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Woman are dumb

  There is a reason that there has never been a woman president, women are not capable of doing the same types of important jobs that males can do. Men’s sports are also 50,000 times more important than women’s, there was a study done on Sportsnation asking if you would rather find $5 or have your local WBNA team win the championship, 90% chose the $5. This proves that people literally value $5 more than a championship from a women’s sport organization. Men are usually the only ones who can make logical, smart decisions so why should women be given the rights to do something they can obviously not do. Woman are stupid and do not deserve to vote or do anything other than remedial labor inside of the house. I don’t blame women for not having the same capabilities as men, it’s not their fault, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are not as capable and influential as men. If you look back in history almost all of the most important, life-changing people are men, not women. Martin Luther King, George Washington, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, the list goes on and on and on. I could sit here naming influential people and would be able to name 100 extremely influential men, and roughly 2 influential women. Men are the reason we have a free country, when we went to war women were not the ones sacrificing their lives, it was the men impacting the world just like we always do. According to Forbes the 4 most powerful people on this planet are all men, and 66 out of the 72 most powerful people in the world are men. Also according to the US census Bureau, the 12 deadliest diseases of the 20th century were cured by men, not women. Not only socially, but also physically, men are the dominating gender. This now becomes not a matter of opinion, but science. It is a fact that men are stronger, faster, and more athletic than women, so why pretend they are on equal terms? Women were not meant for the same things as men. Men were built for the harder work, the more demanding things in life, although women give birth they would have no way to make this happen without men. Women are there to hold together these pieces. They are essential in society; much in the way that the stitching is essential to a quilt. Essential, but are not seen or noticed while the patches bask in the hard-earned glory.
PowerToThePeople16 says2016-02-09T22:29:41.970
The difference between a woman and a man is a Vagina and a Penis.
ram2927 says2016-02-13T18:06:09.387
How about a list of bad men? Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Josef Mengele, Talat Pasha, Reinhard Heydrich, Saddam Hussein, Heinrich Himmler, Maximilien Robespierre, Joseph Stalin, and the list goes on and on. As for influential women we have Anne Frank, Sybil Ludington, Deborah Sampson, Abigail Adams, Hellen Keller, Mary Ludwig Hays, Mother Teresa, Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Princess Diana, Marie Curie, Lucille Ball, Gertrude Belle Elion, and the list keeps going. Women also worked significantly on developing computers. See? I named a bunch of influential women and the fact that you can hardly name two is pathetic. Now that's not to say that there aren't influential men (and bad women) as well, but we must remember the ladies and all their accomplishments too.
clementine1030 says2016-04-11T00:25:47.990
None of these are facts. You made all this up because you wanted to.
clementine1030 says2016-04-11T21:09:57.370
Just because men have muscles doesn't mean they DESERVE to have more rights than women.
Crosa1530 says2016-05-07T18:25:43.493
You need to do a lot of research,only TWO women you can think of that influenced many people wow. Get your facts straights.
Crosa1530 says2016-05-07T18:25:54.663
You need to do a lot of research,only TWO women you can think of that influenced many people wow. Get your facts straights.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:36.243
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:38.583
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:41.077
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:43.327
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:43.573
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:43.793
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:26:57.660
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
hb22 says2016-05-12T02:27:00.283
You are dumb. 'woman are dumb'? Learn ur grammar, idiot.
Equal_Right123 says2016-06-08T15:22:42.410
Logical dissension but ur the one who diffidently spent like 5 hours with your stupid ass typing the paragraph
Anyonex says2016-06-19T14:59:32.093
Bitch you came from a women.
jamiekirton says2016-07-17T05:25:25.633
SensibleMarcus says2016-08-15T08:58:56.363
Margaret Tatcher, various queens and Hillary Clinton (not a good example but whatever) are politicians.
Oneonlywillow says2016-10-27T04:30:27.927
I did that study it's not really a study but a random question on either.Io sadly since I don't care at all for sports I picked 5$ here's the link to the question link: http://either.io/550/value-of-sports
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:12.443
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calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:16.070
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:29.073
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:30.190
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:30.190
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:37.193
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:07:37.230
calmcoolcollected says2016-12-16T02:09:32.767
I would say I hope you get put in prison, but thanks the the absolutely brilliant, compassionate, and influential woman Dorothea Dix, the mentally ill are now separate form general prison population. We are all rooting for you in your recovery, and believe it is possible also due to Jane Adams and her contributions to human psychology. In response to some of your other comments regarding women's 'lack of prominence in history, Women weren't ALLOWED in the military, women weren't ALLOWED in high standing political positions, and women weren't AND STILL AREN'T ALLOWED to make the same amount of money as men. We are often overlooked in most history books, especially the ones you appear to spend your time indulging. I'd also like to point out one, of many flaws in your argument, and that being "although women give birth they would have no way to make this happen without men". I am overjoyed to inform you that women can indeed reproduce using the bone marrow of another woman, and the result will only be girls.
Here is a link to an article about that if you'd like to fact check. (though i'd assume you wouldn't):
As it turns out, we really don't need you, and if you would like to check it out, I believe there is a comedy about exactly this on Netflix, it is entitled 'no men beyond this point'. In addition, I noticed you like to cite Forbes for some of your argumentative platforms...
Aaaaaanother link:
Basically the article linked above talks about how women are equally intelligent to men in the IQ (General Intelligence) section, yet superiorly intelligent to men in the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which pushes them over into Intelligence seniority to men. This yet again invalidates a large portion of your argument. Also Harriet Tubman! (for real, come on....Get it together).

I believe I have made a 'logical' and 'smart' argument with plenty of facts, research, and well-developed personal opinions, all while delivering it in a calm and collected way.

Yours absolutely truly,
Hormonal, and stupid, 16 year old girl.
(get on my level)
Arget says2017-01-27T08:40:58.340
The only valid argument you make is that men have an inherent advantage in terms of physical prowess, which makes them more dominating (as in using force on others and not in actually being superior). That is what led men to being in a dominant position throughout history which leads to their superior position today.

Physical ability was very important when our main source of sustaining ourselves was hunting. It became much less important but still relevant, especially in warfare, when we switched to farming.

Today we use things called machines to do most of our hard labor for us and it is our intelligence that defines importance today which makes that physical advantage practically irrelevant. Women have proven themselves to be just as intelligent as men, and are less likely to violent outbursts (you only have to look at schools to tell that).

What is relevant that the dominance of men in the past set up male superiority. Inheritance was traditionally passed to men giving that gender an inherent advantage in today's society even if all other things where equal and that initial wealth advantage attracts more wealth.

Religions founded when the physical advantage of men mattered and used as a tool for those in power (men), naturally painted women who were lacking power at the time as inferior. Which further disadvantages women today.

Do you know how much that harder physical work you are so proud of is valued at, minimum wage (aka a disposable cog).

You are right that men are the dominating gender which makes them better at clawing their way to a better position by dragging their society itself under; such as the unnecessary wars that waste lives and resources we are constantly engaged in or crashing the economy to drain money out of average peoples retirement accounts. That doesn't make men superior however as a women's nurturing instinct might instead bring everyone up to a better level, instead of just themselves while tearing others down, which I would consider to be far more valuable to society.

So if women are just as intelligent as men, and may potentially better society as a whole (or just have less wasteful wars), while also being able to continue the race on their own, they may have more potential than my gender in the end, but I prefer to think of both as equal.
SPANNA says2017-02-12T04:55:30.630
If you look back in history, all of the least important, life-threatening people were men, not women. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Heinrich Himmler, Bernard Munyagishari, Vladimir Lenin. Shall I continue??

The people you mentioned who have made a positive impact have all said something about respecting people for who they are. It goes for women too.

"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." - Jackie Robinson
katewinchester says2017-02-19T23:28:52.343
When you "men" went to war, women were the nurses who had to come and save your asses, if it weren't for us, millions of people would be dead
FOXINGFOXY says2017-11-05T14:13:20.807
So in war only men were allowed to fight even is a woman too wantee to battle in war they couldnt, they wouldnt be accteetd and woman were nures so if it wast for woman millions of soilders will be dead.

Also lets talk about the woman in the past, the reason why african americans are not slaves today was one woman nicknamed the black moses, she lead slaves to victory. Thousands of them and lead a fricking war fighting for slaves rights and later on afican americans had rights but still wasnt treated equally ans whites and one woman(forgot her name) began the protest of rights for black people and after luther king joined in, and if it wasnt for those two woman black people wouldnt have the same rights.

You said that woman couldnt be president, well funny thing is MY president is a woman, ha would you look at that but she also a fantastic job as a president

even if a men is physically stronger and woman is mentally stronger, they go through periods, period cramps they give birth and giving birth is the second most painful thing a human can through(as i heard),and they GROW A HUMAN INSIDE OF THEM AND CARRY A HUMAN INSIDE OF THEM FOR NINE MONTHS and a men cant do or go through these increadible and painful things a woman goes through
FOXINGFOXY says2017-11-05T14:15:28.747
*a woman is mentally stronger*
alextherushing says2017-11-15T15:34:34.717
Amen brother
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