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This is so sexist

  THIS MAKES ME SOOOO MAD!!!!!!!! Women are just as great as men. Men are idiotic jerks, women and girls commit less crimes and behave better. Just think about it. HITLER WAS A GUY. OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS A GUY. ALL CRIMINALS ARE GUYS. MEN CAN MAKE THEIR OWN STUPID SANDWICHES. In a world without women, men would die. Everyone would steal and murder! Who teaches you all the good habits like honesty and kindness?? MOTHERS!!!!! WOMEN ARE HUMAN TOO. But to men we are all just sex symbols!!!!
bryantthenelson says2016-12-01T01:46:05.093
How are we jerks? How can you say that statement about all men? You must be pretty stupid to say that ALL men are "jerks." Society is sexist against men too. First off, for committing the same exact crime, men are sentenced for longer. How are all criminals men also? Is that why there are prisons just for women? Women are sex symbols though. You're pretty stupid if you think that wearing shorts that show half of your ass cheeks and shirts that go up as high your ribs is not a statement of women wanting to be a sex statement. And also, In fact, how can you make the statement that women reach good habits like honesty and kindness? In my own life actually, my influence to be nice to people was from my dad.
bryantthenelson says2016-12-01T01:47:00.273
Oh yeah,your statement is really sexist too, stop being a hypocrite
LonesomeZues says2017-01-27T13:16:13.790
Kill yourself
LonesomeZues says2017-01-27T13:17:31.307
Yo nigga thats just as sexist.
LonesomeZues says2017-01-27T13:19:58.007
Dont kill yourself its just a joke boi
Germanyrocks1871 says2017-04-19T18:44:56.407
Uh oh we have a retard alert RETARD ALERT class do you believe in a flying spaghetti monster too bubble head. Women have more rights then men. If all men are jerks and sexist pigs then who gave you your precious rights. Oh yeah it was a man so stop being triggered and go to your safe space and let the grown ups talk this issue out.
L-Edge says2017-04-21T21:32:48.757
Women are equal to men, this is just as sexist
StrongFeelingsAboutThis says2017-09-12T01:10:48.850
Okay, wait. Sexism towards men is still sexism! Not all men are idiotic jerks. Sure, some are, but some women are, too! And remember, there were influential and amazing men, as well as women! And just as easily, in a world without women, men would also die. We need each other (literally). That's wrong anyways (if there was a way for men to create babies) their world would probably be similar to ours, minus the sexism. Now, fathers also teach good virtues. My dad taught me to be kind and honest. *Facepalming* Not all men view women as sex symbols! There are some, but THEN AGAIN, some women view men as sex symbols. Sexism is sexism, regardless of gender.
CaptainCross100 says2017-10-31T21:19:35.497
Of course its men in these positions. These positions are positions of power and only men can hold power because men are superior.
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