• We are in serious trouble...

    We need coral reefs NOW! New coral is not growing fast enough. Until we manage to farm enough coral to start to replace reefs with it, the ecosystems need protection from storms and other animals need a place to mate and find a safe haven. We are truly in a desperate situation.

  • Coral reefs are important!

    We are going down with coral reefs. The coral reefs protect uses form waves, storms and they also gives use food and medicine. I think it would be awesome to see a a sunken ship with beautiful coral reefs on it. It might also help with coral bleaching and the over fishing since its on the ship is at the bottom of the ocean. It would good for the coral because something artificial is good for you. Thats why i think we should use artificial coral

  • Support Ocean Life

    Humans should use artificial coral reefs to support ocean life in any way we can. Sunken ships and such structures can benefit life forms that cling to hard surfaces to create an entire ecosystem near shorelines. The reefs attract increasingly larger animals and eventually divers will take a look at the reef system in a few years to see it teeming with life. Any time humans can help ocean life we should take the opportunity to do so.

  • No, we should not use artificial coral reefs.

    We have no way of knowing how introducing artificial coral reefs might affect the ocean ecosystem. Introducing artificial coral reefs might draw types of fish to them and away from the remaining real coral reefs, and wreck the ecosystems of the real coral reefs. The fake coral reefs might also not supply all of the things that the fish who venture there will need and the fish might, in turn, die because of it.

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