• Clean and renewable source of energy

    Nuclear power is a source of energy that, I believe, should be used. Nuclear power allows us to continue to power our lives without having to pollute the air. It also provides stable electricity which helps prevent the frequent power outages that many areas without nuclear energy face. So long as nuclear power plants are well regulated to maintain safety, there is no reason not to use it as a source of power.

  • What choice do we have? In a world based around monetary value

    Tidal Power

    Those energy sources cannot scale up enough to deliver the amount of cheap and reliable power the world needs, and "with the planet warming and carbon dioxide emissions rising faster than ever, we cannot afford to turn away from any technology" that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gases.

  • Research of fusion

    Nuclear fusion has all the benefits of nuclear energy, but a lot less of the problems. Fusion is combining two atoms instead of splitting them. If we research it, we will be able to use it in the future. It may cost billions of dollars but it will most likely be worth it.

  • It's considerably safer than the general public believe

    Nuclear power stations aren't gigantic time bombs threatening to explode at any second. If you research the truth behind previous accidents you'll find that the actual systems themselves were not to blame. One must remember that the majority of these accidents occurred over 30 years ago. Technology AND safety regulations have drastically increased in this time, making nuclear power safer than ever.

  • Nuclear Power is best

    I think we should continue to use nuclear power because it is much cleaner, it causes much less deaths AND prevents more deaths than fossil fuels. As I have already read, if we keep on using fossil fuels until they are used up, there will be eve more global warming and many more deaths. You can't always use wind or water power because sometimes there isn't enough wind or water, and solar panels are too expensive.

  • Nuclear power reduces our use of fossil fuels.

    The less we use nuclear power, the more we rely on fossil fuels. Can you really expect that we will rely on wind farms and solar panels? No. By the time we have enough renewable sources of energy in place, the earth will be covered in a thick layer of smog. Solar panels become useless. Wind farms will not generate enough power alone for the entire world. I realize there are other ways of generating energy using renewable sources, but I'm just trying to prove a point. Nuclear power is the way to go. Understandably there are disadvantages. I don't think I need to explain, as just writing one word describes those disadvantages: CHERNOBYL. These situations while horrible do not happen regularly. There are also some major advantages. Nuclear energy doesn't create pollution, only harmless steam, and it has the highest resource to power conversion. Nuclear power is the way to go!

  • Yes, we need it to help advance technology.

    Nuclear power is a mostly clean way of getting energy, and the materials used are very efficient when getting energy. There are problems, like nuclear waste and natural disasters, but as we advance technology, we will work around those problems. I feel like we should continue as we are going right now, and when we become even more advanced, we can then step up production.

  • Yes, when properly trained

    As long as all the people in the plant have a proper training and knowledge of nuclear power, it is a good resource to use for power. True, there can be horrible events like what happened in Japan. However, what happen in Japan was a direct result of another natural disaster.

  • Yes, nuclear power is a better alternative than fossil fuels

    I feel that we should continue to use and improve nuclear power in the U.S. because it is practical and helps us reduce our use of fossil fuels. Nuclear power provides more energy to more people, while causing less air pollution as well, making it a more practical energy source over the alternatives.

  • Alternative Energy Sources Wont Provide Enough Energy

    Saying that we shouldn't use nuclear power and instead power all of the US through "green" or alternative energy is preposterous. Green energy will never be able to provide enough energy. Solar energy today, with all the solar panels you see everywhere, makes only .003% of the United States' energy. If we don't want to live with no electricity the only thing to do is use nuclear.

  • Yes- uranium isn't as finite as coal /oil/natural gas

    According to the NEA, (Nuclear Energy Agency) identified uranium resources total 5.5 million metric tons, and an additional 10.5 million metric tons remain undiscovered—a roughly 230-year supply at today's consumption rate in total. Further exploration and improvements in extraction technology are likely to at least double this estimate over time. There is also the extraction of uranium from seawater would make available 4.5 billion metric tons of uranium—a 60,000-year supply at present rates.

    That's a lot of uranium.

  • The pros outweigh the cons.

    Nuclear power is a way of fueling the future. It is safe, as nuclear disasters are very unlikely; extremely efficient as a power station can produce 63,000,000 kWh of energy a day compared to fossil fuel's 7830 kWh a day. Also, it is quite sustainable, as plutonium and uranium are not set t run out any time soon and plutonium even becomes uranium after it has been used. Overall, nuclear power poses a brighter, cleaner future for energy.

  • Yes, I do believe we should.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I agree with the main problems that come with switching to nuclear energy. However, I find that there are more possibilities that come with switching to nuclear energy, and if we as human beings can create safer and safer ways of creating nuclear fusion and fision, then these possibilities will become realities for creating energy in the future.

  • Yes we should use and I will explain why below

    I say we should because if we use nuclear energy to power cities it might be able to bring more jobs to the world. I have many more reasons one is because it wont release radiation into the sky killing every one but it does create waste but we can contain this waste and if it's attacked by terrorist almost every country in the world will be after them. Yes some one percent of people will get cancer but you can overcome cancer also it will produce a clean energy source that can power quite a bit electronics. This is why i think we should use nuclear energy.

  • Yes We should By Bolin Zhao

    I think that we should use Nuclear Power, because nuclear power is safe and efficient. Some people think that Nuclear power is dangerous, because if they leak then everyone would be harm, but research says that the surrounding of the power plant, is made out of concrete, so the radiation wouldn't go through. Also when a natural disaster come then they can shut down the power plat completely, so it won't harm people.

  • Yes we should use Nuclear Energy.

    We should use Nuclear Energy because its a lot more clean to the air. And were running out of other energy's really fast and soon we wont be able to use those types of energy until there's more! We also cant always rely on types. Also people are saying its very dangerous, well since anything has happened, we've grown in our technology and we know more and how to keep people safe with using nuclear energy.

  • Nuclear Power: A Clean and Safe alternative

    In my opinion which is also supported by millions of people internationally is that Nuclear Power is a clean and safe alternative to the current coal and gas powered plants. The World Nuclear Association estimates that the electricity industry would discharge 2.6 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide if it used coal instead of Nuclear Power. Nuclear Power is, against popular belief very safe, the problem that i admit to is only one of human error. Because of this most people such as a person voting against nuclear power do no understand this and so think that nuclear power will doom humanity when in fact, if the correct measures are taken Nuclear power will push the reaches of humanity. Nuclear Power, if harnessed properly could send man to extra-galactic planets, power a near no Carbon emission World and man could make civilisations on earth like planets before we destroy/spend the earth. The military is already using nuclear power and look at the technological advances they have made, nuclear powered submarines have an UNLIMITED range, which means our safety can be insured.

  • Yes, we should use nuclear energy...

    We should use nuclear energy, because even if it costs more then wind and stuff, it gives a 100% chance of the lights in our homes turning on. I also read some people who said no and someone said that nuclear waste would be transported around the country. It wont be likely that it will be transported around the country, but stored underground near or at the power plant so transporting the waste wont go 100's-1000's of miles to a storage place for this stuff. We also don't have to mine a ton of uranium because nuclear weapons can be dismantled and the uranium in them to power cities. Then there's the research in to how to use the nuclear waste to power long because right now we can only use half of the uranium's live, now I still agree that other stuff is good, but nuclear is better because it's always constant power.

  • Is there anything better? If not, I vote nuclear power

    I have heard many valid arguments against nuclear power, however, I have been swayed into supporting it. Only a few deaths are caused by radiation, while coal mining is very dangerous. Solar and wind energy aren't very reliable. Nuclear power causes no air pollution like coal does currently, but there is a clean burning method for coal, oil and natural gas. But if there's nothing else better, I say we use nuclear power.

  • Nuclear is the way forward

    I do agree that in its current form, nuclear energy is highly unstable. But let us not forget that planes were considered highly unstable for decades before.

    As with all technology, its budding form requires much refinement before it can be considered safe. Though of course in the case of nuclear plants, due to the potential disaster that they can be capable of, the process is lengthier and must be more thorough to reduce risk to negligible levels.

    But make no mistake, this is a clean energy source. This is an abundant energy source. And unlike solar panels/windmills this creates lots of energy and is not dependent on the climates of the world.

    We should not jump straight into evolution, but neither must we reject it. This next step can be the most important for the future of our world.

  • We should use nuclear energy

    Nuclear energy is a clean energy source that uses very little fuel to generate a lot of energy, and no air pollution is produced as in the burning of coal. Nuclear energy is less damaging to the environment than the combustion of coal and oil, which is connected to air pollution and global warming. Nuclear energy only gives of 20 tons of waste than coal and oil which is at 8,000,000 tons a year. Unlike a traditional coal-burning power plant,a nuclear power plant used\s the energy, or heat, produced by the fission of uranium, rather than rather than the burning of coal. Uranium uranium fission does not produce soot and harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. To rap up the argument I believe that nuclear energy is a good energy source.

  • Sure why not??

    I think we should use nuclear power because it is a great source and supple of energy. Although bad things could happen a lot more positive thing will come out of using nuclear energy. Also i think we should use nuclear energy because it is less polluting than coal and other things.

  • Yes we should!!!!!!!!

    I think we should use nuclear power because it slows global warming and gives us a nicer energy source the toxic waste can be taken into space by NASA and released into the galaxy. It's better to release it into space because then we humans aren't afraid of nuclear power anymore.

    Nathaniel McCauley

  • I don't think so

    I don't believe we should use nuclear energy as power. Plants are could be a main target for terrorism and it also takes a lot of time and work to make. Also the procedure is very costly and if an explosion is triggered you would have to look at the long term effect.

  • Yes, we should!

    Nuclear energy leaks WILL blow up and kill everyone! That's what I've heard from the people who decline nuclear energy. Wind and solar energy will not make enough energy to power everything. Solar energy MIGHT be able to power the world, but not with this technology. We will need a much more efficient way of using the sun's radiation to make solar energy work. The fossil fuels are just a 100% NO. They are way too dangerous, and not even very effective. To tell the truth, I think the use of gasoline and coal should be banned. I mean, look what happened in the Gulf of Mexico! It took a long time for that to recover, if it hasn't already. Nuclear energy is much more efficient that anything else in this period of time, and to prove my point, 1 pound of uranium is equal to 1000000 gallons of gasoline. I rest my case here.

  • Yes we should

    I think we should because if we don't, we are going to run out of other forms of energy quickly! So we should use nuclear energy when possible to reduce the usage of other energy like gas, so that way we have it to use longer then just 2060 or whenever they expect to run out of gas. Sure it would pollute are air, but that's only if it escapes into the air. We need to make a plan of how to keep it from escaping into the air and then use nuclear energy!

  • Why we should use nuclear power

    As of today we do not currently have any other reliable options for energy sources. Wind, water, and solar power can't always be reliable and don't benefit us with as much energy as nuclear power would. Mining for coal causes many accidents, sicknesses, deaths, and injuries. That is possible for nuclear power but it occurs very seldom. Nuclear power has since improved its safety so less and less accidents are happening.

  • We should use nuclear power

    We should use nuclear power because it would put less pollution in the air. For those who believe we shouldn't use nuclear power for reasons such as diseases, influences on nuclear weapons/war, or pollution there are simple answers. To prevent diseases, we could replace them with robots if we were that concerned about that. As for the influence on nuclear war, I really wouldn't have anything to say to anything to them because that is completely illogical. If people were to be concerned about pollution, I would just have to tell them to look at cart or look at a factory and see how much pollution comes from fossil fuels.

  • Why? Why not?

    Now im the moderen world with cars and planes and motercycles we are use so much fossel fuels that we need another source to fuel are homes and wind and solar are not enough. I think if we use nuclear power more it can revalusize the world. It has gotten alot safer over the years so disasters like chernobyl dont happen.

  • We should use nuclear power

    We should use it because it has had less disasters then oil gas and coal. Yes the disasters in chernobyl was a great disaster but how many major disasters were there?There has been 33 since 1952. How many disasters with oil coal or gas has there been? 362 men and boys were killed in one accident. That is one of the reasons im for nuclear power and plus it is better for the environment.

  • Nuclear Energy Is For The 21st Century

    Today, we need a more alternate energy source because fossil fuels won't last much longer. Wind, water, and solar is not reliable. People will say that nuclear power is dangerous, but it's not. There is a risk of cancer, but what are radiation suits for? Everything has a risk. Cellphone tower radiation could cause cancer, so if you're this serious about cancer, throw away your phone. Again, we live in the 21st century, nothing is safe. Nuclear energy is the fix we need and the alternate source.

  • Most Viable Option

    With the current energy and environmental crisis, nuclear energy emerges as the most viable option. Nuclear power plants provide sustainable power and produce exponentially larger amount of energy without using up as much resources. The renewable resources(which are considered a strong competitor against nuclear power) are not advanced enough to meet our current needs. They have a long way to go before becoming practical as a primary energy source and we can not wait for them to catch up with our requirements as it would be too late. While a lot of people are apprehensive towards nuclear power because of previous accidents, the technology has made immense progress in field of safety and waste management in last two decades. Hence, in our battle against environmental degradation and lack of sustainable power, nuclear power, if managed properly could be our most effective weapon.

  • Not as many dangers as people think

    1.Nuclear power plants danger are a little exaggerated the are pretty safe due to redundant safety systems. My grandparents worked at a nuclear reactor for a few years and they are OK.
    2. Reactors won't spray radiation or CO2 into the are unless something is wrong.
    3. Reactors don't explode and meltdowns don't happen often.

  • High power output and high efficiency

    Nuclear power may have drawbacks but fission reactors generate huge amounts of power more regally than solar or wind power. I am all for wind and solar but they are not as constant. As reactors are getting smaller and cheaper in the form of "nuclear batteries" that could be placed underground you could just have fields of them underground and have wind turbines or solar panels over top to ad to the power output you could create "power farms" in place of nuclear reactor plants.

  • Why Not? It would be helpful

    Nuclear energy is looking like a promising alternative to the world's energy crisis. Right now the majority of the world is relying on oil, coal, and natural gas. These are NONRENEWABLE resources. That means that we have about 50-100 years till we run out of them. Nuclear energy, on the other hand will not run out anytime soon. 10,000 people die each year from the direct result of the normal coal-producing and burning industry. There have been no known deaths from a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plants also cost a lot less than other energy resources. It also produces way more energy than our normal oil and coal! Many critics say that the risk of a radioactive disaster from a nuclear power plant is too risky but that can easily be avoided. Nuclear plants can't explode and if there was ever a meltdown it would have to be from a natural disaster. There are also emergency procedures to prevent any harm if something happens. As long as the plant is closely monitored, there should not be any thing that goes wrong. Others say that there is a risk of a terrorist attack but again, if the plant is closely monitored, there should be no risks.

  • Nuclear energy is a possibilty

    Yes, nuclear power can be dangerous if something goes wrong, but what are the odds of that happening? I think people are afraid of its effects. But multiple countries use nuclear power as one of their main sources of power and are just fine. Nuclear energy is relativity cheap, and produces much less waste then the fossil fuels we are using now. Nuclear energy also produces much less pollution.

  • Well, why not?

    Sure, nuclear power plants are both expensive and tedious to build. Sure, nuclear power has health and safety risks, just as virtually all other forms of energy. And, sure, a lot of this time could be spent trying to figure out ANOTHER source of energy, one with less risks and less time and money requirements, but honestly, wouldn't that be a bit of a waste of time? The way I see it, we should use a combination of nuclear energy and solar, wind, and hydro energy in order to create the most efficient substitute for fossil fuels possible. It might not be good to keep nuclear energy forever, but right now, nuclear energy is one of the best options we have. Plus, fossil fuels (particularly the methods of collecting them) can be very dangerous, sometimes even more dangerous than radioactive waste and similar stuff. As for fear of terrorists? Well, there's no sure-fire way of preventing terrorists from trying to use nuclear energy to their advantage, but that's pretty much how it goes with everything else; the fact that things are illegal doesn't stop people from doing them, no matter how much we try to enforce laws, right? Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I realize that nuclear energy has a lot of risks that people are concerned about, but we're in such a scramble to find a replacement for fossil fuels and there are so many pros to weigh out the cons that I just can't help but see nuclear energy as a possible source of constant, reliable energy.

  • Why shouldn't we?

    I think the only reason people don't want to use nuclear power us because they are afraid of it. I think we should be just as afraid of almost every other power source. All power sources have their pros and cons. I honestly think nuclear energy is a great way to produce energy. The only thing that is stopping us is people who think it will have a meltdown or blow up which has a very slim probability. Comparing to other fueling systems this option is not dangerous, and has a great use.

  • Yes we should use nuclear power

    We should use nuclear energy because if we keep using fossil fuels we will be in a worse position. Fossil fuels take long to make and create a lot of Co2 emissions. Nuclear energy on the other hand is clean and very efficient. We can also access it easily and fast. Although, if we do use nuclear power it needs to be in small scale. We should have a combination of other renewable energy sources and small nuclear power plants. It may cost a lot at first but it will pay off in the end. To recap, nuclear energy in moderation is the way to go to be stable and efficient.

  • Yes, we should use nuclear energy.

    We should use nuclear energy because if we keep using fossil fuels they are going to put us in worse position. We will run out, they create Co2, and take a long time to make more of. Nuclear energy on the other hand, is clean and we can get it fast. However, if we use it, it needs to be in small scale. There should be a combination of other renewable sources and small nuclear energy plants. To add on nuclear energy in small amounts powers way more than a bunch of coal. Although nuclear can be costly that cost will pay off in the long run. So to recap nuclear energy is the way to go, to keep us alive and stable.

  • Yes because of the new fission reactor

    The reason that we should use nuclear energy because of the new invention of the fission reactor. Today the most common reactor is the high pressure reactors when the reactors are under high pressure to keep the water warm so it can create steam and spin the turbines. Since of couple of accidents because the high pressure reactor chamber. The high pressure creates helium which is flammable. The fission reactors are very small and are compact, the generate about 50 megawatts,which nuclear reactors only produce around 30% less then the fission reactor. The fission reactors also can use the fuel up to thirty years which nuclear fusion reactor can only last for 18 to 24 months that is a waste. Also fission reactors eat up the fuel and the power can be enough to power 1000 houses. Also the fuel is liquid so is east to make and use. If the fission reactor breaks or malfunctions then the system will send the liquid uranium, plutonium or thorium will be sent to a containment storage center and will be sent back to the reactor when fixed. If you people want more information to go TED talk and search up nuclear.

  • Yes we should use nuclear energy

    I say yes we should use nuclear power because is it more efficient. Now the buildings where the nuclear energy plants are located are really safe. Splitting the atom and fusing it with another one is really safe. Wind mills aren't that efficient especially if there is no wind. So I say yes we should use nuclear energy.

  • Nuclear power gets a bad rap because of what's happened in the past, but the safety has been seriously increased.

    Although many serious accidents have happened in the past, people have drastically changed the safety of nuclear power plants. The waste is kept very safely, and can be reused. Wind turbines and hydroelectric power is a good source of energy as well, but they can take up a large amount of room, and it takes a lot longer to produce a substantial amount of energy rather than with nuclear energy. Because of how much nuclear energy can be made with a very small amount of uranium, it costs much less than oil or coal ( A single pound of uranium is equal to 1,000,000 gallons of oil). Oil and coal is being used much more quickly than it is being produced, and nuclear energy does not release harmful gases like other energy producers. The chance of a nuclear meltdown is much, much smaller than the chance of global warming taking a huge effect on the world. Although nuclear energy does have a few cons, they are being fixed.

  • Nuclear power is the solution!

    Nuclear energy produces much less waste then other fossil fuels we are using now. I think the reason people are against nuclear energy is because it scares them. Sure, things can go bad, but think about how unlikely this is. Multiple countries use nuclear energy as their main source of energy without ever having and accidents. Nuclear energy doesn't create pollution like other fossil fuel like coal, which will, at this use, eventually clog the sky with smog and cause even more global warming. Nuclear energy is a good solution!

  • We should use nuclear energy because one pop of uranium can be used for a persons life time

    Nuclear energy is good because it take little land and 1 pop can will last someone for life. I know and agree that the wind binds or pretty but they are huge a some days are not windy enough to give use energy. It is more efficient but nuclear energy is easier and will give us future adults an easier job.

  • A good energy source.

    With fossil fuels running out, we need an alternate source of energy. Sure, there's wind and solar power, which are renewable and don't create really any carbon dioxide, but those require certain conditions to actually generate the power and can be unreliable. Nuclear power, on the other hand, isn't unreliable and produces large amounts of energy that we can use. It doesn't produce much carbon dioxide either, so it's a good source of energy. More people have been killed by stuff related to fossil fuels than by nuclear power.

  • Nuclear energy is one of the best ways to get clean energy

    Nuclear energy has many benefits like for one it doesn't release nearly two billion tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depleting the ozone layer and allowing harmful UV rays upon Earth. The waste nuclear energy has can be "recycled" and used again. If you get cancer from the radiation you can over come that cancer but you can't over come being crushed by rocks or inhaling coal dust.

  • Phoenix Middle School

    I believe that we should use nuclear power on a small scale. The small nuclear reactors would be a great addition to renewable energy sources. I believe there can be enough renewable energy sources- hydo, geothermal, wind, and solar to meet the demand for continuous energy but a supplemental source of power for the "off" days (when the sun isn't shining, the wind isn't blowing, and the rain isn't falling) would be ideal.

  • Yes nuclear power!

    I think that we should use nuclear power because it is a good sustainable source of energy. The problem with wind and solar energy is that the wind isn't always blowing and the sun isnt always shining on the solar panels so you won't get that much energy. However nuclear power plants keep producing energy no matter the weather. Plus nuclear energy is better because it has less of a death rate than coal mining. People say that nuclear power plants always cause mutations to people but the fact is that most people living near nuclear power plants do NOT get mutated or get any type of disease.

  • YES! It's safe!

    I think that we should definitely use nuclear energy. Its clean, plentiful, and efficient in a world struggling to stay clean, and always worrying about running out of fuel. Modern day nuclear power plants are ridiculously safe, and the ones that have malfunctioned (Chernobyl, etc.) were poorly designed, and have been much improved since then.

  • I like nuclear energy

    I believe that nuclear energy is good because it produces lots of very usable energy and as stated in the video it would only take a space about the size of Rhode Island to power all of Americas vehicles and think about how many vehicles are out there. Unlike wind energy that takes up almost the size of Ohio to power the same stuff.

  • Nuclear power station

    Nuclear power reduces our use of fossil fuels.

    The less we use nuclear power, the more we rely on fossil fuels. Can you really expect that we will rely on wind farms and solar panels? No. By the time we have enough renewable sources of energy in place, the earth will be covered in a thick layer of smog. Solar panels become useless. Wind farms will not generate enough power alone for the entire world. I realize there are other ways of generating energy using renewable sources, but I'm just trying to prove a point. Nuclear power is the way to go. Understandably there are disadvantages. I don't think I need to explain, as just writing one word describes those disadvantages: CHERNOBYL. These situations while horrible do not happen regularly. There are also some major advantages. Nuclear energy doesn't create pollution, only harmless steam, and it has the highest resource to power conversion. Nuclear power is the way to go!

  • Nuclear power is the way to go.

    Nuclear energy is much cheaper than harvesting fossil fuels. Nuclear energy’s fuel source is uranium, which comes in pellets. One of these pellets cost about $7, which is the equivalent of three barrels of oil, which cost about $84. In 1993, 470 million tons of coal and 96 million barrels of oil were replaced with nuclear energy. By converting from oil to nuclear energy over $13 billion was saved.

  • We need a multi prong approach

    Carbon dioxide will eventually cause run on global warming. Green energy sources can not possibly create enough energy to replace our current energy use...Wake up tree huggers...It ain't gonna happen. However, if we develope a long term approach, we could solve several problems and have an abundance of energy. 1. Build nuclear reactor pods in areas with low populations that are geologically stable with water supplies. At the center of the pod would be a fuel regeneration reactor, reducing nuclear waste products. This approach allows the use of common design and iterchangable parts further reducing cost.
    2. Convert current direct fossil fuel use to electicity; internal combustion engines to electric motors, fossil fuel heaters to electic, etc. This would allow the efficient use of solar panels, fuel cells and wind turbines as secondary energy production sources.
    3. Our current geo political enemies are being funded in large part by the use of fossil fuel...Lets cut off their funding by reducing the demand for fossil fuel. That should potentially reduce the need for such a large defense budget...Invest that money in fusion research. The day we can rely on fusion is the day the human race reaches a new level in its evolution.
    4. This process will stimulate the economy beyond any other method being discussed currently. Consider near 100% employment, no poverty, no hunger, no pollution.....
    Fossil fuel use (coal especially) kills about 200,000 people in the world every year. There has never been a death caused by radiation exposure from a power plant in the US...Ever...Not even three mile island. Fission may not be perfect,but is the best stepping stone to a clean, prosperous, healthy future.

    Posted by: MRC
  • Yes we should

    People may say we don't need it but the actual reality is that we need it because its good it isn't dangerous as long as people know what they are doing. As long as we give them proper training in the works everything should work out fine. So thanks for listening to my opinion

  • Nuclear waste isn't destroying the environment, Carbon emissions are.

    Nuclear power is the only energy source that can provide energy without CO2 and methane emissions that scientists say will cause irreversible damage to the world by 2040. Solar doesn't work at night, wind doesn't always blow, geothermal for whatever reason isn't taking off. Environmentalists can be some of the most extreme people in the world, in the same league as the tea party, since they won't except anything other that a perfect solution, and there are none right now, and we can't wait any longer. There are risks associated with nuclear power, but there also risks to doing nothing, we have to the best with what we have right now, and that means nuclear power.

  • Nuclear Power is by far better than Coal and Oil

    First let's start out by saying that Nuclear power saves more lives than it destroys. Yes there's accidents like Fukushima and Chernobyl but accidents like that are rare and uncommon, few people actually die from it. Coal and oil on the other hand kill millions every year with lung disease and various cancers. By using nuclear energy we reduce the amount of harmful carbon emissions and decrease the amount of these diseases saving more lives.
    Secondly, it is the only viable short-term energy replacement for coal and oil. It would take decades to switch to a completely renewable economy due to the low power output of renewables compared to coal and oil. Nuclear on the other hand has a power output roughly equal to that of non-renewables and can easily replace them without doing significant damage to the environment.
    Thirdly nuclear power is for the most part clean. The only waste that is produced can easily be stored in remote locations and the amount of emissions is almost none. Coal and oil on the other hand is, as we've seen, very toxic and can and will hurt the environment, no matter how hard we try to make it clean.
    In short, the benefits of nuclear far outweigh the risks and is the only viable short term solution.

  • It is safe!

    There are way more safe facilities in the world than there are accidents. They are very safe, however they are kinda costly but the doesn't really matter because it might make cheaper energy. I think that it would be better if we could do a combination of both the wind, water, and solar energy as well as nuclear.

  • SOVLE the water shortage problem with nuclear power.

    Nuclear power plants have the energy (with a very low or non-existent carbon foot print) to produce desalinated water. We could fill our reservoirs to the tiptop with all this water, and we would have a bunch of extra energy to run air conditioning, plug in electric cars etc… This would create lots of jobs, so what are we waiting for?
    The reason I believe nuclear is better for desalination is because you’re supper heating ocean water anyway. Why not distill it?

  • We know how to dispose of nuclear waste

    Most hazardous waste created from nuclear plants is considered low level and can be stored safely underground. In addition, it takes up less space underground than the literal millions of tons of ash and other pollutants in the atmosphere created by fossil fuels.
    High level nuclear waste, however can be vitrified . This is an expensive process that makes hazardous waste harmless to its environment. Vitrified hazardous waste can then be used as fuel in reprocessing plants. Unfortunately, this can be used to make nuclear weapons

  • Aff totally dominated

    All the neg is doing is just speculation. There is not really a valid argument on the negs side that the aff didnt defend properely. THe problem with the neg is the lack of evidence and knowledge on the subject. And because of this the round goes to the affirmative

  • Aff totally dominated

    All the neg is doing is just speculation. There is not really a valid argument on the negs side that the aff didnt defend properely. THe problem with the neg is the lack of evidence and knowledge on the subject. And because of this the round goes to the affirmative

  • Nuclear power is the solution

    After scrolling through this page reading both arguments for and against nuclear power, everyone seems to agree that it creates a great deal of power from a small amount of fuel. Where people tend to get worried is about nuclear proliferation (making nuclear bombs, terrorists, etc.) and the waste management. For nuclear proliferation, in face the opposite is happening in America at the moment; the nuclear arsenal is slowly being decommissioned into nuclear fuel, and different types of reactors such as molten salt reactors use a different fuel, thorium, that cant be made into bombs. As for the waste issue, generation 3 and 4 reactors as well as molten salt reactors will be able to reuse this waste and shorten the half-life of the material. To add one last note, there have been very few nuclear disasters and the more advanced technology gets the safer it gets as well.

  • It's beneficial for the world

    Nuclear Power is the one of the cleanest energy in the world, it could be devastating if it is not properly managed. We shouldn't waste our money and time trying to upgrade other energy sources that won't be able to provide energy for the whole world. We should invest our money and dedicate ourselves to developing a safer management and disposal of uranium.

  • Clean, efficient and effective

    The world needs a new energy source so why not with nuclear energy? It's clean, efficient and effective. By the time we get another resource in place the world will be polluted with CO2 emissions from transport and fossil fuels. The population will decrease and the air will no longer be just as it no but the percentage of carbon dioxide will rise.

  • I am Cool

    Nuclear power is the best thing that has happened to use....EVER! Yes, it may kill Nemo but nobody even likes him. Wind and Solar power are cool. However, the government won't release solar, wind or water powered cars because once people have them,....Where is the money for the government? Without people buying petrol everyday the government would lose a lot of money. You may think I am going off on a tangent but this is true so why not Nuclear Power? Nuclear Power could be fatal if there was an accident but if they are built in remote areas the risk you be reduced.

  • It gives Low pollution

    It is in most cases more beneficial, in terms of the climate crisis, to replace other energy harnessing methods we use today with nuclear power. The environmental effects of nuclear power are relatively light compared to those. However, nuclear waste is potentially harmful for both humans and the environment ...

  • It's our only option

    Nuclear power provides a safe renewable energy source that wont polute our air and will create a sustainable environment for us to live in. If the world continues to be powered by fossil fuels everyone will be poor and sick. Just my opinion on the topic, sorry if I offend anyone.

  • Good Source of Energy

    It is a good source of energy, and if it is maintained properly to prevent huge disasters, it is a reliable and quite frankly cheaper option than a lot of other sources. I understand there are some problems as far as storage of waste, but hopefully we find a better way to store it in the future.

  • I think that we should use nuclear energy, for many reasons being.

    To start off with, nuclear energy (fusion and fission) are both cost-effective, so citizens everywhere will be able to afford it. In addition, it has no carbon dioxide waste product to add to our world’s global warming issue. Therefore, it’s better than the fossil fuels that most people use for their homes, because that causes more carbon dioxide to be released in the air.

  • No we Shouldn't!

    Nuclear energy can harm forms of life and the environment. It is also said that Nuclear Energy can affect Human health. This type of energy can also cause Cancer and give you side effects to your brain. Do you really want Nuclear energy damaging how you think? Well I sure don’t , especially since there is hardly any cure if you have nuclear energy in your body. Nuclear accidents can spread ‘radiation producing’ over a wide area, this radiation harms the cells of the body which can make us sick or even cause death.

  • Worth the Risk

    When nuclear power is well monitored, it causes no accidents. It is still a clean energy source, and it creates large amounts of energy too. Thus, we should keep it and expand on it so we can increase our power output for the future. Also, it will last us for thousands of years to come.

  • Other countries use it without a problem

    Just take a look at france. The french power about 77% of their country with nuclear energy according to world nuclear association. And the United Kingdom's government planned to power about 86% of their country by 2050 using nuclear power. And China is building them like crazy and planning sooooooo many more.

  • The universe runs on it!

    Think about it this way almost all energy and matter in the universe has originated by nuclear fusion. It only makes sense to try and replicate it here on earth because it has been proven to be able to build entire universes so it should be able to power a single planet that simple. Over the years it will get cheaper and more practical until we basically have mini starts which is a real theory today. You cant hate it you feel it every day in sunlight for crying out loud!

  • It's the only thing we have until better energy sources are researched

    Nuclear power is pretty much the only thing that will power our Earth to the scale that we need it. Other alternate resources like Solar Panels, Geothermal energy, etc are good sources, but really are only good for small scale things. But for powering cities and businesses we will need nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is actually not that dangerous, it just takes a bit of precaution like any other energy source. Of course it isn't great because if there is a meltdown, the whole place will be radiated. If we can find a way to extract or mine some of the Sun's physical energy then it would be much more efficient than using nuclear energy. It's the only thing we have now, let's just get used to it

  • Today almost no chance that it will harm the ecosystem

    When radioactive core is spent/depleted all transportation of the core is done underwater and behind meters of concrete. Nuclear power plants are built to with stand natural disasters .
    New precautions are being taken ever day to make nuclear safer .
    It supply's vary large amounts of electricity and has all most no chance to harm the ecosystem.
    Got most of my fact from huge data base check it out

  • We need to use new energy.

    I can see why people might say no but it better with the technology that we have now. If we were to shoot the rods in space far enough into space than we could use it. Coal fossil fuel it will run out. We should keep the in reserve for if it doesn't work.

  • Nuclear power is the best

    Source of energy that can be replaced the oldest-energy. Its power is very huge that can export a large amount of energy to provide society. Besides that, nuclear power is very neccessary for each countries to protect against the invasion of another countries. The most obvious is the power of nuclear can run some high-technology machine that no power on the world can do it.

  • Plenty if reasons listed below: #MyOpinion

    Every year, one typical coal-fired power station devours several million tonnes of fuel and produces even more carbon dioxide. Burning stuff has the virtue that it is simple but it is very brutal. That volume of carbon dioxide is damaging the atmosphere and, in the longer term, the fuel will run out. It is clear that the world needs an alternative to generating energy by setting fire to things.

    For a good few years now, nuclear fusion has looked like offering a solution to the problem. For every 100 tonnes of coal we burn, fusion has the potential to deliver the same amount of energy, without any carbon dioxide emission, using a small bath of water and the lithium contained in a single laptop battery. Moreover, it would be inherently very safe and would not produce any significant radioactive waste. Lest there be any confusion, the science behind this way of harnessing the energy locked away inside the atomic nucleus is entirely different from that used in current nuclear fission reactors.

  • Gotta use something

    Nuclear is the safest power source. Not only immediate but long term. Storage is only question and the government has spent a ton of money in Nevada just to have one Senator stop it all.

    Environmentalist must be realistic in their thinking.

    Gotta get power somewhere and it must be affordable. Solar not there yet.

  • Broader Implications of a Compact, Reliable & Low-Cost Energy Source.

    Aside for the fact that safer generation-3 let alone generation-4 reactors take away any credibility from post Chernobyl & Fukushima scaremongering arguments, they(in particular gen4 reactors) also represent a potential for ultra-cheap electricity in the future, and means to adopt very energy intensive, yet environmentally beneficial industries on a much larger scale. Such industries include,. Seawater-Desalination, Clean Fuel Synthesis, and Vertical Farms.
    In this respect cheap nuclear energy would have a profound effect in reducing our overall ecological footprint in way not permitted by other more expensive sources.

  • Doesn't give off too much radiation

    Nuclear power doen't give off that much radiation if treated properly and by professionals. We need to remember that all the nuclear power-station meltdowns were over 30 years ago and we need to remember the advances we now have in technology. So i believe that we should build more niclaer power stations in Britan

  • Nuclear power is good

    Nuclear power is a clean, cheap source of energy. The technology is getting better, with more safety regulations. Additionally, the thorium reactors are a new, promising technology, with even less risk and output. I'm a member of the youngest generation, and I support nuclear. We can't supply all our power with renewables. If you think that, you're deluded. The only reason that lots of people don't like nuclear is that they are overly fearful of it.

  • Yes for nuclear

    People are overly fearful of nuclear. The reality is, nuclear is cheap, clean power that produces no greenhouse gases, and the probability of a meltdown is extraordinarily low. New reactors produce very little waste, and they also produce energy that is cheaper than coal, and certainly solar, and usually wind too. It's just as natural as wind or solar. People are just fearful of it, which gives it a bad rap.

  • Powerful Untapped Resource

    There haven't been any nuclear power plants built since the 1970s, and we're using antiquate technology.
    Fukushima, Three Mile Island, and Chernobyl, while all terrifying apocalyptic scenarios, are incredibly unlikely and require a major design flaw in order to do it (building on an earthquake fault line, building the reactor to melt-down rather than have a contained shutdown)

    Nuclear energy has a fantastic energy output per kilogram of fuel, can enrich its own fuel via breeder reactors, and needs smarter regulation and less ignorant population in order to succeed.

  • Lol yeah what

    It is less impacting on the enviorment and the waste can be disposed of merely by burying it underground. It will last us for a long while, while eventually other resources will run out. Nowadays it is very safe, instead of back when they did not know what sort of safety to have. Although it is not 100% ideal, the amount of radiation we would recieve if we lived near it for a year is the same amount as eating one bannana once. I would prefer alternate fuel sources, but as the ones I have in mind are unlikely to be used for ages, this is the better alternative.

  • Nuclear power is the best way to produce energy

    When you think about nuclear energy it can be frightening. People are concerned about nuclear power because of the radiation it gives off in the environment and atmosphere. However, this concern is overly exaggerated. We should use nuclear power instead of other sources of energy because it can produce high levels of electricity without causing damage to our environment and atmosphere. In fact, although nuclear energy does release very small amounts of radiation into the air, these levels are even less than the radiation we receive daily from the sun, earth and inside our bodies. Add to these facts that nuclear power is a cheaper source of fuel than gasoline and there is a very valid argument to increase our use of nuclear power as an energy source.

  • Nuclear power is the best way to produce energy

    When you think about nuclear energy it can be frightening. People are concerned about nuclear power because of the radiation it gives off in the environment and atmosphere. However, this concern is overly exaggerated. We should use nuclear power instead of other sources of energy because it can produce high levels of electricity without causing damage to our environment and atmosphere. In fact, although nuclear energy does release very small amounts of radiation into the air, these levels are even less than the radiation we receive daily from the sun, earth and inside our bodies. Add to these facts that nuclear power is a cheaper source of fuel than gasoline and there is a very valid argument to increase our use of nuclear power as an energy source.

  • Relatively low costs, low pollution

    When we build one power plant, we can produce mass kinds of energy. It is really good for us. Plus, nuclear waste is potential harmful for both human and environment. Many people say that the nuclear energy is harmful to human, but I don't think so. There is not much accident. When there is no accident it is not harmful to human.

  • If it is dangerous to use why do we use it

    Almost all of the USA military submarines use nuclear power to run then. But if they didn't run on nuclear power they would be using gasoline. So if they don't use nuclear then oil is being used up faster. Plus it gives out a lot more energy then other sources of energy.

  • Tjernobyl killed 5.000 people, a hydroelectric killed more than 200.000 people in Banqio, China 1975

    All energy sources have their problems. But compaird to the energy they produce nuclear power is one of the safest. And there is no other option. If we stop using nuclear power, we will have to use more coal, oil and natural gas. This will destroy the air will CO2 and will kill dare mor people than nuclear power will ever do.

    People say that uranium is limited. We have about 100 years more on earth, if we start using another kind of reactors we will have about 80.000 more years, and if we use the underwater uranium 300.000 more years. After that we have other possobilities, like nuclear power on thorium (100.000 more years).

    Scientist estimats within 50 years from now, we will have fusion power and we wont have to use any other source. There for we have 500.000 years, half a million years to do what scientist estimates will take less than 50 years.

  • Future nuclear plants will be safer than ever

    The LFTR power plant is the safest yet, being incapable of having a meltdown, blowing up or causing nuclear waste. It can even consume existing nuclear waste as a fuel source. Also, other energy sources such as solar or wind simply cannot provide the power that we will need, when we need it.

  • Nuclear Power will get rid of fossil fuels, and nuclear fusion is clearly the future!

    France is 80% nuclear powered and it is working great for them! They have reprocessing plants that use 96% of nuclear waste to generate more energy. Nuclear power is SAFE and clean energy when done properly and should not be feared. Nuclear fusion would create boundless energy and would be incredibly efficient, all while producing less waste than fission. Do not fear nuclear power! Research!

  • A world without nuclear power is a waste.

    All magic comes at a price. While we cannot be rid of these tragedies, an effort must be made to look at the bright side of things. If the guidelines are followed , and I'm certain they will be, I see no reason as to why we should stop use of nuclear power. Actually, I'm surprised that this is a topic worth debating on.

  • Nuclear is clean and very safe.

    To everyone screaming about risks on the "no" side, do a little research. There have been 18 notable events at nuclear reactors in their almost 60 year history. Until Fukashima, there hadn't been a press worthy incident since 1980. Today there are over 700 reactors operational between civilian power, research facilities, and nuclear subs. Since 1960, there's been a combined operational time of nuclear reactors on earth of over 15,000 years. 18 notable meltdowns in that time? Yeah, nothing else on the planet has that kind of safety record...

  • Nuclear power use

    Nuclear power is a good energy source and should be used. If it is maintained properly then it will be completely safe. It is more efficient and can support the needs of the world. You cannot generate enough energy from other sources but with nuclear you can. Nuclear power is the way to go

  • Nuclear power is stronger source of energy

    One gram of uranium 235 has the equivalent energy production as four tons of coal. It also is a stronger power source than hydroelectric dams, solar panels, and wind turbines. It produces 20% of our electricity today. Nuclear energy is the way of the future might as well start now !

  • Nuclear power is good.

    It has lots of power/energy. Doesn't pollute the air, which means nuclear power doesn't contribute to global warming. It is reliable, so it works in any weather; unlike wind and solar energy. It also doesn't need a large plot of land, unlike wind farms. It produces little waste, but is highly radioactive.

  • Did you know you're more likely to die on the drive to the airport than while in the airplane?

    This goes for nuclear power plants as well. Coal power plants have contributed to many deaths over the years due to pollution, the only reason you hear about nuclear power is because it does a lot of damage in a small amount of time just like planes. The safety regulations in place leave little chance for an explosion or leakage to happen. The bad examples were terrible mistakes, the people at Chernobyl decided to turn of all the safety equipment to see what happened and recently in Japan it was caused by a tsunami. Nuclear power also creates much more energy than other energy sources also it doesn't release greenhouse gases, it releases steam, you know from water. Speaking of water guess what we could finally use all that sea water for? The only drawback is the difficulty of pulling this off which will improve if we can conduct more research.

  • Nuclear energy is better

    The real question is why wouldn't we use nuclear energy? The only reason why we shouldn't is that we are scared because of Chernobyl back in the 80's. A common myth is that a nuclear reactor is a bomb waiting to go off. That is not true. Fact: Nuclear power plants have cooling systems and back-ups to prevent the reactor from getting to meltdown temperatures. As mentioned above the fuel in the power plant cannot explode. Nuclear power plants actually create safe water ecosystems where a lot of organisms thrive. Plus, even though it is pretty expensive, I don't think anyone would be worrying about the cost when we can't even breathe because of the way we are living right now. Nuclear energy is the world's largest source of emission-free energy. Nuclear power plants produce no air pollutants, like sulfur, or greenhouse gases. The use of nuclear energy instead of other energy sources helps keep the air clean, preserve the Earth's climate, avoid ground-level ozone formation and prevent acid rain. Of all energy sources, nuclear energy has the lowest impact on the environment, including water, land, habitat, species, and air resources. Nuclear energy is the most eco-efficient of all energy sources because it produces the most electricity relative to its environmental impact. The use of nuclear energy might save this planet because it will replace co2 emissions from tearing up the ozone from right above us.
    Nuclear power also provides quality water and aquatic life conservation. Water that was used to cool the nuclear reactors from a nuclear power plant contains no harmful pollutants and meets regulatory standards for temperature designed to protect and obtain aquatic life. This water, used for cooling, never comes in contact with radioactive materials. If the water from the plant is so warm that it may harm aquatic life, it is cooled before it is released to a river, lake, or bay as it is either mixed with water in a cooling pond or pumped through a cooling tower.
    Because the areas around nuclear power plants and their cooling ponds are so clean, they are often developed into wetlands that provide nesting areas for birds, new habitats for fish, and the preservation of other wildlife as well as trees, flowers, and grasses. To end with a quote, Ronald Reagan stated "All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk."

  • Best Alternative In Terms of Location

    Some places are not suitable for the use of geothermal power. Weather might not always be ideal for the use of solar energy and wind turbines. Areas far away from ocean can not benefit from options that require ocean.

    Areas, like Missouri. This is a state smack dab in the middle of the US. 90% of the time, there is no wind. Sunny weather is not common either, as our weather fluctuates.

    We have the Callaway Nuclear Energy Plant, and it has been running safely since 1984.

  • Nuclear is the Future

    With risks come rewards. Nuclear energy does have its dangerous side but it is worth it! People that are saying that the nuclear plant will blow up at any moment are completely ignorant and need to get their facts straight. Nuclear power plants will not blow up and they will not cause the Hollywood "China Syndrome". If people cleared up their misconceptions about nuclear power I think we as humanity would accept it! Stop thinking Hollywood is real life, nuclear is the energy solution that we need!

  • Nuclear is green energy

    When you speak of critters being harmed you should consider a birds opinion on wind farms, or a fishes on tidal turbines. Solar? Is extremely toxic and energy consuming to make. Not to mention everything that needs clean air and clean waters opinion on fossil fuels. You raise the topic of toxic waste? The new reactors produce a fraction of what light water reactors do and are extremely safe. While on that topic you should actually research the number of fatalities from these "Nuclear disasters" (Three mile, Chernobyl, Fukushima), you will be surprised. Then compare it to fossil fuel.

  • Nuclear power has helped us discover treatments for cancer

    Nuclear power is used to power space probes!!! If we didn't use it in space probes they could barley make it to Jupiter! Plus the accidents that has happened in nuclear power plants where in the old ones and the new power plants are a lot more safer.

    Shutting down plants would cause a loss of over 10 000 jobs

  • Nuclear energy is safe

    When the operators are properly trained and the plant is properly built there should be no problem at all with the plant. Sure there was some pretty bad disasters involving nuclear energy power plants but that was due to old technology and untrained personal. Nuclear power isn't as scary as everybody thinks.

  • Solar and wind wont give anoff

    Solar and wind takes up to much space to be logical to use, and lets face it if your against nuclear and u understand how nuclear powerplants work how halflifes work and how little radiation the long lasting waste is putting out. Besides the waste can be reused in more modern powerplants for more power and less waste. We are soon 9 million people and it you want all of them to have happy lifes we need nuclear power solar panels and wind is not enof and it to expensive for poor countrys, we can make a better world so if you are against nuke power look a little more into it and dont just take in all that your leaders preach because we can change the world but not with wind and solar. Look at france it gets 75% of its power from nuke energy and they have a really low co2 per pop viva la nuke.

  • Huge energy capacity and minimal environmental impacts

    One nuclear plant can generate up to 2x the power of a coal plant. While the radioactive material used to power these plants can have a negative effect on living organisms, when properly disposed of, this threat is minimized. The only other by-product is steam, compared to atmosphere depleting CO2.

  • Trust the technology

    New Gen nuclear power plants are safer you know that. We need more power increasing day by day. In the right hands it is not harmful, if it was the case you would hear nuclear leakage or maybe worse than this occasionally among tons of plants. Plus I don't see many alternatives except recycling. But in my opinion this is also limited, so that we need both that power and also safety. BOTH are possible at the same time. If you still say no, go destroy growing industry in world

  • What's are alternative?

    Fossil Fuels are limited and nuclear energy is already available. It does not need to be established or developed. After the world uses up all the fossil fuels, what are we going to use? Solar and wind power will never be able to produce the needs of electricity for everyone on the planet.

  • Uranium/Plutonium Rods become more efficient after each renewal.

    The nuclear rods actually become more potent and useful after each use. Instead of disposing of rods into the ocean where it can contaminate the water, all of its energy should be used. That way, contamination hazards are decreased. Most people waste the nuclear rods and only use them a few times. Some day, we will be able to develop a way to harness nuclear power to give us unlimited energy.

  • Cleaner than you think!

    I have read some of your arguments and I have to say I understand, BUT nuclear power is not as bad as you think it is, firstly, if it is possible for a nuclear meltdown to happen, it is ALWAYS possible to prevent it! As long as we are careful we can virtually guarantee that with today's technology not a single leak will happen! Also, a lot of you seem to think that the waste produced is simply dumped into a lake or something, this is not the Simpsons! The waste produced is safety stored in super-resistant canisters capable of lasting millennia! Nuclear power produces approx 24,000,000kWh from 1kg of uranium-235, whereas approx 8kWh of heat can be generated from 1kg of coal! How is nuclear not the better option? 1: it's cleaner! No CO2! 2: Far far more efficient than any other source we have at the moment and 3: In 100 years time, IT IS ALL WE WILL HAVE LEFT.

  • Not as messy as you may think...

    With approx 8kWh of heat can be generated from 1kg of coal and approx 24,000,000kWh from 1kg of uranium-235, how is this NOT a better option? Uranium doesn't lose it's radioactivity quickly either, so a uranium rod in a power station will last many many years before it has to be replaced! Far cleaner and more efficient than polluting the atmosphere with coal and oil plants! With the years of electricity that nuclear power will give us we can spend some time working on our energy problem! Yes, uranium and reactors cost a lot, but boo hoo! In the long run it will save the earth from pollution and work wonders for the economy! No longer will we have to shovel coal into fire pits! Once a reactor starts going, it doesn't stop for years on end!

  • Better for the earth and our future

    I believe that we should use nuclear energy in our homes because its reliable and does not generate and smoke or carbon dioxide, it produces very little waste, it is all natural and it is good for the environment. Also, using fossil fuels produces a lot of waste, which can affect out earth in the future. Think about it, do you want your grandchildren or great grandchildren use what we have now, or do you want them to die from causes like toxic waste? I'm just saying that more people should use nuclear energy so we can conserve our fossil fuels for the future, and that less people will get hurt from fossil fuel waste. Do you want to be a murderer?

  • Dependent of Nuclear

    Well, I think that we should use nuclear energy. We depend so much on nuclear energy and by 2040 USA's energy demand will rise by 28%. Nuclear energy produces nearly 2/3 thirds of carbon free electricity. It also has no air pollution which is another great thing. True, an accident at a nuclear power plant such as the one in Japan could be deadly, but before we find another alternative I think we should keep nuclear energy.

  • Nuclear Power is clean and it works.

    Nuclear Power is a great investment of money into energy. "Green" energy sources like wind, hydro, and solar power are not even close to competing with the output of nuclear power. This is the best possible resource at our disposal. To decline this opportunity would be to shut the door to the greatest power ever put at man's fingertips.

    Nuclear Power is also clean. Yes, clean. While those against this may point to Chernobyl or the recent happening in Japan, the fact is that tougher regulations and better planning have resulted in fail-safes that will prevent another Three Mile Island from happening again. For instance, a truck carrying cargo with radiation must survive the equivalent of a freight train slamming into it's side and not have any radiation slip out. Regulations like these apply to every aspect of constructing a nuclear plant. We have methods of storing radioactive waste in containers that will potentially last for thousands of years. We know how to handle nuclear power.

    We know how to use it and how to prevent nuclear disasters from taking place. So why not use it?

    Posted by: erd
  • - More reliable -

    We should use Nuclear Energy because its a lot more clean to the air. And were running out of other energy's really fast and soon we won’t be able to use those types of energy until there's more!Today, we need a more alternate energy source because fossil fuels won't last much longer. Wind, water, and solar is not reliable

  • Only nuclear power can meet the increasinig demand........

    Now, we are in a situation in which there is no other option available other than using nuclear power.
    All other fuel resources such as petroleum and coal will soon get exhauted. Other sources such as wind energy, hydro power.Etc can meet our demands. More than that uranium is available for us in an abundant amount. So we can utilize it. Nuclear fuel is clean and safe. Eventhough it is unsafe for us during natural disasters still we are now in a situation in which we must utilize it.....This is my opinion.

  • Best way of energy we have; Chernobyl is because the soviets were idiots.

    Probably the only reason the world is scared of nuclear power is because of Chernobyl. Chernobyl is because the soviets were cheep idiots. They placed a politician, yes, an effing politician in charge of a nuclear power plant. They had a horrible cooling system. It was inevitable that Chernobyl would occur. That said, all it is is that radioactive decay gets really hot. They use that heat to create electricity like the regular power plants, except instead of burning coal, they use an renewable resource, nuclear power. When I mention meltdown, people imagine a humongous explosion. No, all it is is that the system melts, the cooling system failed, radiation gets released, and the whole process stops. It is perfectly safe, despite the radiation, and it is the safest and best method of energy. Nuclear power killed less people than burning coal, which causes pollution. The vapor leaving the towers? It water vapor, that is all. It causes NO pollution and is the best for the environment. LETS GO NUCLEAR!

  • It's rare that nuclear plants will leak.

    We are always making nuclear energy safer. The more we use it, the better we will be at making it safe. Why use it? Because we have limited resources of coal, oil, etc. We don't use nuclear energy a lot, so there is still uranium (the stuff nuclear energy is made of). I'm not saying there are never leaks, but out of all of the nuclear plants only a few have leaked. It's pretty rare. While there are disadvantages, the pros outweigh the cons. :)

  • No nuclear power!!!

    The leak in Japan killed many people. If there is a leak it can kill fish like in Japan. It costs a lot of money to build and take care of the plants. We don't even need it because we can just use windmills, solar energy, Geothermal energy, Hydroelectric power, and bio-fuels. We can even put windmills in the ocean so it doesn't take up space on land.

  • It's risky and toxic.

    Though the use of nuclear power does have significance, it's risky. Nuclear power is toxic and un-natural. It pollutes the earth with harmful and deadly waste that alters our surroundings. Too much nuclear energy could destroy the world and everything on it. In the wrong hands it could be used for war. How is that a plus? Just because you win, you lose also; but the impact it has is for worse. We lose lives, money, creation and time. Nuclear power effects the environment. Mother nature is important and essential to our well-being. We're lost without its resources. Nuclear power has many disadvantages, the main two sum up my argument. 1) The money it takes to produce and acquire nuclear power, we could use that money to benefit something far more appropriate like colleges, hospitals, jails, etc. than waste it on nuclear power which in the end is a threat to human life all by itself. We lose more than we GAIN. And 2) Creation, there's more out there than destruction and devistation. We should not use nuclear power unless it was our LAST hope.

  • We should NOT use nuclear power!

    We should not use nuclear power because it is expensive. Yea it can generate a lot of power and MAY work but there is a higher chance that it is not gonna work. We shouldn't be spending trillions of dollars if something probably isn't gonna work! Also we haven't found a way to "Detoxify" it.

  • I don't think we should use nuclear power

    I don't think we should use nuclear energy because its VERY dangerous. If you live near a nuclear energy power plant you are at risk all the time, the plant can blow up at any time if someone makes a little mistake. People are making dangerous weapons that can harm use. Nuclear energy is polluting the air. 1500 people die each year from the pollution it causes. I feel their is no need for nuclear energy and we can live without it.

  • No, Afterlife Is A Dirty Thing

    Nuclear power is messy. It produces waste that has a that takes forever to become less and less toxic. More nuclear power plants means more of this sort of waste. The question becomes how do you manage that waste? It becomes a generational question, and that is not fair to future generations.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Nuclear Power NO WAY

    It's not right to use nuclear power because in our economy's current position and the debt of over $13,000,000,000,000 just to make one would cost $12,000,000,000- $18,000,000,000 also there are other energy sources out there that would cost less to make one therefore spending less to make more of other types of energy than to make one of nuclear.

  • No because we have other ways to make energy.

    We have many different options we could use for energy, and they are things we will never run out of. We could use wind power and solar power and water power. With nuclear power, people living within the area of a nuclear power plant will be introduced to radiation. Also, if terrorists get control of nuclear power, they could potentially drop bombs on the U.S and that will be bad.

  • Nuclear power is complicated, costly, dangerous, and not the answer.

    Nuclear power is extremely expensive to build and maintain. The building and restarting has cost the industry trillions of dollars. Nuclear power always contaminates water supplies with radioactive substances. We have many examples of this occurring , like in Japan. This brings up the point that there really is not a safe way to mine and process nuclear materials, let alone store it. Though we can have backups and safety precautions, that would definitely add to the increasing price tag. It always will not 100% guarantee safety. The risks are simply too high. Nuclear power will increase the risk of exposure to radioactive materials which can be deadly and cause health problems such as cancers. Most importantly we already have wind, solar and other CLEAN,renewable resources that have costed much less.

  • No we shouldn't use nuclear power.

    We have a lot of other useful energy sources we can use for power. They include: wind power, solar power, and water power. Also, some people can get cancer from the radiation inside the power plant. And, if terrorists get a hold of it they could blow up other countries. Thats why I think we SHOULDN'T use nuclear power.

  • NO we should not use nuclear power.

    We have many other energy sources to use. For example, we could use wind power, solar power, and water power. Also, people can get cancer from the radiation in the nuclear power plant. Also, if terrorists get a hold of it they could blow up the U.S. Thats why I think we SHOULDN'T use nuclear power.

  • NO!! Costly and dangerous!!

    Nuclear energy is a good source of electric energy, but is it really worth the cost??? It's not just about money, but rather the effect it has on the Earth. The effects are: water, air, greenhouse gases, and health concerns for people and animals. The pollution from nuclear waste doesn't leave the air or soil quickly, but lasts for many years. So I think with these facts that we should not have nuclear energy because of its great danger to the planet.

  • Nuclear Power Can Be Deadly

    No we shouldn't use Nuclear power. It is deadly and dangerous to our world. I'll admit that it doesn't release Carbon Dioxide, but if we were to, say, put a Nuclear site in Nevada, thousands of tons of Nuclear waste, taken in trucks would go through Saint Louis every day, causing deaths, sickness, and possibly mutations. Not only that, but Radioactive waste is the cause of 1% of the worlds cancer, which may seem small but can add up to a lot of deaths and mourning. Also Radioactive waste take over 10000 years to deteriorate. Plus, where would we store that waste? What if those trucks carrying waste crash or become targets to terrorists.
    All in all, the cons far outnumber any pros. Think about it. Every time we put up a nuclear plant, we just cause more deaths, sickness and problems for our world.

  • No to Nuclear power!

    The recent disaster in Japan had nuclear power leak in the seas and the fish have been dying off because of it. Nuclear power are a pin point for terrorism. Nuclear power plants are very costly an tale forever to build. The disasters that there have been have killed many people and affected their friends and family. The thing about nuclear power is its killing people and animals. If we didn't use nuclear power then we would use more of our natural resources and more coal. The bad thing about coal s that it lets off gases into our air and kills people and damages our planet. I guess the real question is, is would we rather use coal and burn off gases or would we rather see more fish and not be invaded by terrorist, and spend lost of money.

  • We shouldn't use Nuclear Power!!!!

    We should not use Nuclear Power because it can damage your ecosystem and kill all living nature that is living in on the planet. Another reason we shouldn't use nuclear power is because it is expensive to build and what would happen if something goes wrong with the building? You have just wasted a tone of money that you put to make this building!!!

    Jules Nelson

  • No we shouldn't

    If the system has a problem it could blow up and we could die. Then we would have to find energy in place of that. When they have to transport the energy in trucks and terrorists could have put some thing in the load to make it blow up. Then if there where people by they would be exposed to the radiation and that can cause skin cancer.

  • There is a safer alternative!

    Even though nuclear power is more efficient it's much more dangerous than other types of energy. Its much safer than it used to be but long ago people thought it was safe but it truly wasn't, what if this is the case now too? We shouldn't take the risk of possibly all dying when there's an easy safer solution.

  • No we should not use nuclear energy

    I don't think we should use nuclear energy because it takes a very long time to build the nuclear energy power plant, and it also takes up a lot of space. Another thing bad about nuclear energy is that is very toxic and can cause cancer if exposed to. That is why I don't think we should use nuclear energy.

  • Nuclear Power? No, Thank You

    Nuclear Energy is a good source of power, I will give it that. But it can be very, very dangerous. Meltdowns happen when there a natural disasters or operator error, there a a lot of natural disasters and if there are a lot that could cause a lot of meltdowns. With operator error it is bound to happen, people screw up all the time and that could cause a lot of pollution, injury, death, and terrible illness. Also nuclear power plants are expensive to build and it takes a long time. Lead lining in everything to do with the plant that wouldn't be cheap, not to mention the cost and risk of mining uranium, which is radioactive. The nuclear waste stays radioactive for more than 500 years, pro nuclear energy might say that you can use the waste to produce more energy, but if it is being transported every day on trains and planes and trucks there will be accidents and radioactive material will spill and ruin the environment( every 90 minutes a train crashes), ( on average there are about 37 planes crashes a year), and (500,000 trucks crash per year in the United States) Do you want to take the risk of lots and lots of death of not just humans but nature and the world? And the risk of making nuclear weapons secretly and using them on the rest of the world?

  • Nuclear Energy is Wasteful and Expensive

    First of all, it costs a lot of money and time to build nuclear power plants. So it would be several years before we even could use the plant to make energy. Second, uranium, which is used in making nuclear energy, is running out. We wouldn't have enough uranium to use by the time we have a few power plants up and running. Also, the waste product of nuclear energy is radioactive and extremely dangerous.

  • Using Nuclear Power is Expensive and Wasteful

    I don't think we should use nuclear power because it's extremely expensive and wasteful to use. Also, its waste product is radioactive and is very dangerous. And uranium is running out, just as coal, oil, and natural gas are. We should be focusing on using alternative energy sources such as water, wind, and solar power.

  • Risky and Expensive

    While I am generally neutral on the subject, I am leaning towards No. My reason for this is that it is very risky, and while certain safeguards could be put into place to prevent these problems, the cost of these would outweigh most advantages it would give. I will, however, admit it is much better than fossil fuels.

  • I think we can focus on alternative energy sources instead of nuclear power.

    Nuclear energy isn't absolutely necessary right now. If we focus on research for other energy sources, we will be better off. Yes, there are some problems with other sources like wind and solar power. But that's why we need to do more research. Then maybe our problems will be solved. Nuclear energy accidents could be very harmful to people; it doesn't matter how likely they are. If they do happen, think about how many people will be killed, how many lives changed. It's not worth the risk.

  • No way, and even if their weren't many cons, why should we?

    Nuclear power is a horrible idea because we have to use power while waiting years and years for the plants to be made! And, renewable energy isn't as hard to use as it seems. It has even less carbon dioxide emissions than nuclear. We are already using a lot of hydropower. If the world is using some already, so why don't they put their mind to it and use it more? Nuclear energy also costs 14 billion dollars for two plants! America is already in debt, so we shouldn't make them in the first place. Also, uranium is almost out, so just a bit after we start using the plants, it'll all be gone. And then there's the old argument, that it is very dangerous. It creates a radioactive material that lasts tens of thousands of years, and that stuff would be carried in trucks around the nation. Wouldn't that be really, really dangerous? There is not a good enough reason to use nuclear power, and we are already making other resources that are new, such as hydrogen engines. So down with nuclear power, and go renewable resources!

  • No we shouldn't

    Instead we should use solar panels, wind power and water power. Solar isn't that expensive and you'll find that today there are many discounts on them. Water power isn't completely reliable because sometimes the dam bursts but that isn't very often. Wind power is a good option because having a single wind turner doesn't take up much room and in some places its incredibly windy all the time. So there you have it, we should NOT use nuclear power.

  • OUR PROBLEMS That we made so WE FIX IT

    I`ve looked at numerous sources researching nuclear and in the evidence it is shown that there are obviously more reasons Against nuclear power than there are for. Also how can future generations cope, why should they have to deal with the problems we`ve caused, we need to take action while we can for maximum effect.

  • It's too much of threat to the sustainability of human dna.

    Radiation damages DNA. The effects from a catastrophic will not only impact those living in the area, but it will continue to adversely affect future generations. As global climate changes and weather patterns become more unpredictable, the possiblity of a catastrophic event impacting a Nuclear plant increase. As we continue to pile up spent fuel rods and other nuclear waste, we create a bigger and bigger liability that currently we have no means to deal with. Also it's very expensive.

  • No to Nuclear Power

    Why do we need it when we have so many other, renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy? Why should we pollute the Earth just because it is quicker?
    It is dangerous and bad for the environment. It is also risky because terrorists could use it to blow up things or threaten our governments.
    That's my opinion anyway.

  • Nuclear power is not the answer

    We should definitely NOT use the nuclear power. It is way too dangerous, too expensive and producing extremely dangerous waste that we do not know how to deal with (the only solution so far is to store them somewhere underground, but many radioactive waste at the same place can mean nothing but trouble).
    I do not know why are we even asking ourselves this question. We have so much potential in renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermic and so on. Why wouldn't we, instead of investing in the development of nuclear power, invest in the development of renewable energy? It is the only solution. The world must turn to renewable. And if we would really focuse in the development of renewable energy sources, I bet that we could see extremely effective solar cells, power plants using the energy of waves... In no time.
    And I really don't believe that anyone (even those who support the nuclear power) would like to live near the nuclear power station.

  • We SHOULD NOT use nuclear energy!

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to build a 100 per cent safe plant! Chernobyl and Fukushima disaster has shown us! We must prevent another Chernobyl and Fukushima disaster from happening again! We should stop developing nuclear energy! We need to learn about the potential dangers of nuclear power before it is too late!

  • No Nuclear Power

    I am saying no because its too risky and we just do not know what it can do the world.. Chernobyl happened years ago but the land it occupied is uninhabitable for thousands of years. Imagine if more chernobyls happened, what would we do with that unusable land that we could not use anymore.. The world is getting overpopulated as it is.

  • Nuclear power is bad!!!

    We should not continue to have nuclear power!! It is a very dirty source of energy!! It has caused so many cancer deaths!! We have no proper way to dispose of the waste! And it can cause potential terrorist attacks! This stuff is no joke it can harm us extremely bad in the future!

  • Not many benefit

    Nuclear power has the benefits of lots of electricity being produced but it has the massive disadvantage of waste that cannot be dealt with at our current stage. It would be better to try and use wireless electrical transferal and use solar panels on satellites to produce electricity and send it to people worldwide.

  • Nuclear power is very dangerous

    Everything nuclear is dangerous to everything and everyone in the whole world. We should try saving our planet not destroying it. We have seen how dangerous everything nuclear is in World War ll. What the heck were and are people thinking! Nuclear power is not good at all. I say no to anything nuclear!

  • No we shoudn't

    There are so many other sources of energy that are renewable, like solar, wind, HEP, tidal and geothermal power. Nuclear power produces lots of toxic waste, which then could leak and contaminate the local environment or fill our whole planet until there is no space left. Also, radioactive elements like uranium and plutonium are finite. Finally, if people say that it reduces our use of fossil fuels, because they release carbon dioxide, they are correct, but radioactivity and global contamination are just as bad as global warming; they will bith eventually kill us.

  • Screw you People!

    I hate debates bruh but i gotta go with no cuz its unsafe and people di everyday! Do you really think thats fine?????? No! Thats terrible! So stop making stupid nuclear power plants if you want to live longer you idiots! Nuclear waste is a lot of dangerous goop so shut up!

  • No we Shouldn't!

    Nuclear energy can harm forms of life and the environment. It is also said that Nuclear Energy can affect Human health. This type of energy can also cause Cancer and give you side effects to your brain. Do you really want Nuclear energy damaging how you think? Well I sure don’t , especially since there is hardly any cure if you have nuclear energy in your body. Nuclear accidents can spread ‘radiation producing’ over a wide area, this radiation harms the cells of the body which can make us sick or even cause death.

  • Nuclear energy is to unpredictable

    Even with the latest nuclear reactors the technology is to complex for us to handle. With the Chernobyl disaster people are against the fact of nuclear energy. Germany is planning to close all nuclear power plants by 2022, after the Fukashima disaster people have been shutting down many of there nuclear power plants. So many people endeavored to stop a nuclear power plant in Germany they succeeded by stopping it.

  • We could all die

    If more countries use nuclear power more countries will be exposed to that kind of radiation and it is possible that one day all the power plants could explode. It is much safer to use wind power, solar power or water power for electricity and other things we need powered

  • No, nuclear energy is dangerous, cost too much, and deadly.

    We should not have the use of nuclear energy because it is dangerous toward human health care (such as the cause of cancer). It also cost way to much to built the buildings to produce the energy. Nuclear energy can cause many of people to die if the buildings blow up or if the nuclear plant is not being handle the right way. SO NO NUCLEAR ENERGY!!!!!!!

  • No, nuclear energy is dangerous, cost too much, and deadly.

    We should not have the use of nuclear energy because it is dangerous toward human health care (such as the cause of cancer). It also cost way to much to built the buildings to produce the energy. Nuclear energy can cause many of people to die if the buildings blow up or if the nuclear plant is not being handle the right way. SO NO NUCLEAR ENERGY!!!!!!!

  • We Can't Bear ANY ACCIDENT on It

    Sending the dangerous things into space just because mankind will not use it in a short time is an action lacking of responsibility. Using other energy may pollute the environment but is within our limitation of acceptance. On the contrary, we can not accept any accident happening on nuclear power. But we can not guarantee it is 100% safe.

  • To much of a risk

    Like the others said above, it is more efficient but there is too much of a risk and danger compared to other energy types that we COULD be using. We do not want any nuclear power plants blowing up and killing lots of people and giving town life long diseases and problems especially with the lungs.

  • To much of a risk

    Like the others said above, it is more efficient but there is too much of a risk and danger compared to other energy types that we COULD be using. We do not want any nuclear power plants blowing up and killing lots of people and giving town life long diseases and problems especially with the lungs.

  • No we shouldn't have nuclear power!!!!

    We shouldn't have nuclear power because they have been a lot of big problem like in japan...
    From the dawn of the nuclear age, it has been recognized that nuclear power and nuclear weapons are inextricably linked. The spread of nuclear technology and ultimately nuclear weapons undermines our national security and the security of the planet. Add to that the very real risks of nuclear meltdown. If a meltdown were to occur, the accident could kill and injure tens of thousands of people, leaving large regions uninhabitable

  • Nuclear power is so DANGEROUS that we should abandon it.

    If you are a scientist who have to stay with nuclear power everyday, you will die young and your child will be harmed too. Nuclear power is so unfair and harmful to all the workers who donate themselves to this career and the residents near the nuclear power factories. Without nuclear power, we have solar power, wind power and so on! Humanking can live in a happy life as well.

  • Nuclear energy is not good for us

    Nuclear energy is toxic.It killed many people in past.One of the example is the Chernobyl disaster.It occurred when when Chernobyl nuclear power point got explosion due to some spark.It killed at least 1500 people..This fire burned for ten days.So that, I think nuclear energy is not good for human beings.

  • Uranium, non renewable! Money, increase! And time?!

    A source of nuclear energy requires uranium. Uranium is a non renewable source, with that it can soon run out. Also as uranium is used for electricity, the price of uranium will sky rocket. We are already in debt with other countries as we are trying to pay back what we owe from previous events. Also, the use to of nuclear energy requires the creation of one, how long will it take? And how much money are we willing to put forth into this project. Furthermore, we can not guarantee 100% that no accidents will occur.

  • It harms nature

    Why use nuclear power when we have many other reliable power sources that do the same job without harming not only nature but the lives of humans. Many people agree that nuclear power use is efficient as it creates more energy but we need to take into consideration the damage nuclear power can have on mother nature. Nuclear reactors are changing the natural food chain by harming many endangered species and when a certain food chain is affected or wiped out, it sends a shock wave through the animal kingdom, possibly subtracting human resources.

  • It's very dangerous

    Nuclear waste is very hard to store thus radioactive waves may be exposed to humans and other life.
    The used up radioactive material is dangerous for thousands of years and hazardous to health for life, so it is important to keep it away from living beings. Radioactive waste cause mutations and cancer, which is bad for individual humans and thus bad for civilizations.

  • Kills organimby water pollution

    When a nuclear power plant gets to a high temp., it releases polluted water into the environment. This affects the water quality and any organisms living in the area. That said i dont thin kthat we should use nuke power until it is safe for the environment. Thats my opinion

  • FUKUSHIMA Killing US

    Three, possibly four melted burning continuous fission nuclear cores are traveling into the centre of our planet. NOW, as I type this, and for the last three years!! There is nothing more to be said except that we must stop the use of nuclear power, now today! We are running out of time, we are killing our world and all our generations. No one will survive this..

  • No we should not.

    First of all, nuclear power plants are very expensive and they require constant maintenance. We should not use up so many resources for just one power plant. The average nuclear power plant costs around 653 million dollars. They also produce radioactive waste which is a residue from plutonium and uranium after all its radioactive levels have been drawn out. It is dangerous and can cause high levels of radiation and hydrogen. It can also cause leukemia, cancer, and radiation illness, and besides, there are other alternatives. The countries near the equator can use solar panels, we can also use hydro -power and wind and bio-energy. And if a meltdown were to occur, the radiation would pollute the water source that is hosting the nuclear power plant and it may cause mutations to occur in the nearby animals. It's just not worth it. There's also the problem of it being vulnerable to terrorist attacks. If a terrorist group were to attack, why not cause maximum damage by destroying a nuclear power plant's cooling towers which would cause a meltdown in minutes. There are too many reasons why we shouldn't use nuclear power.

  • There are far better options out there.

    There are cheaper, safer, quicker, more eco-friendly, and generally better options out there. Renewable options such as solar, wind (which emits a third of the volume of greenhouse gasses that nuclear power does, by the way), hydroelectric, geothermal...The list goes on. And these are all developed technologies. They're not as costly as nuclear to set up and the technology already exists, meaning we don't have to put in billions of dollars and years of research. Just take Iceland's Geothermal Energy programme as an example.

  • There are far better options out there.

    There are cheaper, safer, quicker, more eco-friendly, and generally better options out there. Renewable options such as solar, wind (which emits a third of the volume of greenhouse gasses that nuclear power does, by the way), hydroelectric, geothermal...The list goes on. And these are all developed technologies. They're not as costly as nuclear to set up and the technology already exists, meaning we don't have to put in billions of dollars and years of research. Just take Iceland's Geothermal Energy programme as an example.

  • No we shouldn't!!!

    You pay millions of dollars to build a nuclear power plant, thousands to keep it maintained, billions to help people clean up the nearby ecosystems when it explodes, then more millions to rebuild it. All to help a huge gigantic monster explode all over again? There is no point. Yes it produces a lot of electricity but it also creates radioactive waste which can cause leukemia and cancer and can not really be destroyed!!

  • We shound not use Nucular power!

    Nuclear power is dangerous even though they say it is safe. Melt downs have happened and it's radiation forced people living in that area to move plus we can use hydroelectric solar power or wind . These sources of power is safer than nuclear power and nuclear waste is toxic and if not stored correctly it can get out and contamate the water and other resources we should ban nuclar power ! I say yes!

  • Not safe, look at Chernobyl...

    Nuclear power is not safe, We have already seen two nuclear disasters within 30 years. Although you can argue that it's cheap and efficient it has its limits, look at Chernobyl the workers pushed the plant to its limits in order to meet Moscow's demands and then the plant's reactors gave out and blew up causing lots of deaths and mutilations. Although some documentaries have shown that Chernobyl gave nature a second chance, nuclear power plants are the biggest mistakes of man kind ever.

  • Dangerous and bad

    Its just extremely dangerous and can kill many. Also the fact that one gram of nuclear energy can power a light bulb for A LOT x 10000 years means that we don't really need to carry on making it at least. So that's why really we should just leave it and stick with wind turbines.

  • No nuclear power because it's too risky

    The amount of that was killed in japan as a result of the nuclear accident was too damn high. I don't think we should risk the lives of people just to use nuclear power. Despite a generally high security standard, accidents CAN sill happen it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a plant with 100% security. A small probability of failure will always last. The consequences of an accident would be ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING both for humans as for the nature.

  • No Nuclear Power

    Thousands of jobs in the coal business and if we switch, thousands of families in places like western Virginia and West Virginia and Pennsylvania will be left without a job and a way to support their family. Coal mining is a tradition that allows people to make a living, we don't have an alternative way for them to produce money if they quit coal mining. We shouldn't switch until we have this alternative way.
    Reason #2: Extremely high danger involved and great target for terrorist attack. If one was to be subject to a terrorist attack, radiation will be all over the WORLD. Mutations will occur and we will experience dramatic changes to our ecosystem. The worst part is that we have no solution to get rid of the radiation yet. Our society today is not sophisticated enough to sustain safe and reliable nuclear power. It is a bad thing.

  • Radiation and costly

    If leaks it causes radiation which can kill many people, and it often costly leading to billions but not millions. It cost 6 billion per gigawatt in Finland dome 3. Not only that but what happens if it fallen in to the wrong hand to make weapons to start a war

  • Far too dangerous

    Nuclear waste produced is crazy. It pollutes the earth for hundreds of years!
    On top of that, disasters are inevitable, and their impact on people and the environment permanent. Why do we inflict this sort of madness on ourselves as a race?
    We should be focused on researching alternative forms of energy, not destroying our planet due to insatiable desire for energy. What's the point of going down a path that will eventually lead to our extinction? The same is true of the oil industry, killing our planet to keep shareholders happy!

  • Think of the hurricanes

    In places like Florida where we have tornados and hurricanes AND nuclear plants...NOT a good combination. Say there was a hurricane in Florida near a power plant and it explodes , what would we do ? We would have nothing to do. Many could die. Would you rather have nuclear power or millions dead ? It's up to the people to decide I guess. In other words I do NOT support nuclear power at all. Would you want a reenactment of Chernobyl In the U.S.A ?

  • It is dangerous

    The reason we should use less neuclear energy is because it is unsafe and dangerous to the people around it. I cam currentlly doing an essay on it and it is unsafe to everyone it is around. Even thought they make it on islandds it is still unsafe and dangerous.

  • End of the world- reason enough?

    The argument on Nuclear power is simple. The costs vastly outweigh the benefits when it comes to nuclear energy. Undoubtedly nuclear energy is an efficient method of supplying large quantities of electricity to thriving cities; however, when an error occurs the damage is cataclysmic. The government along with energy companies argue that this technology is safe but when we're jeopardizing the well being of entire nations, continents, or even hemispheres it is obvious that it is not. Take, for instance, the meltdown at Fukashima - there was a tsunami that rattled the reactors and caused radioactive waste to spill into the ocean, atmosphere, and surrounding regions at an unprecedented rate. This accident has left a permanent scourge on the livelihood of planet earth. Our fish began dying, thyroid problems can be seen in young children, and even levels of radioactivity are measurable in New York city. This natural disaster could have gone much worse if the reactors had ignited more seriously. It is quite possible that all of Japan - or even all of North America could have been evacuated.
    The simple truth is that we are dealing with an astronomically dangerous technology accompanied with the clumsiness of human error. When this deadly combination are put together horrific irreversible things can happen, and they have. Chernobyl should have been our first indication that nuclear power is not a safe acquisition of energy. When the sanctity of the European population was questioned we should have disabled all power plants globally, but we did not. We are not able to guarantee that these plants are fool proof and that their safety mechanisms will prove functional. History shows us otherwise. Instead of focusing our efforts on arguing this debate we need to turn our attention to developing friendly safe alternatives such as wind, electric, and solar powered cities.
    We have been lucky in the past and by managing to salvage the meltdowns of nuclear powers so that worse things did not happen but we may not be so lucky in the future. For the safety and future of our children, planet, and species we need to chose what is right and stop the usage of nuclear energy - before it is too late.

  • Nuclear power is dangerous

    I think we should not build more nuclear power should not be allowed because it is very dangerous. It's dangerous for the environment because if we allow them then our world will be at a great risk of getting more earthquakes. That is why I believe that they shouldn't build more nuclear power.

  • Nuclear Power is Dangerous in More Ways than One

    It takes money to produce nuclear power, and overall it is more dangerous than most other ways of obtaining energy. The environment suffers a great deal because of nuclear energy. I'd even rather use fossil fuels than this! We could do better by generating most of our energy with water power and wind energy.

  • Its a tough decision but I don't think so.

    If we spent as much time on solar power as we do nuclear then we could produce as much power at a way safer rate. It would be good to the earth, not harmful to humans or plants. Nuclear power can not only cause cancer but is a main target for terrorist attacks!!! So maybe we should put our focus on a different source of power that is safer for human kind.

  • Nuclear power should not be used

    With a rise in the demand for electricity, many people have turned to nuclear power as the solution to what is a very serious issue. However, the risks of nuclear power outweigh the benefits. Accidents happen, as with Chernobyl, and the results are catastrophic. Also, the radiation from nuclear waste has been proved to cause cancer and other health risks. Overall, renewable energy has much less effect on the environment and will not leave the next generation with the problem of nuclear waste.

  • It's not safe!!!

    Nuclear power is dangerous and other countries could use it to make weapons and kill people. On top of all of that, it's very expensive and if something goes wrong then we'd have just wasted money on the nuclear power plus we'd have to pay to replace it. By:Jordan Hamzee

  • It's a faustian bargain, and we will lose.

    If we answer the question strictly, then yes. Use the nuclear power plants we have.
    Should we develop more? Probably not.
    It is a faustian bargain that brings us closer and closer to catastrophe.
    Instead, we need to focus our research on developing an successfully producing fusion energy.
    Fusion is the only long-term answer we as a species have at this point.
    Oil will dry up, nuclear power will dump too much waste we need to store, and has the potential for catastrophe if we over-use it and put them everywhere.
    But fusion power can remain, and has no danger of horrible destruction or waste.
    Fusion is the answer we need to be pursuing.

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