• I assumed the "NO" column would be empty lol

    I do believe we should get more off time, family time, and time for ourselves. That being said, I don't believe making the weekend longer would have any affect on any of those things. We would have to work just as much regardless. More hours in the day or more days in the week may help some. Another issue is the work ethic of my generation and those following is embarrassing. Good work ethic has almost vanished.

  • YES weekends should be longer :D

    Weekends should be longer than 2 days. There are 7 days each weak, and 5/7 of it is working. We should be able to relax more, letting our brains refresh, and so during the weekdays people will do better at their work. It's annoying to have to wait so long to be able to chillaxxx....

  • Yes, they should be longer than 2 days.

    I think weekends should be longer than just 2 days, because of multiple reasons. Students and workers spend a lot of time working hard on weekdays, which are 5 days. I think that a weekend should consist of three days. We spend too much time working and two days passes by so quickly. We should think about it more often and hopefully one day it will be permitted.

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