• Why shouldn't they

    I'm not religious but I don't see why men should be pastors and women should not. Leadership does not come with sex/chromosomes. Religion is not a set thing, if it can not be interpreted in more than one perspective it doesn't include all of those 'god' created. Theres no good reason for women not to be pastors.

  • Allahu Ackabar Inshallah

    Yes, speaking as a Christian. One of the best pastors I have ever had was a woman. She was headstrong, and loyal to the kids she taught. She was driven from our church by the lead pastor for daring to have the same credentials as him, and therefore be able to challenge his scripture interpretations.

  • Men and women are equal.

    Of course women should be allowed to be pastors. I'm not Christian, but I know that women and men should have equal rights. Women are just as able to do things as well as men can do them. The body parts we have shouldn't effect how we do things. Women are just like men.

  • They're equal but that's irrelevant.

    If you aren't a christian I'd recommend not giving opinions without the full facts. In their religion it was outlined that men were to take the lead and related to the belief in which man was first created and women for him. You may disagree with that, and that's whatever. But the matter of the fact is people join this religion because they agree with such principles.
    In simple terms, it's like me welcoming you into my house- setting down the simple rule of not rearranging my furniture because I believe it should be arranged like that. And you flipping my fucking couch cause "we're all equal".

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