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  • They can if they want to but they shouldn't be forced to due to society judging them if they don't work. It's the woman's choice.

    When there single or married with no kids it's certainly ok to work outside the home. But still even when a woman is single or married with no kids yet she shouldn't be forced to work because she feels forced to by family and/or friends. It should be her decision no one else's. Now when they become mother's they can still work if they want to but they need to make sure they are still being a mother. I'm not saying that all mother's have to be full time stay at home mom's and there's nothing wrong with a mother having a job. However if a mother works she needs to make sure that she is still properly fulfilling her God Given Role as a Wife and Mother as being a keeper of the home as God's Word say's and also to be the type of Wife and Mother that Proverbs 31 describes. Therefore wants to work she should be a teacher since you get a lot of time off, work a part time job or work from home. Some of you may say why can't the Man be the keeper of the home. The reason is because God assigned Man the Role to be the Primary Provider of his Family and God assigned Woman the task to be the Primary Caregiver since she's the one that can bare Children. A Man should not put his job over his family but he should work full time since he's the primary provider. A Man also has a different but equal responsibility in raising his Children. God will hold the Man accountable too if he doesn't spend enough time with his Children.

  • Home is where the Heart is

    I don't think it's natural for women to be separated from their children for any reason, including a job. The trend of women working and leaving even young babies in others care is a sign of an ill society. That being said a woman who does not have children may enjoy working and supporting herself financially. Or if her children are grown and she finds it interesting and socially positive to hold a job, no problem.

    Women and men always were and always will be different. Women have always had a natural role - not a sexist traditional role, but a truly natural one - in the home and family. Can you think of any society where men typically cook more than woman? Some things which are actually necessities of life are gravitated toward by different genders. And there will always be outliers. Not a problem. But /should/ women be influenced to take on a role that is not natural for them? No. They should decide what is truly right for them.

  • Damned if you do or don't!

    I am executive editor of Independent FREE MEDIA Worldwide or the IFMW and have read, reviewed and experienced various dimensions of this topic.
    WORKING mothers cannot possibly do justice to their 9 to 5 work, nor can they be fair enough after their saddening absence from home for about 10 hours, which is almost an entire day.
    AFTER all, men are responsible for earning bread and utter and taking care of expenses of parents and siblings, if they're not married. And if they're married, then it's a must for them to earn for wife and kids at home, and not let their wife, and mother of kids, work outside home. It was a best of systems that worked well.
    This trend of men staying at home, and women working out of home, and supporting men must be stopped!
    INSTEAD, women can work at home, as some used to do, like engaging in private tuition at home, if women are educated, doing sewing, making candles, handicrafts, small easy to make items with small affordable investments, do online work like typing or translation, proof reading or article writing on computer at home, in their spare time! Ladies, think over it! You can still stay at home, work and earn. Why should you insist on going out for work to earn and suffer lust and bullying by men, when you can earn honorably at home? There are few satisfactory answers, if at all there is any, to that question.
    MILLIONS of males and females are doing online work on computer with internet at home: It saves theft, kidnapping, rape etc out of home, saves time and troubles of travel and also saves expenses of fare or fuel.
    IT'S though true that females, girls or women, must not be held in hate, contempt or condemned outright, if and when they're working and earning honorably without disgrace, for whatever reason: It's her favor to the family, and not a favor by husband or family, if and when she works and earns outside home and also honorably cares, if she is unmarried, for parents and siblings, or if she's married, works as well as looks after her husband, in-laws and kids, honorably.

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