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Please read this no matter what side you are on

  Ok, before you go and keep proving your point, everyone, please read this. I am not saying women are better then men. I am saying they are EQUALS. And I think that some men think this debate is about who is better. It is not. It is about being EQUAL. Yes, I know some women will use the fact that they are a women to get things they want, and they act all sweet and innocent. I understand you think this is unfair. But that's not the point of this. The point is that women should be equal to men. And I promise you, not all women are like that, and the fact that people think that is just stereotyping us. All women have their own personalities. Some are tough. Some are smart. Some are sporty. And yes, some are rude or manipulating. But that doesn't mean everyone is. Please stop stereotyping us. Women and men are all human and they all deserve EQUALITY. I know to some people that may sound stupid, but when you are deprived of something, you will want to fight with every once of your being to get it back. That's why many women are saying these things. They are deprived. Deprived of equal rights. And just because women can vote and have jobs now doesn't mean everything is equal trust me. Also,must because women have been deprived for a very long time does not mean it should keep going. I mean, racism and slaves was wrong and it also went on for a long time, but luckily, people realized it was wrong. Women feel very strongly about this topic, and many men do too. I have so much more to say, but I don't have the time or room for it all. So please, I hope this helps to shine a little light on this question, and I hope you can understand the people who say yes a little better now. If not, I hope and pray one day you will be able to see that men and women are equal. And those of you who said yes, thank you. Keep fighting for what's right.
ffeministaf says2016-06-14T02:02:31.313
Someone said it!!!!
GutterChurl says2016-07-12T19:24:10.807
I was waiting to see this. Good on ya!
GutterChurl says2016-07-12T19:24:21.583
I was waiting to see this. Good on ya!
Spiceseller115 says2016-11-04T04:21:16.053
I came on here expecting to see people hating on the other gender (and trust me I got that ten fold) And the thing I saw here was like the last thing i was expecting to see someone well spoken and honestly nice with there words, who god forbid admits that some girls are asses. And just want equality and well i'm not blind i can see there still inequality in the world like in the middle east and other such country's. And although ill always think each gender has its pros and cons should still be treated the same in a social stand point. So coming from a guy (better hide from saying that i can smell the hate of others coming for me) i say thanks for making a good post and not a hateful one.
Arget says2017-01-27T09:40:02.257
I agree with you, but I think that many of the same people who support this would welcome the return of racism and slavery. I think the true test of human beings is being humane, and they fail at that.
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