Should we support independent shops and supermarkets?

Asked by: brookie
  • Public Should Support Independent Shops

    Yes, the public should support independent shops and supermarkets as owning a small business is the dream of many American citizens. While larger shops and stores certainly have their place, if the public supports only them, then the dream of many citizens may never come to fruition and that would be a terrible thing.

  • There are a lot of good benefits.

    Yes without a doubt we should support local communities, they make jobs for the local people there to work and also more healthier options then what you would find in a mass supermarket. IF its grown locally, you know where it comes from, if you can see it being made, you then know where it comes from, you know what is in your food or other items. I think we need both mass production and localized shops and supermarkets. Local supermarkets and local shops can bring in extra needed money for the local communities. And mass production at the same time can increase job productivity. Me personally though I choose to shop locally.

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