Should wilderness education be required before participating in certain outdoor activities?

  • Yes, certification for outdoor programs must be structured so broadly to cover such a wide range of activities that it loses its value in any specific activity skill.

    the activities of an outdoor program — mountaineering, whitewater river running, canoeing, ski touring, etc. — can be potentially dangerous, the individuals working for a program need to be suitably qualified.Such results sound like an administrator's dream. No more worry. The certification badge will cure all ills. But is there really such a panacea? Will certification improve outdoor programs?

  • Yes, wilderness education should be required before participating in certain outdoor activities.

    Wilderness education and training should be required before participating in some outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts should be trained in reading a compass and maps to keep them from getting lost. Also, there should be training in first aid, as well as other basic knowledge about the outdoors. This training could reduce injuries and save lives.

  • Wilderness education should be a person's own responsibility

    No, wilderness education or training should be recommended for activities in the outback, but not required. Outdoor enthusiasts are probably well-informed before their excursion anyway. There are danger signs posted in wilderness areas. If it's part of a guided tour, outdoor adventurers will get the assistance they require for a safe outing from the guide. Many parks have visitor's centers, which are places to be greeted, and for obtaining maps and relevant information. Outdoor enthusiasts must plan for their trip to some extent. They'll need proper shoes and clothing and essential backpack items: food, water bottles, snacks, hats, first aid kit. This is understood. Depending on the sophistication of the trip, if it's a day hike versus a week-long mountain climbing excursion, the needs will vary. For long trips, travelers need to prepare to battle dehydration and hypothermia. We've all heard horror stories about people being in the wilderness and getting lost with no way to contact outside help. To have a safe and enjoyable trip, make sure to have a realistic emergency plan. Cellphones don't work everywhere. Get informed.

  • No it shouldn't

    Wilderness education - whhatever that is - should not be required before participating in certain outdoor activities. I feel that children would learn more by getting stuck straight into the outdoor activities. Catching tadpoles, butterflies and crickets are a necessity of childhood and teach about wildlife while the kids are having fun.

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