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IS this a JOKE

  Ok ok ok, first of all, women CREATED men so for everyone who says that woman are "inferior", you obviously don't understand the reproductive system. Second off, for everyone who says that women can't run things, literally not a SINGLE person would understand that because us WOMEN have never had the CHANCE to run things you idiot morons. Now another thing, some people have stated that you "cant expect them to make their own sandwiches" well, if you cant make a god damn sandwich, why the hell should i trust you to run the entire FREAKING COUNTRY you uncultured swine. Now. The problem with men, is that they think they are so entitled and that everything has to result in a fight because men just loooveeee showing their superiority. I mean, who caused the holocaust? Hitler? Oh right and it just so happens, he. Was. A. Man. Im just going to end this here though, but all men should know that they would be NOTHING without us women, so you should start respecting us, or should have a long long time ago.
FightForFeminism says2016-06-05T22:35:46.177
YAY! You are awesome.
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T15:15:50.383
So basically all men are bad because of the actions of a few??? Isn't that sexism???

Of course woman deserve rights, but this is exactly why most consider feminism toxic to society
Spiceseller115 says2016-11-04T04:11:35.733
Well men made men to so ya got a problem there.
Germanyrocks1871 says2016-12-07T19:46:06.853
First of all just because you can give birth doesn't make you superior to men. Biologically men are physically stronger than women and you wouldn't be able to have children if it wasn't for men so stop using that card. Second respect is earned no one should give you respect just because you have a vagina. I have a feeling that you are a feminist and you have been brainwashed into thinking every man is a racist misogynistic rapist pig but I'm sorry to break your little echo chamber but not all men are like that. Feminism is cancer and needs to dismantled. You say your for equality for both genders but all you are is a hypocrite. You fight for women superiority to men. So getting a degree in gender studies is just as pointless as your entire existance
DebatesDoGood says2017-04-13T20:50:03.537
Germanyrocks1871 I think you need to go back to school because feminists believe in gender equality.
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