• Why the hell not?

    Why the hell not? Does a persons sex really matter? If a women wants to serve her country voluntarily whats the big deal? Youre basically denying help. Look at China, They have the top military in the world and they have thosands of women serving their military.
    I never thought i would say this but why dont we learn from China?

  • Women Should Serve

    I have decided to go to the positive side because people should have equal opportunity to serve their country and other people around the world. Because there are several branches in the army, therefore women have many opportunities to serve their country, its citizens, and their property. Women should serve!

  • Of course they ought to be

    Disallowing qualified women to serve in infantry positions is a policy based on antiquated, misogynistic ideas that women are somehow weaker and unfit to serve their country in the same fashion as men, or worse, that women's duty is on the home front confirming to traditional gender roles and therefore have no place at all in the so called 'masculine arena' of war.

  • Something that will be debated if the US has another draft

    I am completely supportive of women being able to serve at the front lines of the military. Positions in the military should not be determined by gender. Instead, they should be determined by things like physical fitness or mental fortitude. I know that many women are much better suited for the military then I am, but if we had another draft I would be chosen instead of them. If we as a country are truly for equal women rights, which we should be, then we must also be for equal responsibilities and treatment of women.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Is there really a difference between a woman's strength and a man's? I once saw a girl beat the tar out of three guys with a brush and her nails. Still think all guys are tougher? I say if they want to serve, let em serve. I need a few more words, so Imma add this quote in:
    "Oh no! I always knew this day would come: APPA ATE MOMO!"- Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender.

  • I just debated this as Pro

    Before the debate I was sort of against it, the debate forced me to re-evaluate my position. It is still in voting and ask you to vote the debate if you can spare the time. It is a short debate :) Thanks.


    Women have shown great courage and sacrifice on and off the battlefield, contributed in unprecedented ways to the military's mission and proven their ability to serve in an expanding number of roles. Women have always fought and died in America's wars. As of 2010, over 600 women have died in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've led men in battle, been prisoners of war, fired lethal weapons, and operated our most sophisticated systems. They fly combat aircraft, serve on combat ships and have killed the enemy where they encountered them. Women meet the military's physical and mental standards, are technically proficient, and are highly trained war fighters and leaders. It is for these reasons I maintain woman should fill combat roles in today's military.

  • Yes women should be able to fight!

    We women deserve to help our country, as Jeanette Rankin said, "As a woman I can't go to war, and I refuse to send anyone else." We should be able to help serve. Even if we are female it doesn't mean we are weak. A lot of women are tougher than you think, and you should be grateful for them.

  • Women should be able to!

    The excuse that women shouldn't be in infantry is truly sad. Women have served in infantry in Canada,Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Isreal, New Zealand and many other countriea for awhile now. Many even state that women have been crest use to them in combat. All jobs are open to them there in the military. If those counties allow women to be in infantry and armed forces why shouldn't the land of the free and the home of the brave allow women go fight for our beloved country? Men and women have many qualities that can be used in combat and it's sad that some people can't see that. If women want it badly enough then they should be able to do it not to mention these countries did not lower their standards.

  • Yes they should be allowed to.

    Women should be allowed to serve in infantry if they choose to do so. It is at their own risk and in their own mindset if they choose that this is what they want to do. By telling them they can not leads back to the sexists ways of the country.

  • Yes they should.

    Although biologically speaking women are technically built differently than men, there are plenty that are capable of great physical feats, better than the average man. And I think any woman that wants to fight for freedom and or equality should have the right to do so in any way she desires. In todays world men and women have essentially equal oppertunities in all jobs why not infantry. It takes a brave person to be willing to risk their life for a person that they never met and gender should not be questioned in that.

  • Women are not designed for this

    I hope this doesn't sound sexist, but Women just aren't designed for battle like men. The standard for combat and infantry is much much much higher for men than women. I mean there are very few women who can barely meet the standard.

    Women also should not be around 5 or 6 men for personal hygiene, and when male-soldiers are lonely.

    Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=OiAQw__g834 Retired General Boykin from Black Hawk Down explains here.

  • Not a great idea

    America hasn't fought a full scale unrestricted war with massive amounts of POW's since WW2. America just isn't ready for the wide spread rape of their daughters and sisters at the hands of enemy guards. On top of that infantry units in particular have to go long periods without proper hygiene. This does far more damage to the female body than a males body due to biological reasons outside of anybody's control.

  • I dont think so

    I dont mind women in the military but the infantry and frontline, no. Just imagine a group of women under fire from enemy soldiers. The women finally surrender. What do you think the enemy will do since they are women? They will interogate them different then men. We should preserve the women and let them fly stuff or something that doesnt involve frontlines.

  • Not a good idea

    I don't think they should be on the front line. There was once a woman soldier who was serving Iin the army when she gave birth. Apparently she didn't know she was pregnant at the time. Pregnancy and sex can be a problem. Men and women have to have disiplin and it's harder if they come to mix. Rose can be a problem. If a woman soldier is captured she can be raped by her captors and is more likely to be done so. Also women are physically (in general) inferior to men and that can be a problem on the battlefield. Their tests are less strenuous than the males and that is a worry. Soldiers may have to carry another injured soldier across terrain. Men also may became emotionally attached to their female comrades and act irrationally. Male

  • No no no

    Men on the front are lonely and always have to be on the look out for problems... Adding a female into the mix would increase sexual assault, rape, deaths of females (not combat related), death of men by having to watch over the 1 or 2 women in his squad (which means hes not watching for the enemy)

  • No they should not

    If women are put in combat roles along side men it will change the mind sets of many soldiers and will be an unnecessary distraction on the battlefield. War has always been a mans fight because its the men that can handle it. Long marches, heavy weight held for long periods of time, seeing a man get blown up that was your brother is much different then a girlfriend or girl you've been infatuated with. I know women want to be equal in every way but please lady's please just keep this one for the men... We die so that you don't have to and you don't need too.

  • No, women should not serve in infantry

    Women are generally not capable of the physical demands required in infantry. Political correctness shouldn't blind us from the obvious: that women are naturally weaker than men. There are those unusually strong women. But that is not the norm. Men are better suited for the task of defending the front-line in battle; women may continue in other roles in the military.

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