• We need to stop deforestation

    Deforestation needs to stop! If you don't care about the billions of animals that are dying, then care about yourself! If we cut down more trees, our oxegyn will run out, AND WE WILL FREAKING DIE PEOPLE. WE ARE LITERALY GOING TO SUFFOCATE. So if you don't care about anything but your yourself, then you should still want deforestation to stop! BECAUSE WE ARE DYING. THATS RIGHT, DYING! SO CARE! CARE ABOUT THE WORLD! CARE ABOUT THE OXEGYN! If you don't want to DIE, then I suggest you do something about deforestation.

  • We want greenery of our country.

    It will cause harm to all. It will also cause global warming and it will decrease the rainfall. And also it will cause less oxygen and the animals and plants won't have shelter. Most of our medicines are provided by plants so when the deforestation is taking place we couldn't get medicine.

    Posted by: kesu
  • No More Deforestation

    Yes, we must absolutely end the bad practice of deforestation, but not for the reasons normally stated. The true reason that we must end deforestation is because the trees are part of a delicate system which intakes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. By cutting down too many trees, this environmental process is interrupted and it damages our ozone layer.

  • Absolutely

    I don't understand how people can justify planting even two saplings as being an adequate replacement for the mature trees that are being cut down. This completely boggles my mind! There are many ways to produce paper, including recycling and using other fibers, that do not require trees to be chopped down. When it comes to paper, we need to get with the times. It is also possible to use more building materials that are not wood.

    Posted by: bri
  • Deforestation is a international topic

    I thoroughly believe that it is imperative that deforestation stops in order to save the ecosystem. If we chop it all down today and plant baby trees for tomorrow, it won't work. Those saplings should grow under a canopy of mature trees. And, even if they do grow, where are those animals that live in the jungles supposed to go? They can't simply wait for the trees to grow. And are we planting simply trees? Are we forgetting the bushes, flowers, and so forth. The jungle may slowly regrow, but it will never recover if we don't stop deforestation

  • Deforestation is a international topic

    I thoroughly believe that it is imperative that deforestation stops in order to save the ecosystem. If we chop it all down today and plant baby trees for tomorrow, it won't work. Those saplings should grow under a canopy of mature trees. And, even if they do grow, where are those animals that live in the jungles supposed to go? They can't simply wait for the trees to grow. And are we planting simply trees? Are we forgetting the bushes, flowers, and so forth. The jungle may slowly regrow, but it will never recover if we don't stop deforestation

  • Has to be stopped

    Each year about 13,000,000 hectares are lost due to deforestation. Natural forests are cleared through logging or burning either to use the timber or to replace the area for unnecessary uses. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions of species. 70% of the worlds plants and animals live in the forest and many cannot survive the harsh deforestation that sadly destroys their homes.

  • Stop Cutting it down

    It's not nice when the amazon rainforest is being destroyed. It is a place that many animals live in. Protect it! Stop cutting it down, it's pretty brutal on the trees.Their just like us you know, they deserve to live a good life. Hb hn hj stop cutting them down!

  • We need these trees!

    Rainforests. Huge forests which get enormous amounts of rainfall and are very hot in temperature. Most Rainforests are situated in-between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The average temperature in a Rainforest is around 25 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall per year is up to 250cm. So, with hundreds and thousands of known species (and millions more thought to be undiscovered), why are they being destroyed?
    Well, there are various reasons for Deforestation. Lets take a look at them.
    Cattle Ranching: This is when farmers bring their cattle to graze in areas of the Rainforest. However, once an area has been used, it can be a very long time (or never) before it can be fertile again.
    Building Materials: The wood and timber in an area of Rainforest is often cut down and processed into paper, or wooden items such as planks, blocks or walls.
    Urban Expansion: Urban areas such as cities or farms may lie close to the edge of a Rainforest, and then the Rainforest will be cut back whilst the Urban area expands.
    Other Tree Uses: Trees are cut down at an alarming rate, for things such as paper and building materials, as well as fuel (charcoal, firewood) and the sap can be extracted to use for Rubber.
    Mining: Miners clear out areas of the Rainforest to mine out the valuable oil and minerals buried underneath.
    To understand the impact this could have on the Rainforests, lets look at the people who live in them- the Tribes of the Rainforest. We will focus on one tribe in particular, the Jacuna Tribe.
    There are over 25,000 Jacuna Indians who live in the Foothills of the Andes. They live in villages of around 150 people each. Jacuna people mainly eat foods such as Pineapple, Bananas, Beans, Corn, a vegetable called Manioc, and fish. However, their fishing method is very unusual. To catch fish, they will crush the roots of a poisonous plant and pour the poison into the river, paralysing the fish and making them float to the surface. Their houses are built from trees and palm leaves, and they use hollowed out tree trunks to build canoes.
    So, if so many people live in the Rainforests, why are companies tearing down their homes? Well, the answer is simple. Money. Unfortunately, industries are blinded by their own greed, and tear down the natural habitats of humans, animals and plants alike.

  • Stop cutting down trees

    If we are smart enough to send a man to the moon and build skyscrapers, we should be smart enough to find a sustainable way to work with the environment and stop cutting down trees. Recycling paper, submitting assignments online instead of on paper, and emailing receipts can all make a huge impact and these are easy fixes for many people.

  • We should down all the forests on Earth because it is extremely profitable

    We need not only NOT to stop deforestation, we need to ENCOURAGE it. This is about MAKING THE MONEY. If you hate making money then you need not have an opinion on this subject. All animuls and plants are resources made for the use of MAN.

    Hunting down every last animal on the planet and chopping down every last tree will not only help make money but will establish our unquestioned supremacy as rulers of this world.

  • Deforestation is necessary

    Trees should be cut or else we won't get furniture, clothes, food etc. As they are planting 2 trees for every 1 tree has been cut. So there won't be shortage of trees. As this is a modern world if we want something we have to sacrifice something. And also because of the increase of population we've to cut trees in order to surviving in the world.

  • No, keep cutting down trees.

    Though the arguments against total deforestation are wise, it would be devastating to our world economy if we stopped cutting down trees on a commercial level tomorrow. Companies by the dozens are planting 2 or more trees for every 1 tree they cut down, so people need not be worried about us 'running out of trees'.
    As with oil, and any other industry, the companies that deal with the tree cutting have no desire to run out of work, so it's in their best interest to plant more than they cut down.

  • No.

    We should not stop deforestation but we should stop the practices associated with deforestation. There are countless companies that follow a 2:1 ratio policy that is ideal for regrowing trees but also allowing for harvesting of trees. These companies plant 2 trees for each tree that they cut down so even if the survival rate of trees is only 50% the world has the same number of trees as before.

  • Continue cutting trees

    Yes, deforestation is a fast approaching problem in this world, but it can be controlled. At the current rate we might not have forests sooner than we think, but we must consider our economy. It would fail instantly. We must also think about the current sapling trees being planted. In 50 years when all the mature trees are long gone and cut down the saplings will be fully grown. We could create a controlled safe cycle.

  • It's in Brazil

    Most of the deforestation is taking place in Brazil and it helps people there who are in poverty and gives them jobs, food and space. Also, as it is in Brazil, why should we have the right to override their government to say we should dictate the world and do anything we want?

  • Not a top priority

    As of right now in the world, its not the top priority. How about we worry about important things like our country. I understand that it is becoming a bigger problem. If it is such a big problem, why don't you go do some thing. Nothing will happen if nobody does anything. A lot of people say it should stop, but have nothing to back it up with. And cutting down trees might be somebody's job. If we stop deforestation, will take away many jobs from people. Think about it a little, and maybe you will change your mind.

  • Why shouldn't we

    We all use paper and pencils and cardboard boxes and some might even have wooden furniture but when we buy and use all of these things we don't think about the rainforest then. However when we see the effect it has on the rainforest we start to think about it but we don't stop buying theses products. People cut down trees to make paper then write save trees on them. Stupid huh?

  • We need the resources!

    You all said that we need to save trees and prevent deforestation, but you’re holding a piece of paper. You’re holding a dead tree that you don’t want to be holding right now because apparently you want to save trees. We all need paper to write things on and learn things, then get a good education. People are trying to help trees by planting more trees every time they cut down one, so that’s already progress. I think we are getting somewhere.
    -Also, you’re saying that there will be too much carbon dioxide in the air if we cut down trees. What do you do to get to school every single day in the morning? In most cases, you take cars or buses. Does that not give off carbon dioxide if seven billion people use them? I think we all know it does.
    -It does affect animals and their shelter, people do cut off more than we need sometimes, but aren't you supposed to be doing something to stop it? It’s just words. You promise to do something and verbally fight for it but you can’t be bothered to actually make a move. If you’re so determined to make a change, then do it. If you just keep talking about how bad it is, nothing will change, and you won’t change anyone’s opinion. You have to physically do something to help. It doesn’t just magically change.

  • We need the 'business'

    In our day to day lives most of us will use pencils, paper, drink juice from cartons etc.. These items come from trees which have been cut down by logging companies that don't cut down trees to simply "wipe out whole villages just because of greediness" or because "there's nothing better to do". They do it to provide for us and help us live out our day to day lives. If you lived even for a week where you used no timber-related products you'd become aware how reliant we are on such companies to provide us with the materials for books, toilet roll, cereal boxes and office paper.

    Now when you combine this with the rapidly increasing population you will realise that we NEED as much timber as we can get asap so we turn to the logging companies who will provide for us. Also its not as if they leave nothing behind once they have harvested one area. In fact they act like farmers in a sense: Cutting down trees and then planting 2 or more trees in there place which they allow to re-grow, which can then be harvested once fully grown and then this cycle is repeated.

    Unless the 'apocalypse' comes and there is a and rush to cut down every single tree in sight to build a fleet of massive arcs the truth is simple. WE WONT RUN OUT OF TREES.

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