• Yes its obvious

    Firstly it is no excuse that women shouldnt be allowed in army because they need to care of their children or because the child needs their mother or something as it is quite obvious that a child needs a father too .They say that women have some soft corner but they can be hard when they want too .People say about distractions well when you are at border fighting i dont think you think about love than saving the country .And people have stated about who would be the civilians then to them men can . And women are equally strong as men and about psychological test well women are psychologically stronger than men .

  • Yes! Of course!

    Yes, men are biologically general stronger than women, but there is a lot of overlap! As for the argument that women would not be able to handle killing people - it's pretty stupid. Also not every woman on this earth wants or has children and a husband and even if a woman does have children it's not as if men are literally incapable of raising a child also she may have a wife anyway so...

  • Women should be allowed!

    Although there are some major differences between genders, like men have more physical strength than women, strength alone cannot be deciding a factor. As a matter of fact, the strength that really matters is strength of heart and mind. Lady Officers can be as physically fit as the men with the help of training.

  • Women should be allowed!

    Although there are some major differences between genders, like men have more physical strength than women, strength alone cannot be deciding a factor. As a matter of fact, the strength that really matters is strength of heart and mind. Lady Officers can be as physically fit as the men with the help of training.

  • Believe in yourself no matter what

    I believe no matter what your race or gender is you can do anything. In my eyes of a 17 teen year old girl that you can do what you want with just your confidence. So yes I believe women should join, even though we aren't like the men in service.

  • Women have rights

    Women should be allowed to join, but just as they have a decision to join the army, they should have a choice not to join as well. The women who don't join aren't weak, they simply take care of the hard tasks that are left at home when the men leave. It's a woman's choice, but they shouldn't be forced into doing something they don't want to.

  • Yes women is in combat rates in armed force

    From my side women should not discriminated on the basis of their gender because women have guts to do any things if people is saying that "for women they have to make a seperate bathroom, toilet etc "than this is their bad thought girl can arrange any for her she can wake up on morning and use washroom and all . Don't give any disrespect to women they are all creature of god

  • Yas women should join the army

    Women should join the army because women are human they want to defend their country every one want to defend their country . Women can be more stronger than what you think!! If they want to. It does not mean that they are women they are not allowed ti fight .

  • Ya they should

    Women should be allowed to join the military even if people think its a man job to be a soldier. Women might be to "weak" to join the military could be one of your points in saying why they shouldn't be allowed entry into the armed forces. Women aren't weak even if they contain less testosterone then man, they could still be able to shoot a heavy duty weapon if needed to. Their more then mentally capable of shooting even if they have many mixed emotions.

  • Yes women should

    Women should be aloud because they are humans just like us they can do any thing they want even if they wanna do a mans job. But we don't need to judge the women because they are less stronger and that they are different gender. For example my step aunt went in the military and saved her roommates life. She was stationed in Iraq and Iraq shot up there camp. So if woman wanna be something let them be something and don't judge them.

  • Military is supposed to be men's world

    I find this job not only difficult but also physicall challenging for the women, in various cultures women are known as caretakers of childeren because of their soft hearted personality so it would be enormous fear for them to kill somebody consequently, it can cause huge problems such as psychological thriller.

  • No absolutely not

    Women should stau at home because thir childs need a mum while growing up and if they cant find a mum nearly they will be stupid like donald trump a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • No absoletly not

    Woman sould stay at home and take care of their children because children need a mum while growing up. Asdas

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  • It's absolute madness

    Women are obviously not as strong as men science has proved that and see if a war kicks off I want the toughest guys fighting for me I'd sure feel more safe and women should never be abused or guys should never hit a girl,why do you want soldiers probably men shooting at them

  • It comes down to testosterone

    Women are physically weaker than men because they lack testosterone. A study conducted on marines showed that units with men and women, were less efficient. The female troops were weaker, less accuret and got injured more often. This isn't about people's feelings, war is objective and the best army wins.

  • Really people? Women in the army!

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  • No!!! Definitely not!

    Women are physically weaker than men and they cannot pass the fitness test that people who want to join the army take. The other thing is what if they have period when training, then women would have to rush to the toilet and skip the training. They will also be weaker and more tired when they are having period and their big boobs will ,you know, shake up and down.( no offence to those women because I don't know a thing about them because I'm only 8)

  • No of course they shouldn't.

    I am not even gonna state the obvious that women are physically inferior( whhich is true) ... The fact of the matter is that they provide a distraction which in times of war can be extremelly dangerous... Supposing we are stationed in Iraq for about a year the logical thing is that men will naturally start thinking about sex... Then just a few meters away there are about a 100 women doing drills or whatever... Weather you want it or not it will get your attention while at the same time you should be watching enemy movements across the encampment... Unfortunatelly we men tend to be very easilly distracted by a beautifull woman even when at the same time are with our girlfriend... Imagine what would happen in a situation where we were 1 year apart from each other...

  • Why Can’t women go to war

    Women can’t go to war because they need to be home taking care of their children by feeding them,putting them to bed,letting them have fun, shower them,but if you go to war they will probably be crying missing their mum.And it’s true that mums are the most important person in the family

  • No, women should not be drafted or allowed to join the army.

    There would several complications if women join the army. First of all, the military would need to spend extra money to accommodate different quarters for women. Women would also need different bathrooms, adding costs to military funding. If both men and women are serving side by side, fighting together, this could distract the men and women. They could fall in love together, and maybe the man or the woman would care about protecting each other rather than their fellow soldiers. Women can be strong as men and easily pass the physical tests. But what about the psychological test of while in combat, kill a human being? Men tend to have less emotion on that than women. What if we were to go to war, and most of the women joined the army, who would be there to work as civilians? Women need to be there to help produce weapons for war, food, and take care of the children. So, women are needed elsewhere rather than the army due to natural abilities.

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