• We don't need it.

    There is no need. We are getting lazier and lazier and people should learn to work for themselves, instead of off of the government. And some might say, "children need it," but, if you can't afford living for yourself, don't have children. Easy as that. Therefore; welfare should be eliminated.

  • Welfare should be banned.

    First of all, welfare is theft. Perhaps theft with good intentions, but still theft. Compassion and charity is not the issue. The issue is forcible fulfillment of the duty of charity. Let those who feel obligated to support the abandoned illegitimate children of strangers and others to do so. But leave others to wrestle with their consciences as they see it.
    Also, many people believe that welfare helps people who cannot support their children. They say that welfare helps those single mothers who can't help their kids or themselves. These mothers complain that they are doing back-breaking work in order to do their best to support their children. That might be so for some mothers, but many others try to have many children just to receive more welfare. Even if the mother had a child and thought that she could take care of the child, but couldn't, she could still send that child to a foster home or adoption home. There are approximately 400,540 foster homes in the United States and 32% of them are empty.
    Third, welfare is not helping our country overall. Welfare is doing a lot of things that are harming our country as a whole. It is raising taxes, bringing up unemployment rates, and increasing the homeless populations.

  • Depends on You

    If your abusing the welfare then it should be eliminated for you. In reality there should be more questions and more evidence and proof to be asked. Before you receive welfare. Because honestly people depend on it too much. Only those that really need welfare, should receive welfare not some random people that are just wanting it. People that "need" it should get it, not people that "want" it.

  • This is Democracy

    The top 5% pays 60% of the taxes while the lower 95% takes on 40%. 63.5% of wealth is held by the top 5%. I don't know about you, but simple business tells me that someone has to pay for everything and that those people are carrying thousands of people who have turned these benefits into a work of corruption. Maybe there aren't any jobs because keeping your own money in this country has become such a hard thing to do that would-be business owners can't fulfill their dreams. Why work when you can sit on your couch and withdraw? I may not be rich, but seeing a government take out money from my checks to give to others who haven't deserved it seems quite contrary to a country founded for opportunity and success - failure IS an option if you want to have a chance at progression.

  • Welfare needs to be banned

    People should make their own living and not slob up hard working people's tax d haveollars. No one should have to take care of welfare children. If you need government assistance you don't need kids. We need to stop all these trashy people popping out kids so they can get their handouts

  • Welfare really sucks

    Why should people work hard and pay taxes for people that don't work and possibly sell drugs .So what if people need it ,people work hard to make a living for THEIRE family not for some crack head that t has no job or that sells drugs for a living

  • Welfare is Bad

    I would almost bet that 90-95% of welfare users are lazy people that won't do any work. Seriously get your lazy ass up and get some kind of job. And everyone who does work hard is forced to support them through taxes?? It makes no sense. Why should we have to support these lazy bastards?? We must get rid of welfare!

  • Anything worth having is worth working for.

    This country was founded by those who wished to have a better life, be part of something larger than they themselves are, and contribute to society as a whole. They wanted to be included members of society, creating great works, and building a nation together. Our country now opens its' arms to those who wish to come here and take advantage of our social programs, collect our hard earned dollars and use them against us by excessively high birth rates for low wage earners, and no wage earners who get fat on Govt. Dollars. End social programs for anyone who has not contributed to society android their dues working a lifetime, end free college scholarships for foreign students just because our country is desperate for interpreters for certain languages. Reward those who have earned it, and punish those who have children illegitamently, or have excessive numbers of children when they are not financially able to support them and be responsible for them. I am tired of standing in line in grocery stores, watching fat lazy welfare recipients with carts full of food while my wife and I watch every dollar we spend. They use their cards in the store, then walk across the parking lot and clime into their Cadillac Escalade and go home to the home we also pay for, all the while talking on their free cell phone we provide them. Since they aren't tired from working all day, they stay up all night and fuck to make more kids for another pay raise, even though they rarely would ever be considered an acceptable parent if they were trying to adopt. A crack-head would never be approved to adopt a child, but they sure can collect money from the government to stay alive and make more babies! It makes no sense, stop rewarding them, eliminate the useless, purge them from society and restore America to the greatness it once was known for. The system is collapsing from the inside, our enemies have figured it out and are using our social systems against us. I retired form the military after 26 years of service because I am no longer willing to die for a country who cares more for those who are members of small interest groups, and foreigners who emigrate here than they do for their veterans and offspring of the families who originally built this great nation.

  • Yes, but not entirely

    We should ban welfare fore people that aren't actively looking for jobs, and people that think working at McDonald's for a living is enough. I've seen people in some documentaries that live on welfare, but have a video game collection worth up to $1000. And a woman that spent $10000 customising a car.

  • Welfare creates crime, overpopulation, and neglect

    There is no doubt welfare creates crime. Mothers having multiple children who are unloved, neglected, and uneducated just to have have a free salary in their pocket. Most of these kids turn into animals from my perspective. Eliminating welfare can make people act responsibly and hopefully PLAN to have a child who will be raised the right way!
    I do understand there are some people who are seriously disadvantaged and I would warrant them government assistance after an in depth screening policy. For the majority, it's a scam and a waste to society.

  • No it shouldn't

    It will do more damage than good,you have more crime then you ever seen. More victims innocent children being hurt by this. If anything they should put more strict stimulations on it such as a2 child limit. A set assistance amount should be given whether you have 2 children or 15

  • Most Welfare Programs Have Been Eliminated

    The amount of welfare programs within the United States have been drastically reduced over the last ten years or more. Further eliminating welfare programs would almost have to include the elimination of food stamps and I think that would be a huge mistake. I think people assume there are a lot of welfare programs, when truthfully, there aren't.

  • Welfare really sucks

    Why should people work hard and pay taxes for people that don't work and possibly sell drugs .So what if people need it ,people work hard to make a living for THEIRE family not for some crack head that t has no job or that sells drugs for a living

  • We are society

    People are hazy on facts, and large on pickpocket rhetoric. The Constitution states that Congress has the responsibility to provide for the "general welfare." It is one of their core responsibilities. We, as a society, make decisions about where to apply our collective wealth. We decide to fund a behemoth military industrial complex, because we fear minor threats and like to project strength, and because these powerful institutions play these emotions in us like a fiddle. We subsidize international corporations (corporate welfare) because they control the means of production and provide some of their profits to support employment, although mostly they benefit a small elite of share holders. To blame the poor for their poverty is a convenient lie that makes us feel superior, and is based in fear that we are all one step away from being poor ourselves. It isn't that we as a society don't have enough wealth, it's that the system is rigged to concentrate that wealth into the hands of the few. "Redistributing wealth" is another name for taxation, which is a core responsibility of government. When Walmart doesn't pay its employees enough, we subsidize them by providing food stamps to their employees and giving them tax breaks. If labor unions were stronger, and corporations were required to pay a living wage, the need for welfare programs would decrease. But so long as the corporations have all the money and the power, welfare is the only ethical choice to support the needy.

  • NO Hungry Children

    In a nation where the top 1% control 40% of the wealth, it is inconceivable that we would question whether or not to feed the poor. A nation will be summed up by how it takes care of its most vunerable, our children. In a perfect world all parents would be loving, married, educated, and responsible. However, we all know this is not the case. Taking food from hungry children is unethical, period. You can argue all day long about how giving handouts creates irresponsibility. When one child is hungry is a nation awash in greed, that argument is DOA. And for those who would take the food out of the mouths of the hungry, I hope you never find yourself out of work or unemployed, and out of funds. I hope you never have to try and get a hungry child to go to sleep, who cries because their belly is empty. I hope you never have to see the scorn in the eyes of the well fed as they judge your shabby appearance. Just stop for a minute and ask yourself would I take food away from a hungry child in person? Would you say, "because your mommy or daddy is lazy, no food for you!"? That is what you are suggesting we do as a nation and I will not stand for this. Being generous as a nation to the poor is not something we will be judged poorly for, but being heartless will bring us nothing but disgrace. Peace.

  • But definitely reformed

    Welfare can prevent individuals from going bankrupt which would damage our economy. Yes, children deserve nourishment no matter how lazy or terrible their parents are. Yes, fraud exists and part of the reform I'd propose would serve to eliminate it to the maximum ability (it will never be perfect). Yes, abuse exists...Foodstamps should not allow luxury or desserts. I'm not saying just government cheese but not birthday cake or ice cream. Sorry, don't need it! It should be similar to unemployment in the requirement for working, except in cases where it's not possible, such as physical disabilities or where child care absolutely requires a non-working household in extreme cases. Those cases should be the exception, not the rule.

  • Don't eliminate welfare, it really does help.

    While welfare appears to be very controversial, I think it really does help the people who are currently on it. Welfare should not be extended to someone for forever, but available to people who just need a boost and some help to get going again. Without welfare, I think the poorest people in the United States would be in a much worse place.

  • No but they should be changed

    I have worked in the food industry and countless times I have had customers use their food stamps on sodas, energy drinks, candy and junk food. Welfare programs should help those who are trying to get a job or literally can't get a job. Many people take advantage of the system and are stealing from tax payers.

  • No, people need a safety net.

    Food stamps are a necessary welfare program to help people who do not have jobs feed themselves and their families. When someone is out of a job they need that basic necessity. The same holds for cash aid to pay rent and utilities, but people receiving cash aid should be made to work for it. They are technically saying that the reason they don't have money to do those things is because they don't have a job, so they should be given one. In particular, the welfare programs that are bleeding the system are the ones that give support to single mothers with children who wanted the child but had no means for supporting the child. They just get a check, and technically their bills are paid by other people, and they are getting paid for having a child, as if people who work for a living don't. They should be made to work.

  • Welfare programs should not be eliminated, but the qualifications should be redone.

    Welfare programs were designed to help those who really need the help. Many people on welfare could not survive without it. Many people on welfare truly need it. However, the system has been abused. Many people on welfare programs do not need to be on them. They need to be part of an education system or job training system instead.

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