• Not good for environment.

    Many companies thrive from pumping oil. They earn a lot of money from that. However, that is not good for the environment, and that should change. Plus, we will run out of oil eventually, so we need to find a new way to get energy. We already have some forms of renewable energy, but we still need to improve it.

  • We should pump more oil

    We buy most of our oil from terrorists in the middle east, who are ripping us off, then funding terrorists, we need to stop buying their oil, blow up their oil, then utterly destroy them with WW2 and Vietnam style operation roaring thunder type carpet bombings, then blow them off the fact of the earth.

  • No it would destroy most of the economy.

    Lots of things come from pumping oil. Not just gas to power our cars. Sure it's bad for te environment but so is a lot of things we do. Should we stop cutting down trees just because its bad for the environment? This is like pre posing to a marihuana addict that he should suddenly just stop taking marihuana instead of trying to lower the dosages. It won't work and the effects would be bad.

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  • Its there for our consumption...

    Oil, as with all Planetary resources is being exploited by humans...Because we can! Therefore, we will only stop pumping oil along with other resources when the very real fear of total depletion dawns. However, this will only serve to force human kind to develop new forms of energy leaving natures gifts where they are.

  • Stop fueling our economy?

    Our entire economy would collapse without the energy derived from oil. The desire to prove to the world we are above the need for energy will not prevent our enemies in a hostile world from using our self imposed weakness to attack us. Not to mention the unnecessary human suffering caused by throwing America back into the pre industrial era..

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