• You have been brainwashed by ______ (Fill that up yourself)

    Banning firearms would slowly diminish the amount of firearms criminals can get to the point where criminals would either commit crime with weapons that are not considered as a firearm. Making firearms available only to the military and the law enforcers would make the criminals (who do not have weapons anymore) think twice before committing crime. An example of countries that ban firearms and have a good police force would be Singapore. Just take a look at how safe it is as compared to America.

  • I have a "different" opinion on this.

    I think that people should be allowed to own guns. No, not because of the constitution (a constitution, by the way, that was written in the late 1700s, a time when nobody could've predicted the automatic rifle), but because of hunters or professional shooting range people. The hunters should be allowed to own guns for hunting, as long as they eat what they kill. Professional shooters do that as a competition, and should be allowed to practice their ability. I also believe a father should be allowed to own a gun if he thinks he's protecting his family. Like the gun in your locked safe will help you much when a home invader has another gun in your face, but still.

    Here in Canada, you can own guns for hunting or professional shooting ranges. Home invasions don't happen as much here, since you need a license to own a gun here. Guns shouldn't be banned, but they should be restricted.

  • Weapons protect people

    If we are all allowed to take guns with us the world would be safer because a good guy with a gun beats a bad guy with a gun. Why? If one man decides to kill somebody, the good men with guns with react to the killer's actions with more confidence.

  • Nope not at all,

    Well while there is a, whole range of opinions out there. Just to state it personally, i like being able to defend myself and my family, i also enjoy being able to hunt ( with guns). While yes we have people who misuse weapons, we will always have people who misuse weapons, and in reality anything can be used as a weapon. So with all due reason, i think that it would be impossible for people to keep that would-be-law, when even a kitchen knife can be used as a weapon. While we need weapon control we also need to be a allowed to use weapons, for our own self-reliance and well-being, as well as a check and balance between government and people. It is something that we simply must have..

  • The following is sarcasm:

    Yes, obviously. We need to ban all forms of firearms. And put a limit on how far toy dart blasters can fire. We need to ban anything that could be interpreted as a weapon. . . And file the edges off of all the pointy rocks.

    My name is Sar C. Asm, and I approve this message.

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