• Gender doesn't matter

    Some women are very strong and train to be in the military. There was an article about two women who where the best in their military training class, but were denied access into the military because of their gender. This is not fair, we should not judge people based on the gender but by skill. This applies to jobs as well.

  • Women deserve all too

    Women deserve all the freedom, rights and privileges a man is offered. They should be able to join any group if they can prove themselves that they are equally as capable as men. Countries in this generation should avoid gender discrimination... They have proved that they are able to too! Scientifically spoken, women tend to be more mature than men. GO LOOK IT UP! :)

  • They should have to pass the same test as men do.

    Women should be able do join any branch of militia that we want to. They just need to pass the same tests and requirements as men do. Let's face it... Some women are not as strong as others. But the women that can pass the same tests, they proved that they are just as strong (mentally and physically) as men. Women are just as or more mentally strong then men. So yah, they should defiantly be able to join.

  • If they're able

    Only if they can pass a psychological and physical test, because, let's be honest, bullets or enemy soldiers ain't gonna weaken just to give you a handycap for being a woman, are they? If you can't do a combat roll, lift ammunition boxes or dig up trenches to help your comrades then you have nothing to do in the army. And of course If you aren't able to shoot anyone when your superior orders it you shouldn't be here either

  • Yes but only if they choose to do so

    Not all females are weak but someone does need to take care of children or else where will soldiers (male or female) come in from? I mean if every women joined and only a few came back then there would be less kids=less soldiers to fight/less people less work done

  • They are as much patriotic as men are.

    If a woman is motivated and willing to join army by herself than why should anyone stop them.History is full of such brave women.As far as her physical strengths are concerned, the trained female soldier can beat a strong man in hand to hand combat or she can climb a tough mountain just as a man can.Plus she is far mor emotionally strong than men.!

  • Women should join if they want

    Our country should show gender equality too as long as they can pass all of the mental and physical test they are given. Women may not be able to kick down doors and carry other people, but they can fight back and form strategies. Many women who try may fail, but the ones that make it through to the end will be one of the best.

  • Of course, if they want to.

    If a women wants to join the army, they should be allowed to without any criticism. It's their lives so they should be able to do what they want. Men and women are equal. Not all girls are stereotypically weak or stupid. Alot of them are strong and are capable of fighting for their country.

  • Women have proven they can do it already. What's stopping them now?

    It's infuriating in the UK that the Ministry of Denfence is taking is time to allow Women in Infantry roles. The British Military was well ahead on many things such as Gay, Transgender and religious rights in the Military, so why are they behind on Women in Combat. What bloody evidence do they need? British Soldiers in Afghanistan have already served in combat alongside women, just not British Women. Danish Women are allowed on the front line already and they impressed British Soldiers with their enthusiasm and their perservirence. Soviet Women were valuable as snipers in WW2 because patience was part of their instinct.

  • If they are strong enough YES

    If a woman can pass all the tests that the men have then they should be able to do what ever men can do if they've proven them selves able and equal. Stereotypes should not have anything to do with what women really can or can not do. If the woman can not deal with men surrounding her then she can just not enlist.

  • Military is supposed to be men's world

    I find this job not only difficult but also physicall challenging for the women, in various cultures women are known as caretakers of childeren because of their soft hearted personality so it would be enormous fear for them to kill somebody consequently, it can cause huge problems such as psychological thriller.

  • It's absolute madness

    Women are obviously not as strong as men science has proved that and see if a war kicks off I want the toughest guys fighting for me I'd sure feel more safe and women should never be abused or guys should never hit a girl,why do you want soldiers probably men shooting at them

  • It comes down to testosterone

    Women are physically weaker than men because they lack testosterone. A study conducted on marines showed that units with men and women, were less efficient. The female troops were weaker, less accuret and got injured more often. This isn't about people's feelings, war is objective and the best army wins.

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    Because all women on the inside are black and I hate blaks but I like black pussy those things sure know how to rock my world and all I can say is fuck nigga it feels so good to say no to those bitches joining my military fuck bitch nigga

  • Really people? Women in the army!

    They belong home, taking care of the kids. Asldkjfals jlkasd jlkasd jfklasdj kfasdj flasjd klsj kslakj asdj flsadj lkdj d d d dd d kd kd kd kd jjdkjd jk jdk jfksoweurwoie owi u oei rksdsmvsnfwo iwfowinxcznvow iwoejhwe wei we e eww erwer er wer wrt edvbn vbn v nvbnv

  • No!!! Definitely not!

    Women are physically weaker than men and they cannot pass the fitness test that people who want to join the army take. The other thing is what if they have period when training, then women would have to rush to the toilet and skip the training. They will also be weaker and more tired when they are having period and their big boobs will ,you know, shake up and down.( no offence to those women because I don't know a thing about them because I'm only 8)

  • No of course they shouldn't.

    I am not even gonna state the obvious that women are physically inferior( whhich is true) ... The fact of the matter is that they provide a distraction which in times of war can be extremelly dangerous... Supposing we are stationed in Iraq for about a year the logical thing is that men will naturally start thinking about sex... Then just a few meters away there are about a 100 women doing drills or whatever... Weather you want it or not it will get your attention while at the same time you should be watching enemy movements across the encampment... Unfortunatelly we men tend to be very easilly distracted by a beautifull woman even when at the same time are with our girlfriend... Imagine what would happen in a situation where we were 1 year apart from each other...

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