• Life is good in the nude

    I live with my wife, and her mother.
    I sleep in the nude.
    I walk around the house in the nude.
    I relax better in the nude than when i am dressed.
    Don't let anyone tell you, you can't live life in the nude.
    Being in the nude. Is the way everyone should live.

  • No we shouldn't have to.

    I believe wearing clothes should only be a thing for when you're really cold. I question what has come to humanity and why we now think differently about nakedness. To me nakedness should be completely normal, because it is indeed just our natural bodies. ( My belief, ( Just incase someone else does not believe in this ) is that God created us in his image and we are to never be ashamed of our bodies. We should be free to show our bodies. Throughout time people have evolved to feel a sexuality over the nakedness of bodies, like our private parts, and that we may feel uncomfortable about a naked body such as our own. I feel as if this is just not right, that it shouldn't feel unnatural to others and yourself, because human bodies are natural and you shouldn't in any way be ashamed of it. It even feels weird for me to be naked or think of being naked in front of other people because of how they will think of it, knowing that you shouldn't be naked and that it is wrong to be exposed in public like this in the world now, but that is only the perspective of others. I know that if we werent in any way sexual or awkward over others bodies i feel it wouldn't be a problem to be naked. I see how parents will not allow their child to see another's private parts on tv. I wish mine wouldnt be so paranoid about me seeing another private parts on tv because I don't look to it as being anything bad for seeing it, and that i already now what all private parts look like. It is natural, I just don't understand why not? It's nothing that should be a secret when I already know of course, so what's the big deal?

  • Not even not literally "all the time"

    First, there is nothing 'sexual' about just being naked. Second, even if there was, so what? Going nekkid is very exciting and harmless. It also saves you money on air conditioning in the summer and cuts down on having to do so much laundry. Instead of leaving the wet towels after you take a shower on the couch or on the bathroom floor where they make the place messy, why not just skip the towel?? Lol...

  • For what reason?

    Since there is no further explanation to this question, I assume "all the time" is to be taken literally.
    So, besides being totally impractical in many situations (e.G. Taking a bath/ shower), I don't see any reason why we would even do so. The original purpose of clothing is protection and warmth. Now I know, that nowadays clothes are worn for many different reasons, but my point is, that there is nothing harmful with being nude, unless you're somewhere where it's cold or you need protection in any way.
    One could debate about public nudity here, but even if you were to say we need to wear clothes in public, why would we have to were some when being at home. Why would you need to be clothed while sleeping, taking a bath, having sex? The only reason that comes to my mind here, that may stand behind this question,is that some holy book says that nudity is a sin and that you should be ashamed of you naked body, which is total BS. If you're body was something to be ashamed of, wouldn't you're good have made differently?
    So no we should definitively not wear clothes all the time.

  • I don't think

    So this is a question that's hard to answer . My best answer would be , and please forgive me , I may be out on a limb, no is the short answer I tried it while having a bath and was left very unimpressed with the results, some idiot suggested taking my clothes off first .....

  • In what context?

    In private, no, why should it matter. In public, personally I would accept public nudity from anyone, no problem, but a large majority wouldn't.
    I don't find nakedness offensive or of 'bad taste'. I believe it's liberating, and akin to free speech. Although, I would argue that children should be clothed, just for safety and anti-predatory reasons, but I'm open to counter arguments on that front.

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