• Women are better people.

    When it comes down to it, who steals, rapes and murders? Men. Men are the cause of all of our society's issues. Since the dawn of humanity, men have stood on the shoulders of women. They have elevated themselves while oppressing us and every other marginalized group. So why not elevate women so those misogynistic pigs can feel the pain of the thousands of years of oppression my sisters have experienced? Why not take back the power from the men? Why not empower women to create a brighter future for our society?

  • Men and women are equal...Duh...

    There were many things in history that women did, and also a lot of things men did. They shared a lot of historical accomplishments and lived together, but how can women have more rights than men? Men and women are equal, and either side shouldn't get more rights that one other.

  • This has to end.

    Really, this discussion is almost as old as time itself, Women need Men and Men need Women, one can't exist without the other, Women need Men to get pregnant, and Men need women to give birth. So if both genders need each other in the same amount, why should one be superior to the other? It's absurd.

  • Women are the same as men

    This is a question I've been wondering: Should women have more rights than men? It's all subject to opinion, but I wanted to see what Debate.Org thinks. My personal opinion is that women and men should be treated the same and that no other gender has more rights than the other. We are all human and we should all be subjected to the same ideas.

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