in the plant itself or in the cells of animals who eat the plant. Every carbon atom in a tree’s trunk converts to CO2 when the tree burns or rots, using the exact amount of excess oxygen released during the life of the tree. It’s the Conservation of Mass and Energy, a law of nature ignored by many in all the environmental ballyhoo. Mature trees not growing contribute NO excess oxygen. To add oxygen to the atmosphere we need to remove mature, crowded, and diseased trees and use them for lumber, thus making room for younger, faster growing trees. As long as the lumber is preserved there will be a net gain in oxygen. All the houses, utility poles, cross ties, etc. constitute a very large carbon sink. So do rain forests, but it is important to realize that any mature forest is in equilibrium, using exactly the same amount of oxygen that it produces.

  • We should stop cutting down tees.

    Well we should not because if we cut down trees then the animals would not have any hones to live in and if they wont have any were to live then they will start invading our homes and then we will have so many problems and . Also if we cut down trees then we wont be able to breath that well and as you can see now people are having problems now breathing! And that is why we should stop cutting down trees.

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marylouturney says2014-11-01T05:46:07.437
Yes we must stop cutting down trees. Trees not only provide us shade but also reduce global warming and ensure good rainfall. Deforestation is leading to increased pollution and various other problems. Instead of using wood for building our houses we can use [url=http://amfsteel.Com/]steel buildings denver[/url] as they are much more ecofriendly and easy to construct.
Abraham_Rabinovich says2016-05-25T11:39:49.317
Not easy question... On the one hand everybody needs products from wood; this is also economic question, workplaces, industry and so on...Remember that sometimes we need to cut down trees because trees are ill... According with sanitary laws we should cut down this trees... Some people just need to use wood because they live in countries or areas where it source for heating, source for life...