• Yes it is better

    Maybe kids will be able to focus more on their school work and less on the way they are dressed if they are all wearing uniforms thereby improving their grades. The parents would probably save more money by buying uniforms as opposed to regular clothes and kids would not have to try to compete with one another on fashion.

  • Yes yes yes

    School uniforms ill prevent bullying. Bullying is a huge topic in all schools. Many students get bullied for what they wear. Its not fair since not all people are rich and cant afford to be dressed in the top fashion. Cant afford to buy the $100 sneakers. Next parents don't need to spend as much money for clothes. Another topic is that some dress inappropriately, with skin showing. This isn't acceptable.

  • No because too much money!!!

    As a student who goes to public school, I'm glad I don't have to wear a uniform. Well yea some people get bullied but that not a major issues if one person says "what are those!!!" You would have to wash it every day and that would waste laundry soap and dryer sheets. You would have to keep on buying new soap and stuff. Also, u Wong be able to wear colors. Some private schools dont even allow you to dye your hair!!!!! (I have pink tips😉)

  • No, uniforms are unnecessary and don't stop fashion or bullying

    "Popular" kids will always find a way to look different and set the fashion, no matter how strict the uniform (I've experienced it so I know). And uniforms can sometimes be more expensive than regular clothes. Kids have enough rules to follow without being limited on what they may wear.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Uniforms are not really necessary in schools today. They keep kids from discovering who they are and what they like and from showing different aspects of themselves and their friends in their own personal style. I think it is very healthy and important for kids to have the ability to do this during their teen years.

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