Should we support transgender equality in schools?

  • I agree because

    Transgender kids aren't attracted to the gender they are naturally. (AKA if a guy constantly dresses up like a girl, he isn't attracted to girls) Similarly, gay and lesbian children are allowed in the same bathrooms and changing rooms, even though they are attracted to that gender. Therefore, I dont' see how Transgender kids are a problem being in the bathroom of their choice.

  • We ask students do be fair and nice. Why can't the school follow their own rules?

    Teachers ask their students to play nice and be friends, but I guess that doesn't apply to how the school treats their students. Is it really such a terrible thing? If the school is going to allow transgender students, then they need to respect those students and treat them the way those students want to be treated.

  • Fight suicide rates

    By supporting transgender life institutionally, we will have happier children. Being transgender is more than twice as stressful as being gay. If even everyone around them provides no tolerance, then there will feel like there is no route to happiness. We continually think about all of the danger men can cause, but we have not even seen the integration of two genders applied in this manner. We can always have test runs with new laws and such.

  • Transgender People are People too.

    People everywhere are always saying how bullying needs to stop and kids shouldn't feel less confident because of what other kids say. So if a boy feels that he should really be a girl, or a girl who feels she should have been born a boy, let them. If you force a transgender child to use the restroom that they don't feel comfortable with, kids are going to be cruel. It's awful, but the truth. If people really believed in teaching kids to be themselves, this wouldn't be an issue.

  • We should support all forms of equality, especially in school.

    School is where kids learn how to not be jerks, and they should be learning to understand and accept the LGBT community. Take it from someone who knows, using the bathroom when you're transgender is stressful enough as it is. If you're forced to use the restroom of your biological sex, you feel uncomfortable and out of place. If you're allowed to use the restroom of your gender, you feel as if there is an immediate risk of physical harm, because there is. Do not make it any harder for us to feel comfortable.

  • Yes, schools need to teach equality

    School is where children learn a lot of their behavior habits through the things they see and hear and are taught. We spend a large portion of our lives in school and teachers are seen as role models. Transgender acceptance and equality should be taught to avoid judgments and prejudice.

  • Everyone should suppor transgender equality

    People try to paint being transgender as some sort of freaky thing, but it is really not. It is a way for people that identify with their "true" gender to live as themselves, and not force themselves into some sort of societal pigeon hole to keep everybody else comfortable. I think all schools should support transgender people.

  • Yes, it is the humane thing to do.

    Yes, we should support transgender equality in schools because it is the human thing to do, and school is an excellent place to begin teaching (other than home, but that doesn't always happen) that all people are entitled to be treated equally. Acceptance of all people, no matter what their sexual preference is, should be tolerated and not marginalized.

  • No, there is a reason they were separated in the first place.

    Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have no right to change which restroom they want to enter. They shouldn't have rights to marriage or to decide which gender they want. God made them the gender they are. They became homosexual or transgender through life circumstances. In a recent study that was done, they all had one of four things in common.
    1. Early introduction to pornography.
    2. Traumatizing event before the age of 5
    3. Abuse
    4. Their friends "came out of the closet" at an early age.

    They were born straight. They should use the pot straight.

  • It's insane and unfair on "cis gendered" children.

    Transgender children suffer from a mental disorder, where they somehow "feel like a female" or "feel like a male", which I don't believe is possible. You can't feel like you're of one gender or the other, you're either of that gender, or you're not, biologically. What they "feel like" is simply a mental delusion, as there's no such thing as "male brains" nor "female brains", and gender roles are a social construct. To suggest otherwise is sexist.
    What makes it worse is that these transgender children still have the private parts of their actual biological gender, which will make it uncomfortable for "cis genders".
    They should use the bathrooms for those with disabilities, because that's what they have.

  • Use the restroom according to the private part.

    If you have a penis you should use a male restroom. If you have a vagina you should use the female restroom. Simple as that. I'd feel very uncomfortable if a transgendered came into a public restroom that I was in. Imagine a man in there with your baby or child. They are so worried about trying fitting in that they don't care about making others feel uncomfortable. I belong in a womens restroom so why do I have to share with a male?

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