• For hockey for the people

    Because we can do anything boys can do but maybe even better if we try. I do not know one sport that does not have a girls version of it except hockey. We should be able to be picked for a hockey team like the lightning team. It is not the girls fault that we were born a girl. So I think we should all be treated fairly and be able to try for NHL. We can do everything they can do I like to train hard for thing like races and I do it 120 percent above what I am expected to do. That is what all girls should do so thanks. Lets let us girls play with the boys.

  • Women Belong in the NHL.

    A lot of women get discriminated in the sport of hockey because they ''lack'' skill, which is not true because look at Hailey Wichinieser she is the best woman in hockey at the time. Why should she not be allowed to play?? Or what about Menom Rhe'aum. Why didn't she stay?
    A lot of women belong instead of some of the men in the NHL.

  • It's totally sexist

    When you think NHL you think of a men's hockey league, I want to know whats stopping females from joining. Girls can do anything guys can and I feel if there is a rule against it, people should fight against it because as I previously said, girls can do anything guys can of they have passion and really set their mind to it.

  • Girls are as stron as boys 😜😜

    Hockey is a sport that many people play and that anyone who desires to play it should chase their dreams ! Girls are tuff ! We are as strong a s the men in this world! Itis ridiculous that girls cannot do what they want and have ti choose something else to do other then to chase their dreams ! In conclusion i support the idea tha girls should play in the NHL and follow there dreams till the end ! THX

  • I think girls are strong enought to play in the NHL 😜

    I think that women should play in the NHL because they could be as strong as the men ! The girls should be able to follow and chase their dreams till the very end and never let it go, but because there is no NHL for girls dreams get crushed !! Girls can be as tough as boys !
    In conclusion is supportbthe idea that girls should pkay in the NHL !!!

  • I think girls are strong enought to play in the NHL 😜

    I think that women should play in the NHL because they could be as strong as the men ! The girls should be able to follow and chase their dreams till the very end and never let it go, but because there is no NHL for girls dreams get crushed !! Girls can be as tough as boys !
    In conclusion is supportbthe idea that girls should pkay in the NHL !!!

  • This is sexist

    I am doing a speech for school and I've been doing a lot of research on it. For me hockey is a sport that I have and am growing up with. This subject had honestly bugged me for the longest time and all I have to say is why? Does anyone have a really strong answer to why they shouldn't? One without anyone countering with a but or except. I believe that girls are capable of doing everything a male can do and I have the dream of proving everyone wrong. This is a very personal subject to me also because I have been excluded from school sports because of my gender and that is wrong. If your a female hockey player and you want to be in the NHL, go for it. Even if I don't know you, I support you and I hope to be up there with you one day.

  • Girls are capable to do anything they think they can do

    I'm a female hockey player and I've been playing for years and through those years I've noticed that all the girls on my team including me are some of the best players on the team maybe even the best. I'm the strongest player on my team and I can take a hard hit from a male! I survive and so do all the other females on my team. Girls are extremely capable of playing on a male team. Females have changed over the years and it proves that females can do anything that males can!

  • Girls need to be in the nhl

    I am a girl hockey player and I happen to be one of the best defense in michigan.Women should be aloud in the NHL it totally sexist.The only way we women can play hockey when we grow up is on a Olympic and in my opinion the Olympics are stumped you train for like 4 years to mak a team and train with them forever for possibly 1 game each 4 years that's insane.

  • Girls SHOULD be able to play in the NHL!

    It's stupid that girls aren't aloud to have an NHL or anything to do with television sports like basketball and baseball! There are so many girls who want to grow up and join a girls sport team but can't because it's only for the Olympics and that's only for the 'best'. Give NHL a change, make a girls team!

  • NHL is to dangerous for women.

    Here's the deal, the only reason why they wont let women play nhl hockey is because they are concerned about there safety. Im sure that there are many talented female hockey players out there, but there body's just aren't built to take heavy hits, even with equipment on. Lets face it, wouldn't it be scary to see a 6"5, 220lbs man hit a 5"11 150lbs girl. I believe that women are underestemating the consequences that come while playing in the NHL. In my opinion its just to dangerous, and you cant trust the odds. Another reason why girls shouldn't play nhl hockey is because there shots just aren't powerful enough, now im not saying there shots aren't good, in fact, they have great shots. But the problem is that this is top of the line hockey, there is no way any lady can blow one by a nhl goalie.

  • Women players in the NHL would be impractical and undesirable.

    There are certainly administrative, secretarial, and similar office roles where women can and do work in the NHL, but women as players would not be practical nor desirable. Even if women could be found that could compete with the men without special advantages, special accommodations such as separate locker rooms would need to be made that would be a burden. It would be preferable for women to compete in their own leagues, as with the WNBA in basketball.

  • NHL is a mens thing.

    Allowing women to play in the NHL would create too much controversy. I also think its dangerous for women to attempt to play in a hockey league that is created for men because men are very rough while playing hockey and I do not think that women would be able to handle it.

  • It's not sexist, its a fact.

    I'm sorry but this shouldn't even be an argument. Women can't physically play with men at the pro level. Its not sexist ladies, its biology. Remember when the women's gold medal team scrimmaged against high school teams and struggled in most of them, and even lost a couple? Do you even realize what an nhl team would do to them? And then we have the physical play. One good open ice hit or solid body contact and its game over. Sorry but no, not a chance in hell.

  • Different Genders Different Styles of Play

    In the NHL world the game is all about grit, there is fighting and the game has been designed and shaped around the competitive drive that men have. Putting women in the game would completely change the nhl as far as we know, the game would become less rough, and female ideals would be promoted that would change the game for the worst. I dont want to be sexist, by women SHOULD NEVER be part of the NHL, however making womens leagues more popular should be a factor. IN conclusion, The NHL is made for guys, not girls however, the womens leagues should be advertised more.

  • Women are not built for the NHL.

    I'm a female who absolutely loves hockey. But I have an opinion. Women are not built like men. Men weigh more, and are physically stronger than females and could seriously injured her. If men hit each other with all their might and cause life-threatening injuries to each other... Imagine the out outcome if a women took his place. I'm not saying women should never go pro. Manon Rheaume proved to everyone women can play in the NHL. She played in 2 exhibition games as the goaltender of Tampa Bay Lightning. Being a goaltender, it would decrease the percentage of hits, but still stands as a danger. Sure, women are just as talented, skilled, and fast as males... But I believe women should not be able to play in the NHL.

  • Its honestly too dangerous.

    Coming from a girl who absolutely loves hockey, I think it is dangerous for women to play in the NHL. If the force of a hit on one male from another male can lead to life threatening injuries... Imagine if it was a female? Women are built differently than men and couldn't handle such hit. I'm not saying women won't ever get to go pro. What if women had their own league? That's what would work. Sure, women are just as fast and skilled as men on the ice, but it would not be safe to have them in the same league.

  • It's a matter of physical capability

    Personally for me, I've played the game since I was 16 months old. And I did grow up with our starting forward being a girl. She led the season in goals and assists. However she was rather lacking in physical presence. Some may argue that a girl shouldn't get hit. But in reality it was a choice she made. All bets are off. As of now, I know many girl players that are still very good.

  • Women should not be allowed to play in the NHL.

    Women are generally not allowed to compete with men in sports competitions because it is not fair. Men are naturally physically stronger than women. In contact sports, such as ice hockey, women could sustain injuries from competing with men. Instead, there should be an independent ice hockey league for women.

  • Women ARE allowed to play in the NHL

    The rules don't say no women... It's already happened before. Do some research before posting a debate. The reason they don't isn't sexist its realistic. The amount of force from a hit from someone 60 lbs heavier than you? Ridiculous. Skill and speed aren't a problem. Some women are certainly talented enough, but one crushing hit and we've got a whole different situation! Haley Wickenheiser said the exact same thing, and she's arguably the most famous female hockey player ever and even she doesn't think women would be able to play in the NHL..

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