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Women are equal in every way, the bible is a lie. Don't believe in lies

  Citing the bible to make an argument that women should not have rights is like citing a harry potter book to prove the existence of voldemort. I am frankly astonished that anybody would claim that women should not have rights, but I am not surprised in the least by the proliferation of bible thumping morons that use their irrational belief in a religious pseudo icon as the basis of their argument. God, doesn't exist, the bible is a series of lies and stories told to frighten the people into submission and if you actually believe that drivel you need to have your head checked. There is no proof in any way that women are inferior to men, infact, there is evidence from NASA that suggests women are actually better suited to space flight and high G maneuvering due to their general low body weight vs bone structure/ strength. Women should be revered not feared.
This_isAmansworld says2014-10-13T17:49:44.373
Women are far from equal to men, men are superior woman are inferior
iprefertobeanonymous says2015-07-05T22:35:57.130
And how would that be?
Samaseemo says2015-08-22T14:22:11.697
This_isAmansworld:😂 You're kidding right? I hope so. If not, that would make you a retard. I'll just assume you are.
Bye <3
donkal says2015-12-31T23:04:18.733
No one is equal you idiots
Zeru says2016-05-20T22:26:47.747
Men are stronger faster more endurant more intelligent (by 5 iq look it up) than women among more. The fact that you need to cite G force suggests you must be desperate. Men actually tolerate G force better than women thanks to their stronger body composition and bones. It counteracts women's advantage coming from size. So worship us women weaklings.
V21 says2017-12-07T19:36:07.020
All I have to say is don't you ever speak negative on God's name because He does exist and forever will. How dare you say the Bible is a joke when clearly the Bible is being played out in front of our very eyes every single day because I know your not blind at all and I highly doubt that you pick up the Good Book and read it anyway. Have a Blessed Day and Life
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