• Whaling should be legal!

    Yes, just because some morons hunt whales, doesn't mean it's bad. We need to hunt whales because they're a resource! They are used for medicine, blubber, and meat! Yeah, they're smart, yeah, some of them might be endangered, but, for god's sake! You don't think hunting chicken or beef is bad, don't ya! So don't feel bad for the GOSH-DARN whales!

  • Whaling should be illegal

    In my opinion, whales are one of the greatest animals on this planet. They are huge and spectacular. Killing them in their homes is one of the worst things I think you can do to any species of animals, especially ones we can study more and learn even more about them. We should leave them be.

  • Yes, whaling should be illegal

    Yes, whaling should be illegal. Whales are mammals with the ability to think. They are aware that they are being hunted an killed. Furthermore, the is no reason to hunt whales. There needs to be a significant reason to hunt and kill whales before whaling should be allowed to continue.

  • No definitely not

    I don't think this is right because they should have the right to live. Imagine if you were killed. It should not be source of food. Why doesn't everyone eat something else. Whales don't deserve to die. You have no right to kill them. They are like us, they have a life no they want to have a happy life, not a sad one.

  • Whaling Should Not Be Legal

    The practice of hunting whales for supplies such as meat, oil, and blubber should not be legal. This practice began, centuries ago, as a way for coastal communities to obtain necessary resources. At those times, this practice occurred at a smaller scale and it the whale population was not so affected. However, in our current day in age, the practice is more of a competition and the whale population has suffered dramatically as a result. Aside from that, the products obtained from whaling are not used as efficiently as they once were. This practice should be banned, and illegal, until reasonable regulations can be put into place.

  • No, there is no need to hunt and kill whales.

    While whale meat and blubber may be used for food and other medicinal purposes, the need to hunt and kill whales is non-existent. It is an inhumane practice which can leave whales mortally wounded if they evade capture. It is not essential for sustaining life, thus it should be illegal.

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