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Of course women should have rights

  This is coming from a young man (19, almost 20) who thinks that sometimes, some women abuse their 'equal rights' by having a go at men and getting in their faces, simply because they understand that most men aren't likely to do much about it just because it is seen as unacceptable to defend yourself against a female. Anyway, to the main point of my argument. Why shouldn't women have rights? I mean, they are human and they have contributed a lot to society. Am I correct in believing that women played an absolutely HUGE role in the creation of the modern-day computer, and if it were not for that then we may not even be having this debate on this exact website. Woman are people, just like men, and perhaps sometimes even better than men. Maybe if we had all women leaders of all countries, there would be less war.
TheDoctor18 says2014-04-20T04:06:02.683
Hear, hear! You, sir, are a scholar and gentleman.
iprefertobeanonymous says2015-07-05T22:36:52.033
Claps for you, sir.
Samaseemo says2015-08-22T14:28:42.497
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 best argument. I absolutely agree with you, considering the other side of the argument. If it weren't for women, meat and vegetables would rot because there wouldn't be fridges. You anti-feminists would otherwise have to live on bread. Oh wait... Even THAT needs a fridge. Oops, looks like we'll live on... Chocolate? Nope, that needs a fridge too. Hmmm... I wonder...
lyricallen says2015-12-04T00:44:00.203
I am honestly glad people like you exist. Bless you.
Lochness says2016-04-07T03:11:49.617
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Justafragilelittlewoman says2016-05-03T17:39:20.413
Thank you.
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T15:12:19.517
Woman are equal to men, neither gender shold be considered better
Immediately says2016-10-20T13:07:53.657
Women are just like men, then you go on by saying they're better than men. You are a cuck retard. Men are supposed to control. It is in us, to oppress women where are your balls?
Oneonlywillow says2016-10-21T20:39:43.867
Right on!
gunger129 says2017-03-17T15:37:03.733
Wrong, what "HUGE" role did women play at all
Asha-forwomen says2017-05-22T20:10:29.617
Hunger, look up Ada Lovelace, and eat your words like the disgusting pig you are
Asha-forwomen says2017-05-22T20:10:35.840
Gunger, look up Ada Lovelace, and eat your words like the disgusting pig you are
jenniferg09 says2018-01-04T19:02:06.797
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