Should we use the water reservoir in space to address our water needs?

  • The world is thirsty, and the answer to this problem lies in the stars

    The discovery of a huge reservoir of water in space brings hope to our parched planet. I think we should use this reservoir to alleviate increasing water needs on Earth, rather than continue to drain our planet dry as we attempt to look for liquid solutions that don't exist here.

  • Yes, we should use the water resevoir in space to address our water needs.

    The Earth has a rapidly growing population and limited natural resources. The most vial resource that our survival depends on is a reliable source of fresh water. Since many regions on our planet are experiencing severe droughts, finding available water for everyone will become more challenging. Space presents an opportunity to find untapped resources, especially water. Using the water reservoir in space could meet our planet's growing need for water so we can survive.

  • Yes, we should try to harnass the space water reservoir

    Yes, we should do our best to get water from the recently discovered water reservoir in space. Even though it is more than 12 billion lightyears away, perhaps someday we will have the technology to get there. Water is a non-renewable resource, so any extra water we can obtain for our planet would be helpful.

  • We should not use this reservorr

    We should not use this reservoir because we need to learn to save our earth from where we are. We need to conserve and pass laws that will require taking steps to maintain enough clean water for our current purposes and future needs. We also need to worry about the balance of nature in these matters.

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