Should we use human embryos for stem cell research?

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  • LOL, embryos don't even have a brain.

    Fetuses at least have a brain, but embryos don't even have that. It is ridiculous to claim that something with no brain can have rigths, it's not even sentient! Even if it we had no use for them there would be no reason at all to give legal protection to embryos.

  • Of course they should

    The stem-cells used are from the embryos that would otherwise be discarded anyway. If you oppose abortion, then clearly you oppose stem-cell research by default. But if abortions are already happening, don't you think it's a bigger waste and a bigger sin to throw the little unborn embryos away? Besides, in my opinion, they aren't human beings yet: they don't feel pain at that age because their nerve-endings haven't formed yet, so it's ok to abort them (as long as a lot of thought and time has been put into the decision.) I don't consider my sperm to be human: otherwise masturbation would have to be considered mass-genocide.

  • Yes, It Can Save Live

    Yes, we should use human embryos for stem cell research. Instead of going into my normal "embryos aren't people" rant, I'll go a different direction. Do you know what they do with unimplemented embryos and IVF clinics? They freeze them. You can't freeze babies. There is something that the embryo lacks to be considered a person with all of the rights and responsibilities that come along with person-hood, therefore there is no reason that this line of scientific inquiry, which is so promising, should not be followed.

  • This isn't even a tough question.

    First off, embryonic cells have far more pluripotentiality than adult stem cells- it isn't even a close contest.
    Second, no one is going around harvesting embryos just for stem cell research. The embryos used currently are the "extras" from in vitro fertilization procedures that would just be discarded- thrown away. These were NEVER going to end up as "children"- they were going to be wasted like so much trash. To use them to save lives and treat devastating disease is far more beneficial to mankind.

    Let's face facts- banning embryonic stem cell research won't "save" a single embryo. Not a one. In vitro fertilization will still happen, generating dozens of embryos per patient that are not implanted and thus will be discarded. Abortions still happen by the millions, where again the embryos are discarded. Why should we not save lives with what is now being thrown away?

  • Embryos don't have feelings.

    Although those suffering from diseases which could be cured by this research do have feelings and suffer. Usually the arguments I hear against this are by religious folk who offer plenty of opinion and speculation on why it isn't appropriate, but they never offer a mechanism for an embryo which lacks a brain to experience suffering.

  • Yes they should

    I dont see why not. We are using the embryos to help achieve more medical advances and save lives. Advances in stem cell research is crucial to the medical world and will be a great achievement isn science. This will also enable us to do stem cell transplants which is going to save lives.

  • Yes yes yes

    Well I think that it will help any person who needs a transplant , because they could die. And you don't need to kill the baby , you could use particles from the umbilical cord. And you don't have to kill the child you can use only a couple embryos and they will make more.

  • Sure why not

    Id rather have a grown human being be saved than an embryo who aint born yet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes we should use embryos

    Embryos help cancer we all know someone with cancer what if we could help them? Wouldn't you love to see your loved ones another 20 years than a few months. Embryos aren't even usually coming from babies they're usually lab made from embryos that would've been thrown away. Or other embryo cells from the umbilical cord after birth or older people like adults.

  • Existent human life immeasurably outweighs potential life of unconscious cells.

    The potential applications of stem cell research are astounding in breadth and positively orgasmic in the level of impact they could have in those areas. A fetus composed primarily of stem cells will, by definition, be in a relatively early phase of development, certainly before the activation of any higher functioning in the brain and more than likely before such an organ even begins to develop. A being with no such organ, or without a fully developed one, by definition doesn't have a mind and doesn't exist as a person. Any potential this undifferentiated mass has to become a human is beside the point. The potential stem cells have to cure an innumerable number of diseases and disabling conditions is far more important than the potential for a new individual to begin existing. Even then, that's beside the point; the fact of the matter is that what we are talking about is undifferentiated cells, harvested from an unconscious mass. As long as it's previous host gives permission, why shouldn't we be able to use these cells for research?

  • Absolutely not, this is a horrible idea.

    First off using an embryo to further biological studies is the murder of innocent children, in the name of science. It's not right, then add that using adult cells for research as opposed to stem cells has been more efficient overall. And before anyone tries to make the argument that abortion is morally justified then please click my profile and you'll see that abortion is in no way morally justified.

  • No this is immoral

    It is sad when society today allows the murder of over a million children a year. I thought this country was committed to preventing genocide, but it seems that we have let it occur right under our noses. It is not right to kill a helpless child. Life begins at conception, and children are blessed by God, made pure in the heart, mind, and soul. To SLAUGHTER these children, in the name of science, or abortion, is an insult to God's creation. Don't these children get a choice? Atleast adults can CHOOSE to give up stem cells to science. What about the children? They have no say, they are mercilessly killed. When it comes to human life, every single life that can be saved should be saved. Use adult cells for research. They may be less effective, but they still have potential.

  • There is no reason why we should.

    Human embryos are like little unborn children. If they are used for stem cell research it is like killing a child before they even have a chance to live there life. Would you like to give up your children for science? There is no reason we should have to use human life in research for science.

  • Well it just depends

    If the fetus dies of natural causes then sure, why not! But when you have the babies who's parents are psycho. Then mothers will start making people pay them and it's going to just be killing babies just to get money, which is incredibly insane and I completely disagree with it.

  • WEll it depends

    If the embryo is already dead then yeah. But to kill it is very wrong. That baby could have been the person that could save all of us. Its not right to take someone elses chance of living , I get that it would save a lot of lives, but it's the process of life. (You are born and then you die) what's not the process pf life is never having a chance to live. If someone can't handle having a child then give it up for adoption don't kill someone else chances.

  • Catholic church s

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  • Major Trust Issues

    I don't trust the scientists doing embryonic stem cell research. I don't trust the outcome even if beneficial because as with everything else power and greed will ultimately take over therefore the very reason for embryonic stem cell research will be forgotten. It will be misused, abused, and if any benefits became available they would only go to the highest bidder! More important is the probability that another Joseph Mengele could end up with such power. The more intelligent as a society that we become. The more common sense and humanity gets lost. We simply are not wise enough yet to be in control of such power.

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