Should we support Assad's Syrian Government (yes) or the Free Syrian Army Rebels (no) in the ongoing Syrian Civil War?

Asked by: Greematthew
  • Assad only legitimate leader

    If you oppose assad, you support isis. If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.
    Fund Syrian government and watch them take back the whole country and bring peace.

    Long live Assad long live Syria

    Say no to terrorists

    Say no to us backed rebels.


  • Yes: It's the better of two evils.

    If you would have asked me this question near the beginning the the civil war, I would have gone with the rebels. However, these rebels have become hijacked by Al-Qaeda, going from a rebellion to a terrorist organization. In addition to that point, I support Assad over the rebels because of the fact that if the rebels defeat Assad, Syrian will become a radical Muslim country. If this wasn't bad enough, the radicalization would spread into Lebanon and Israel, which poses a threat to the only somewhat "secular" states in the Region.

  • Should I cut off my left arm or my right arm?

    This does bear an uncanny similarity to the western support for those lovely fellows in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the Mujahideen. Abiding by the 'The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend' argument has had a severely detrimental effect on the world, especially in the Middle East. Assad is fascist, the FSA are Islamist; which one is worse? No one can judge which of the equally repressive ideologies is the least bad, so it should be left to sort itself out. The Syrian people will side with whichever side they want, and democracy is an inevitable result of time. Revolution is not the answer, we must leave Assad's regime in power so that the status quo becomes so intolerable that he has to introduce reforms and give way to democracy. All revolutions lead to undemocratic governments, and only through peaceful botton-up reform can a country truly become a democracy.

  • False choice, both are evil.

    This question was already asked in another form. We should support neither Assad's regime or the so-called rebels, which are really your garden variety collection of Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic terrorists. So you essentially want to do what you say was so evil about Assad. Furthermore, the leaked video on the Internet looked staged in my opinion and without any concrete evidence you cannot even say such an attack ever occurred. America should steer clear and provide nothing to either side. Let our enemies fight among themselves.

  • He is one of the more religiously tolerant leaders in the Middle East

    After a province in Syria was liberated by the Syrian army Christians felt safe to freely express their religion in celebrate Christmas. In the rebel and ISIS controlled regions it is borderline impossible to express one's religious freedom, unless one is a Muslim. The propaganda surrounding Assad's regime is solely based in the fact that he is pro-Russia. A pro-Russian (not communist) regime is almost always the better option than a lawless wasteland controlled by Islamist militants. (Somalia, Afghanistan).

  • Isis is the enemy not assad

    Assad has the last secular arab regime in the middle east. The US and NATO have been supporting the enemies of civilisation. The enemy in Mosul is the same enemy in Aleppo. Another Libya disaster is being created by the confused US and Brits. Only Assad and Putin stand between us and another victory for militant Islam.

  • Support the syrian government

    Free syrian army = terror american nato turkey and jews
    al-nurse = american support terror
    isis = american nato created them
    long live assad
    long live russia iran hezbollah and iraq
    long live communist
    democracy is a blood hand
    greeting from vietnam
    fight against terorrist liberated country peace is coming

  • Support Assad not terrorism

    The United States and Russia needs to work together against Isis and to do so, the United States should support Assad. The thing is that president Donald Trump support both Putin and Assad since he hates Isis. Totalitarianism is better than terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism in Syria or anywhere else.

  • Really bad or worse?

    Either live under a horrible dictatorship or under radical islamist. The latter being everything the first is plus a bonus of throwing the country a thousand years back in terms of basic human rights, education, science...
    I hope Trump can reach an agreement with Putin to bring this war to an end.

  • Assad is the least worst option

    I traveled to Syria in the 90s, one of the most civilized places in the Middle East under secular Baathist policies with religious minorities protected, women promoted and Westerners welcomed. Of course, step out of line and you will get crushed, but that's what is needed to keep the peace in that part of the world. Sadaam and Ghaddafi did it this way too, but Bush and Blair with their idealistic values and lack of Realpolitik sense screwed everything up and destabilized the entire region trying to bring democracy to peoples who have no concept of it, and instead have relapsed into fundamentalism and inter-religious fighting that has spread to terrorism in the West. Obama and Hillary just buried their heads in the sand and continued the moralistic posturing, only Putin and Iran have acted with any sense. The West have backed themselves into a corner, hopefully Trump can break with the idealistic past and realize that stability in the region and combating fundamentalism means putting strong dictators back in place. There will be a bloodbath as Assad purges the rebel groups of course, but he'll be doing the West a favour in the long run as they are terrorists in gestation....

  • It can't get worse.

    The genocide of your people through chemical weapons is just about the worst offense against the human race that can be committed. Perhaps some of the rebels are equivalent in their inhumanity, but many are not, and Syria is already a Muslim fundamentalist state under Sharia Law. The new government may be bad, but their is not much room to get worse.

  • Support the Rebels

    Assad has shown time and time again that he supports other terrorist organizations that are linked in aiding his government. He ordered the firing on innocent people protesting to begin this entire armed conflict. His use of chemical weapons and utter resistance to any form of falling back is why we the US should aid the Syrian Rebels.

  • We should support NOBODY!

    Staying out is the best option. We should stay out, not get involved except for delivering aid and helping those who need help, and help out citizens who want to escape. That's the option which will probably will get the least people to hate us. It also will not get our hands dirty. Supporting Assad is supporting genocide and the Free Syrian Army could have some ISIS members. This is the best option.

  • Assad should rot in Hell!!!

    Assad is a sadistic psychopath, who should be executed by firing squad, along with his wife. I've always despise his regime. All tyrants shall suffer a premature end. Adolf Hiter is more of a comparison towards Assad's dictatorship. I wish someone would simply fire a bullet straight into Assad's corrupted ideas. Fascism is usally considered pure evil at best. The United Nations should slay the lion, while he is relaxing within his dark throne. Milosevich ecounted his downfall by the hands of citizens with revolutionary agendas. Mussolini was executed by his own regime. An endless battalion of bullets dragged Ceausescu's soul straight into the fires of hades. Assad should be classifed as a tyannical monster, and the representation of a cold-blooded individual, with the decision of operating an Arab holocaust.

  • The Syrian government should win.

    The Syrian government, based on what al-Assad said, will change. He said that they just needed more time. The rebels have become a terrorist organization, and if we let them win, they will invade other countries and become one. This is, of course, the ultimate goal of ISIS. Once again, I support the government.

  • Support of Assad Is Support of Genocide

    He Forces Children In schools to say "I sacrafice My BLood And MY soul To Assad" not to God but Assad. Sad very sad. And if they don't they are tortured and killed. When Mothers complain to the police they say GO FUCK yourself and make more babies. This Dictator should be no more. The rebels want peace. They aren't teamed up with al queda or IS that is false rehtoric used to scare the uneducated into going on Assads side.

  • Assad is evil

    Assad is evil - remove him immediately. He kills innocent people. Support the FSA, they are fighting against the dictatorship Assad regime. To those of you saying the FSA is hijacked/backed by Al Qaeda, you are completely wrong. FSA is also at a war with Al Qaeda and Islamists. Assad is evil.

  • Free Syrian Army

    There are no good choices here. This is a messy civil war where they are good and bad parties on both sides. However, due to the Assad's regimes ability to use chemical weapons on their own citizens including children, I feel like we should throw moral support behind the Free Syrian Army.

  • Worst idea ever

    Syria. Its a country where we are hated for not believing in their own religion. Its stupid to think my president is about to send my nations troops into a place where they will be brutally killed for trying to help someone who hates us. Once we are done helping them, their just going to turn around and start killing us off.

  • Assad isn't fit to live let alone Govern

    Assad is a war criminal assuming they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was responsible for the chemical weapons attack, why would you support such an oppressive regime? It is clear that the syrian people do not want him in power and many i'm sure would rather see him dead, the FSA is fighting against what is wrong, a new leader must emerge and stabilize the region

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