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Not even a real person

  I believe we were put here for Men, so why should we have rights if we're supposed to be property anyway? Things are just a lot easier when we do what Men say and don't bother questioning it. I don't know how anyone can think we're "people" like Men are, let alone that we're equal.
Deanerys says2013-10-21T13:38:31.667
cricket0206 says2014-02-25T03:37:02.867
Madisunshine16 says2014-03-01T03:28:13.580
You're not even good at trolling. Way too obvious.
xololxo says2014-03-06T00:44:04.627
So you're a woman thinking women shouldn't have rights...Funny. Don't you realize that we WEREN'T here to be "property" anyways. The only reason you think that is because that's what society told us! Is society always right? No! There are always flaws. Amendments and laws were changed to what is RIGHT after "rethinking" things. If you listen to everything society tells us, then you're basically saying how it is okay to judge people based on their looks and clothing. Are you really that disgusting!
SwedishPopPrincess says2014-08-26T23:36:03.563
If we aren't human what are we then? Animals
budgie6666 says2015-03-18T22:07:03.703
This person is obviously being sarcastic guys..
foabboa says2015-08-14T18:45:06.097
I didnt think people had the capacity to deem one gender less of a HUMAN. My gender does not control my capacity to change the world for the better. I belong only to myself as all women should have the right to be. It is not the right thing, to be OWNED by another human. THis is synonymous with slavery that we are born into. Its crazy to think that someone could support that.
Samaseemo says2015-08-21T22:48:01.397
We're houses you say? We give electricity, water, shelter and everything men need you say? We're basically superior you say? You must have pressed the wrong button.
We aren't human you say? We don't have flesh you say? We don't have blood you say? We don't have bones you say? We don't have lives you say?
You must have made the wrong choice.
PowerToThePeople16 says2016-02-09T22:16:23.243
Oh I thought she was being serious I was like, Are you serious!!
charley2 says2016-04-04T23:06:00.533
Hope thats a joke
nbing says2016-04-12T22:21:11.173
"men" is not a proper noun.
nbing says2016-04-12T22:21:17.633
"men" is not a proper noun.
Justafragilelittlewoman says2016-05-03T18:17:29.353
This female isn't serious. Or this is a man writing this mess. Girl stop playing! Lol
Crosa1530 says2016-05-07T19:34:14.933
We have a breakthrough people--- or to all the women out there should i say aliens. Dun dun dun duuuun

i'm a alien everyone
Crosa1530 says2016-05-07T19:34:27.270
We have a breakthrough people--- or to all the women out there should i say aliens. Dun dun dun duuuun

i'm a alien everyone
katewinchester says2017-02-19T23:30:47.627
We were put here as a companion, a helper. Not a servant.
dianestefanacmyass says2017-03-18T01:15:54.377
Omg this bitch is a hoe
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