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God is here to guide us, Women are here to serve us.

  I'm not saying women shouldn't have any rights, I just don't think they should have equal rights. Because (no offense) they're not equal. Men are more intelligent and contribute more to society then women do. Women are simply here to help support men (washing our clothes, cooking our meals, having sex with us etc.) Women should be honored that we allow them to serve us.
femme says2014-08-19T20:48:37.213
What if someone said these about your mother, sister or daughter?
abby_1999 says2015-02-08T08:22:30.200
"Women should be honored that we allow them to serve us." If men were so intelligent you wouldn't depend on women to "serve" you. It amazes me how some men don't respect women but depend on their mom for everything.
Extrafoxpenguin says2015-02-18T23:20:49.777
Really what was the point if writing no offense and then dissing an entire gender. Also, if you didn't realize, WE ONLY CONTRIBUTE LESS MONEY BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO OPRESS US AND DONT ALLOW US THE SAME MONEY.
chloeg says2015-04-30T05:44:03.987
Oh what are you gonna do? GET RID OF US??? YOU WOULDNT BE HERE IF IT WERENT FOR US. In fact, it is proven that the female brain IS MORE DEVELOPED than the male brain. Its actually vise sersa to what you said... Its also proven that women can get pregnant by using the bone marrow of another woman, but it can only be a girl. Ps: HAVE FUN GETTING A GIRLFRIEND
chloeg says2015-04-30T05:45:28.650
In other words: we can live without men
AKM106 says2015-06-16T05:12:18.363
Jesus had the gender of a man but through the entire bible God's gender is never stated, so when you stand at the gates of heaven and God denies you because you oppressed women, remember your bigotry and misogynistic ways
TheConfession says2015-07-25T21:56:50.233
Women have only had their rights for about.. 100 years? We're still trying to show what we really can do. And if you actually thought about it, you would know that there are a LOT of women who have been able to contribute to society, even through the obstacles you smartasses put in front of us. Also, take this quote from Proverbs 31:26 - "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue." Proverbs 31:26 - "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come."

"Women are simply here to help support men (washing our clothes, cooking our meals, having sex with us etc.) Women should be honored that we allow them to serve us"
Be right back, laughing from the immaturity of that argument.
TheConfession says2015-07-25T21:57:31.733
*Proverbs 31-25, excuse me.
Rachel_5 says2015-08-07T02:29:25.113
I don't think ANYWHERE in the bible it says women should have pretty much no rights. God wouldn't say women should be treated any differently because if you actually read the bible it says he loves all equally.
alexalynnw10 says2015-10-16T17:47:31.577
In the second creation story, God creates man and woman equally. However, once they eat from the Tree of Right and Wrong, then that is when they are punished with inequality. Therefore, it can be argued that to extend inequality is to extend the way the world is NOT suppose to be. To promote EQUALITY is to promote the natural state of all things. Another example from the Bible: when creating woman, God didn't take a bone from man's head so that she can rule over him, nor did God take the bone from his foot so that he can rule over her. God took the bone from Adam's rib (his side) so that man and woman can work together, side by side, as partners.
alexalynnw10 says2015-10-16T18:17:35.703
-Today, it is common knowledge that DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule that is responsible for the functioning and development of all known living things – and it is easily recognizable. But what is not common knowledge is who was responsible for discovering the ‘winding staircase’ structure, better-known as the double-helix. Although James Watson and Francis Crick are most-often associated with the revelation, British molecular biologist and crystallographer, Rosalind Franklin, played an indispensable role in the process. Arguably the most famous X-ray image in the world, a photo of the double helix was taken by Franklin and one of her students. It was subsequently used without her knowledge by her colleagues and was a crucial data source in the determination of the structure of DNA.
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johnsonas4 says2016-02-15T01:18:04.940
NO OFFENCE?! Offence taken, dear!
Skydreamer8849 says2016-03-09T05:04:51.143
You're kidding, right? With your completely idiotic ideas I'm surprised you can even read! God exists just as must as your pathetic arguement does- it's nonexistant. Stop whining about not being 'supported' and actuslly try to get off your ass and make your own fucking meals! What is wrong with people nowadays...
lemonsandoranges says2016-04-30T23:06:48.423
Where the heck did the concept of freedom go? Don't you think women want to break out of the "norm" too?
Justafragilelittlewoman says2016-05-03T18:15:07.890
Well. I've been entertained. Thanks for the laugh you Neanderthal. Go back in your cave now ooga booga!
Justafragilelittlewoman says2016-05-03T18:15:35.690
Well. I've been entertained. Thanks for the laugh you Neanderthal. Go back in your cave now ooga booga!
Justafragilelittlewoman says2016-05-03T18:15:45.317
Well. I've been entertained. Thanks for the laugh you Neanderthal. Go back in your cave now ooga booga!
Equal_Right123 says2016-06-08T15:17:32.077
Bitch your horny ass u want to have sex with a women but u can pay ur own phone bill that y ur broke ass at the library using there computers to degrade women and watch porn bitch
Anyonex says2016-06-19T14:54:26.050
Your family, the cavemen, missed you they want you back.
dianestefanacmyass says2017-03-18T00:12:19.043
Yo yo yo yo yo yo the first comment that replied back about having an abortion I'm dying over here XD but it's so true...And if you say women didn't earn their respect then your a dumb ass, and actually need to go to school and actually pay attention to your history teacher. Women actually put in more work then men to earn their rights because they didn't have any. If you say "men had proven to be more superior...Then what the hell you respect, "who ever can eat the most hamburgers in a minute will be more superior"? Our bodies wasn't made for playin like a dog. They were made to give life and if y'all disagree then y'all wouldn't be alive without a women...So when can basically live without men because scientist found out a cocktail of chemicals can act as a sperm to create a baby. If y'all men with your peanut brains don't understand what that means is that we can survive without you and only be a women world. Where we'll keep clean without pollution cause y'all men decided to create it, and still know that it's bad for the earth....But yet don't do anything about it. I thought men were smart but if you just let a women do the job maybe things would be a lot better and not be aggressive, dumb, etc.
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