• Why isn't this 100% Yes?

    To be fully accurate, women are biologically stronger than men, and don't even need sperm to create babies anymore. Using bone marrow and eggs, you can create a human fetus, and it will always come out female. Basically, chauvinistic pigs like the ones saying no are not needed anymore, and they're simply afraid of the power females could hold against them if they were to get full equality. If it came down to it, the human race could become nothing but females. Even so, much less women are found to be murderers, or committing serious crimes at all. I understand fully that there are women that do these things and more, but it is a much smaller percentage. Most, if not all, shooters in the US have been Caucasian males in privileged families. Going back to my earlier statement of women being biologically stronger; women not only mature much faster, but they produce antibodies at incredible speeds, are less susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, and woman have a much higher pain tolerance due to having to live through childbirth and other things. Not only this, but women are much less likely to suffer from recessive disorders like colour blindness, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and hemophilia. To the ones voting no: your arguments are illogical and immoral, perhaps you would feel more at home in the Dark Ages?

  • Excuse me, what?

    I literally just read the whole of the 'no' side of the argument, and I think my brain cells just died. We shouldn't make important decisions because we're irrational and emotional? There would be terrible trivial wars? Excuse me, but I've done just a little research and I've found that only 7 documented wars have been started by women and the rest have been started by men. And I know for a fact that men can be just as emotional as women.; I comforted a man today for something that really bothered him. Also, go back and learn some 10th grade biology, will you? All foetuses start biologically as women, but as the foetus starts to develop, the Y chromosome determines the sex. Since girls do not have a Y chromosome, the ovaries in the foetus descend into testicles, thus creating a man. So, all y'all started as girls. All that's separating us is a couple chromosomes. Sorry to disappoint you.
    Another thing, we are also not here to 'serve' men. You should be pretty damn glad that women would even consider having sex with you idiots; I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole.

  • Of course women should have rights

    This is coming from a young man (19, almost 20) who thinks that sometimes, some women abuse their 'equal rights' by having a go at men and getting in their faces, simply because they understand that most men aren't likely to do much about it just because it is seen as unacceptable to defend yourself against a female.

    Anyway, to the main point of my argument. Why shouldn't women have rights? I mean, they are human and they have contributed a lot to society. Am I correct in believing that women played an absolutely HUGE role in the creation of the modern-day computer, and if it were not for that then we may not even be having this debate on this exact website.

    Woman are people, just like men, and perhaps sometimes even better than men. Maybe if we had all women leaders of all countries, there would be less war.

  • Women are equal in every way, the bible is a lie. Don't believe in lies

    Citing the bible to make an argument that women should not have rights is like citing a harry potter book to prove the existence of voldemort. I am frankly astonished that anybody would claim that women should not have rights, but I am not surprised in the least by the proliferation of bible thumping morons that use their irrational belief in a religious pseudo icon as the basis of their argument. God, doesn't exist, the bible is a series of lies and stories told to frighten the people into submission and if you actually believe that drivel you need to have your head checked. There is no proof in any way that women are inferior to men, infact, there is evidence from NASA that suggests women are actually better suited to space flight and high G maneuvering due to their general low body weight vs bone structure/ strength. Women should be revered not feared.

  • Wo-MAN Vs. MAN

    Obviously we were made to be equal. We have man in our name. There's no difference. We were all made the same. Yes, we may have different parts but other than that we are all capable of almost the same things. A woman can do just about anything a man can do and if you aren't happy about that then, oh well. Women may be "emotional" or "hormonal" but they can be tough also. Never underestimate anyone, they can be capable of anything.

  • Womens are rational beings, they were made the same way mens were

    Please, I can't believe there are still people that think they shouldn't. Remove their rights is the first step to eugenics. Keeping this way of thinking, will not be long until people measure the average IQ of different ethnicities and then remove the lowers. The lower average doesn't mean an ethnicity is worse than other. Actually, the IQ doesn't evaluate all areas of knowledge. I'm sorry for my english, I'm still a learner.

  • Is this really a question?

    I really can't understand how this can still be a question. Women are not a slave race. They are not intellectually inferior to men, despite what many men may claim. They have the same range of emotions and feelings as men. So why are we even questioning if they should have rights?

    Certain men especially have shown little to no understanding of women. So why let them have total control over women's lives when they don't always know all the facts? It is like letting monkeys make design decisions about the new global banking system...

  • All men are rational... Hey Hitler! How ya doin'?

    Wow. I am truly shocked by the comments on the 'no' side. It's incredible how many extreme small-minded people there still are. May I point out, that the biggest historical disasters (such as war) were caused by extremist MEN. Can't see how you can put the word 'rational' (as the no-side tends to use against women) along with Hitler or Mussolini or... I'm not writing this to hate on men, this is to prove that there are many many many examples of irrational men in history. And it's men like you on the 'no-side' who are part of these disasters by living in such a small-minded, ignorant world.
    Secondly, I believe that any debate is only valuable when the participants are as different as possible (men, women, religious, atheist, black, white...), this way you will have a lot of interesting perspectives on the same issue and therefore a much more accurate conclusion.

  • Vaginas Don't Change Fundamental Human Existance

    Nor does not having a penis. Do I really need to elaborate? I suppose since there is a minimum I have to.
    One could research intersexuality and see that gender, though important in a person's personal identity, is as grey an area genetically as it is psychologically. There are feminine men who are heterosexual, manly men who are homosexual, feminine homosexual women; any combination of feminine/masculine and male/female is quite technically possible.
    However, the real argument as to why women should have rights is that any argument against it will very heavily rely on rhetological fallacies, or religious bias (which is a logical fallacy of appealing to tradition or using false authority).
    Women should have rights because they are humans. I hope it's not mistaken for a gross generalization when I state the fact that all humans should have human rights.
    Seems like a no-brainer.

  • We are just like anyone else, human

    We are just like any man. We could do almost anything a man CAN do. Sometimes maybe even better. I think this question is absolutely silly because we are all people despite what gender we are or race or what religion we have. We also make up a large sum of the United States (that's were I am from) and I think without woman what's the point. These sexist behaviors are all learned and need to stop.

  • No, women should not have rights

    I honestly don't beleive that women should have rights. They have proven to be excessively emotional and irrational. When decisions in society are being made i want to be assured that they are doing so in a calm, rational, and non-hormonal state of mind. I do not beleive that women are capable of doing this.

  • Men created everything.

    All things valuable to mankind were created by men only, thus only men can have rights to use them. Women got their rights without effort. Women did not prove they can be responsible. Women abuse the concept of responsibility. Women are too emotional and they do not think logically. That's it.

  • Women dont deserve rights

    Women are stupid and shouldnt have rights because they should be in the kitchen. If they aren't in the kitchen then how am i supposed to live? I can't feed myself, I'm a man. You can't expect a guy to spend all of his time in the kitchen unless he is better than a women, which never happens

  • God is here to guide us, Women are here to serve us.

    I'm not saying women shouldn't have any rights, I just don't think they should have equal rights. Because (no offense) they're not equal. Men are more intelligent and contribute more to society then women do. Women are simply here to help support men (washing our clothes, cooking our meals, having sex with us etc.) Women should be honored that we allow them to serve us.

  • Not at all!!!

    They didn't back in the 1800s why should they now. A married couple shouldn't have to worry about mis-communication due to the wife not being loyal to the husband as The Bible says. So all in all women shouldn't gain the right to jobs or voting. This is my case.

  • Not even a real person

    I believe we were put here for Men, so why should we have rights if we're supposed to be property anyway? Things are just a lot easier when we do what Men say and don't bother questioning it. I don't know how anyone can think we're "people" like Men are, let alone that we're equal.

  • What is wrong with you?

    Okay, I only pressed no so that I could point something out. The men (judging by their opinions) who wrote the comments under this one are complete idiots. There HAS to be equality. I mean, just because you were made before women doesn't mean you're superior. After all, you're the rough copy making women the final masterpiece.

  • Women should never have gotten rights to begin with!

    Things slowly went down hill once we were granted rights. I as a woman believe I shouldn't have rights. I shouldn't have to go to school because the greatest joy a woman can have is serving her family. I shouldn't be allowed to vote on the president, if women Wernt able to vote in the first place we wouldn't have to worry about these women running for office thinking they can do a mans job. Finally abortion came from woman's rights. Women said oh look I have all this power I should have the right over my own body too and should be allowed to kill my own child . It's sick. Bring back the good days were the wife is waiting for the husband at home!!!!

  • Sandwich makers are needed

    Who is going to make me a sandwich when I get home from work if women can have rights and actually do things. God forbid someone let them make their own decisions, let alone vote. Have you seen them fly off the hook when they find out that you're sleeping with another woman? It is my right to take as many wives as I so please, since the bible said so. Also, if they have rights, they can drive. If we fix this serious issue, we should be able to significantly reduce costs to society by reducing accidents. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR WOMAN IS? If she's not in the kitchen or in the bedroom, something is wrong.

  • They are inferrior in every way

    Try and think of any women that has every made any significant contribution to society. Tough, right? That's because they are non-existant. I just want to give you a few facts about women: Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and, here's the kicker, HELLEN KELLER. I think I've made my point. Yoast.

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