• Absolutely.

    What are we suppose to test on? Not all testing is what has been instilled in some peoples minds as an evil scientist electrocuting bunnies. A lot of testing doesn't even kill animals. Much testing is simply taking samples from the specimen, or test on things like habits. Chemical testing is not the only way to test an animal. You can test their skills, their preferences, their IQ, their reactions, and biology. Humans are also animals as you know, so restricting animal testing would make it where we could only test on plants, bacteria, and fungus. And to ban testing on animals would hurt researches with less funds or resources for testing on a large subject like a human. That is all I got to say.

  • Yes. Helps increase the human population

    You should test on animals because animal testing can find several cures to diseases. For example, cures for rabies, insulin, and polio were found by testing on animals. It is true that testing animals is considered as animal abuse, but it is taking away one animal for adding millions of us. In southeastern Asia, many people were infected with malaria, a disease caused by mosquitoes. A vaccine was found by using malaria infected mosquitoes. The virus was already dead, but it tricked your body into thinking it wasn't. From that, your body created immunity to malaria. Remember, it's like two birds one stone, except it's more like one million birds, one stone.

  • Yes we should

    It´s better to test on animals than on humans because these tests can give us an advancements in treatments of diseases. Antibiotics, insulin, vaccines for polio and cervical cancer, organ transplantation, HIV treatments, heart-bypass surgery had all been used and developed using animals and have saved millions of lives with this method.

  • Yes much safer than humans

    I believe that while testing on animals for vanity reasons such as cosmetics is wrong, for medical reasons it is a necessary evil. Although it may seem horrible to subject animals to these tests save millions of lives. Testing on animals for these purposes should always be done before testing on humans

  • We should be able to test on animals.

    We should be able to test on animals. Although it is not the best option, it is not always an available option financially or capability wise to use other ways to test. Using animals gets us a better determination of how humans will react. It is far better an option than finding it out too late on humans!

  • I dont think so

    Hey have every right to live as us. They have every right to live as us you might not think so. But if your a pet owner would you like them to test on your animals or your family haves anilmals would you like you to be tested on. STOP i am just a kid but animals can be died buy the time your5 grate grandchild is bor

  • Yes boss please

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  • Yes say yes

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  • Yes say yes

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  • Its not fair on the animals

    If humans don't want to be tested on why should we test on animals its selfish if you wanted to sell anything would you test it on an animal and risk there life its not fait on the poor animals . . . . . . . . . .

  • WHY? OH WHY?

    No way, we shouldn't test on animals. Why would we torture them anyway? Just because they can't communicate with us that well still shouldn't mean we can 'test' on them. Imagine if a new life form lived on Earth that was more superior than us. If they were to suddenly 'test' on us by torturing us, would we like it? Treat animals like you wish to be treated yourselves!

  • Hurting animals sucks

    Because you can end up killing it if something goes wrong or if you try to kill them it's pretty much animal abuse. Also you are taking a test on a animal when you can take it on humans instead. In fact to me I think killing animals will also increase taking more animals to disappear.

  • No. It is cruel.

    Some of it isn't cruel but a lot of it is. Some is simple like just plain observing. But some involve dripping chemicals into animals eyes and on their raw skin. These animals are normally killed after the results are recorded. Many say, " We eat them anyway, so what is the big deal?", the big deal is that eating them is part of nature, torturing animals is not.

  • Not so Appropriate

    The choice isn't between animals and people. There's no guarantee that drugs are safe just because they've been tested on animals. Because of the differences between humans and other animals, results from animal tests cannot have the same effect to humans, leaving us vulnerable to exposure to drugs that can cause serious side effects. In addition to saving the lives of countless animals, alternatives to animal tests are efficient and reliable. Non-animal methods usually take less time to complete, can be conducted at a fraction of the cost of the animal experiments that they replace, and are not plagued with species differences that make extrapolation difficult or impossible. Effective, affordable, and humane research methods include studies of human populations, volunteers, and patients as well as sophisticated in vitro, genomic, and computer-modeling techniques.

  • How would you like to be experimented on?

    Animals have no say in the way they are treated. I believe testing on animals is the same as kidnapping someone off the streets and subjecting them to treatment. While some could argue that humans are more valuable than animals, that gives us no right to treat animals with disrespect. They are capable of feeling love and pain just as much as we are, and I believe as human beings, we should recognize animals as beings and treat them well.

  • Humans are selfish

    Animals have just as much right to a happy healthy existence on this planet as we do. Who decided that we were more important than them? When it comes to cosmetics, if we are vain enough to use all these products thats our problem. Drug testing on animals is a waste of time as animals react differently to chemicals than we do.

  • Would you like to be tested on for something that could never be achievable? no.

    Why are we wasting our time trying to find a cure that we might not ever get? Testing animals can be very harmful to them, but also us. They could get extremely sick and die from "attempted cures", but where does that get them? To die for no reason except for humans. They have a heart and soul too, and deserve to live!

  • There are other ways

    Animals are living creatures, and while some would think that testing on them is a safe alternative to testing on humans, those are often the same people that forget that animals have nerves and feelings and can get sick or die from the same products we test on them before we use them.

  • NO, lets not test on animals!

    I do not believe that we should do any testing on animals. We don't know how much pain tolerance an animal has, and they are still living creatures. Why should they be tortured in order to help out humans? Should humans be tested to help animals? I don't think so! Leave the animals alone.

  • NO just no don't

    WHY? You don't like getting hurt or suffering, DO YOU HUH HUH DON'T TEST AN ANIMALS. YOU got it! HUH IT'S just not right they feel pain to save them let them live longer and anyways there not the same they are different so we get different results THINK OF IT IT ALL FAILS ANYWAYS AT LEAST 94% SO LET THEM LIVE AND BE A GOOD PERSON OR ELSE

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Anonymous says2013-05-01T21:25:57.660
No animal testing!