• Sure why not

    I think one of the reasons for this question is about the claim that if they dress a certain way they are asking to be raped. That is just wrong. They should be aware of the way they dress but I don't see why they should be held accountable for other people's actions. Heck they should be allowed to be naked if they please.

  • Yes, women should have the freedom to dress as they please, within the limits of the law.

    One of the basic tenants of the United States Constitution is freedom of expression. If a woman makes a choice to wear a short skirt or go bra-less she had the God given and Constitutional right to do without harassment or fear of bodily harm.
    If a man is unable to restrain from committing rape because he sees a woman in a some item of provocative clothing then he needs to blindfold himself anytime he is in public!

  • Women should be able to dress however they want

    Years ago, women were required to wear skirts. This isn't a cultural requirement today, and likely never will be in the future. As time passes, women are given more and more freedom. The freedom to dress however they want should be a given. After all, men can do the same, can't they? In trying to end sexism, it seems only fair.

  • Woman should dress how they want

    Yes women should be able to dress how they want. They should still be held to a basic dress code in society but as long as they are meeting that dress code they should be free to dress any way they want. Outfits are a way of people expressing themselves.

  • Yes they should!!!

    When you talk about America, you talk about having the right to free speech, the right to vote, the right to bear arms and to be you and not to be all the same. Women have the right to wear whatever they want, as long as they don't over do it, they should be a lady when it counts no matter what.

  • I say yes, freedom of choice.

    I think that women should be free to dress in whatever way their little hearts might desire. The freedom of choice is one of the best things about the US of A, and this extends to what people decide that they want to wear out and about during their day.

  • Women should be free to feel confident in what they wearing.

    Women should feel free to wear what they like and to express themselves through what they wear. Some people don't know how to express their feelings and some do it through fashion. It isn't fair how, like goths for instance, have to be judged, it's their choice. We should be okay with that, and if a girl is wearing a mini skirt it doesn't mean she is a prostitute.

  • Every action has its consequence.. And we should know it.

    Yes, absolutely they should be allowed to dress as they wish. Its just that every action has its consequences whether we like it or not. Its true that if a lady wants to wear something attractive or provocative then its her own choice, that does not give any man his right to exploit or molest her, but its also equally true that it does for sure entices the men more and that may sound blunt to some but it is an indispensable truth. But what we should expect from the men in that case is they will have a rein on themselves. In some countries wearing such dresses are common, in some its not that. For countries where its common the chances of men getting provoked by such dresses are quite less than where its not, because the former are more accustomed to it than the latter. So may be one should keep certain things in their mind before wearing anything. We can never take away the right of a person how she wants to represent herself in front of whom but at least one should be well aware of what she might convey with the appearance. And after knowing it if one wants to continue then that is none of others business to interfere.

  • I say Yes

    I don't mind what women wear, as long as they do not resent me admiring them in their sometimes semi-naked outfits. Some expect not to be noticed. And with low cleavage, semi exposed breasts or mini what do they expect. If they don't want to be looked at, then they should dress like muslims who are also attractive in their own way

  • Absolutely, they should.

    Yes, women should be able to dress how they please, so long as it is not so inappropriate that it would be against the law in public. This goes for men as well. Everyone, male and female, should have the freedom to wear what they want, within reason, of course.

  • Should MEN be able to dress how they please?

    Your immediate answer will probably be "yea, I mean, who shouldn't?". But when you really think about it, when was the last time you saw a man wearing booty shorts and a crop top? Probably never. If "equality" is what you feminists (and others) are fighting for, then practice what you preach! When men are able to wear what women wear, that will be REAL equality.

  • Think about the other side first before making more demands

    I will say NO,because men dont get such freedom,and in fact have less freedom than women in developed countries.Stop bringing in religious conservatives as a counterexample to claim victimhood for women,because the majority of the world is moving towards secularism,and in such secularity only women's choices are promoted,as seen in what comes out of fashion;just look in your nearest clothing department store and u can see how much bigger the female section is than the male.If u want freedom u gotta give freedom first.Unless I receive my liberty,dont expect me to fight for yours.I'm nobody's tool,to be used and then cast aside,and no man should feel himself obliged to serve women at his own expense either.
    The day when men are allowed formal shorts at work in major corporations the same way women are allowed miniskirts,then i'd say there is at least some form of equivalence equality.

  • No, no one is allowed to dress how they please without limitation.

    People can dress how they like within the confines of the law. Nudity is a crime where I live and having a vagina doesn't give you special permission to do whatever you want.

    The law where you live matters. I agree with the sentiment that people -SHOULD- hypothetically be able to wear what they like without being accosted but that is obviously unrealistic. But only because it would be nice if hypothetically no one was attacked at all. If a man walks through a dangerous neighborhood he is likely to be assaulted. Being naked only makes that more likely because he is showing himself to be vulnerable. The proper advice is to tell him not to dress like an idiot and to avoid bad neighborhoods.

    Further, how nudity is defined in the law where you live or how much skin you can show also matters. For example, most places consider showing cleavage to be acceptable but showing nipple is not. One's feelings on the matter do not change what these limits are. Recently, some girl made a meme telling other girls, "Um... Your boobs go in your shirt." The response of "My boobs go where ever I want them to." I thought was stupid. No, they go in your clothes. Nudity is a crime and you are not special. Obviously, there are degrees of skin showing which are not going to get you charged for streaking and/or lewd behaviour but that is a personal choice. At that point, a person is entitled to their choice on how much to show/cover and everyone else is entitled to their opinion on that.

  • There should be limits

    Women should by all means dress in a way that reflects their personality and style preferences whilst still being feminine and attractive, but there should be limits in terms of what is exposed.We are after all social beings and cannot ignore the fact that our appearance and behavior does have an impact on others. Negative consequences, whether active or passive, can be prevented.

  • RE: Human nature cont.

    Of course, many people want to use dress to communicate selectively but ignore that effects on those who the person is not trying to communicate to. For example, a woman wears a very tight blouse and, possessing large breast, knows that she will attract men. If she is looking to attract men, then this is intentional. She may, however, only want to attract specific men, yet she is broadcasting to many who may not be her intent to communicate with. In an open social situation, i.e. public, it would therefore seem the both the intended and unintended must be accepted to be engaged or declined. If she does not want to attract any men, if would be reasonable not to wear something of this nature with her physique or else accept the attention. It is not her right to force others to interpret her "clothing language" if she's not "speaking the common tongue."
    Likewise, just because it may seem that civilized person 'should' be able to control his or herself and behave "appropriately" if a woman walks nude down the street, in the context of most societies, this behavior is a very vague, a truly "provocative" (in the general definition) communication and may be seen as akin to shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater. All is contextual- a bikini at a beach may still be arousing to some but is generally accepted such that a different behavior is expected compared to wearing a bikini in an board room meeting ...

  • We're fundamentally human...

    1. Cultures evolved clothes for a reason beyond protection from the elements. It also serves as a form of communication.
    2. In regards to communication, it is used to communicate traits such as wealth or socio-economic status, affiliations, background, education, career, etc. But it also serves a more primal function of limiting or augmenting sexual attraction.
    3. Sexual attraction is a FUNDAMENTAL as aspect of being human. 4. Despite the opinion of some that in "evolved, civilized" cultures, this is not an issue, it is typically suppressed or there is an acclimation due education in childhood or familiarity (the effect of the stimulus may wane with time.).
    5.Nevertheless, sexual impulses initiated by visual cues still exist in even the most "refined" persons. Reasonably, a civilized person is expected to refine from acting on these impulses if it may lead to inappropriate or unlawful behavior toward another in the society.
    6. Most "fixed" cultures (homogeneous, relatively unchanging) overtime developed standards that withing the community were felt to be acceptable to accommodate the miscommunication brought on by the image of the human physique and body. In a sense, there becomes an equilibrium in society/culture that those within the culture understand and accept. This equilibrium defines what is 'proper', 'modest" or provocative. Member of society accept and understand this and take care generally stay within boundaries.
    However, this equilibrium can change with time and may not be the same for one culture as another.
    7. Many people view wearing clothing as a form of communication and expression- likening it to Freedom of Speech. But just as freedom of speech is not absolute and has some contextual limitations (i.E. Yelling 'Fire' in a crowded theater) so, too, does the communication of dress. Although any individual cannot be responsible for all the variation in which any given person may respond to a certain way of dressing, there is a general attire that would expected to be acceptable to the vast majority of those in society in a given context (i.E. Beach, hospital, sporting event, business meeting.)
    It would seem to be the responsibility of the person wearing clothing to attempt to comply to this standard generally when possible.

  • No- men are visual creates and women have to be sensible understanding that revealing clothes draw unwanted attention.

    I think it's common sense women are beatiful more visually appealing of the two sexes. Youth looks and sexual availability are signs men look for so don't show your bum off in tight see through leggings that show your thong, it's going to turn men on sexually that's just nature. It can lead to terrible crimes.

  • Keep it sane

    Whatever they want implies that they can be ofensive. The "don't look if you don't like" doesn't come so well. I saw once a guy using leggings, or collants, the penis was squished and permeant. It wasn't a problem to me but if i were with my kids, wouldn't be so nice. So who got to discuss with the guy? Two women, with their female children complaining that he was a pervert. He was dressed ma'am, why the reprimand??? Well, it works both ways. YES THERE IS A LIMIT! STOP SAYING THERE ISN'T. And shut up with the RAPE argument, rape is wrong no matter if dressed or not. It's not your clothes that makes the rapist. Stupid women (the ones that state this)

  • Modesty means respect

    Basically this has already been stated, yes it natural instinct for a man to look at a women. You cant want to "dress to impress" and then complain when being admired by the impressed. Women are intelligent (most) and should know where to draw the line, where self respect and dignity come into play. #freethenipple but im sure none of them want men to look at their breasts. Well Ok. Logic is failing. Also, don't be alarmed when a man is attracted to you for all the wrong reasons.

  • You can't ignore human nature

    It may not be "right" how some men react to short dresses and no underwear, but to ignore "animal" nature is ridiculous. You can call it a "rape culture" or whatever else, but underneath it all we are all animals and have basic instincts right or wrong. Yes they should be controlled but you are also accepting the risk.

    If you tie a raw steak around your neck and walk in an African Jungle and a Lion eats you for lunch, who is responsible? You or the lion. Was it nice that the lion ate you? No. But was it a reasonable assumption that the lion would eat you? Yes. So dancing in a bar, and flashing your naked crotch is your right, but what is a possible foreseeable consequence?

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