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Not at all!!!

   They didn't back in the 1800s why should they now. A married couple shouldn't have to worry about mis-communication due to the wife not being loyal to the husband as The Bible says. So all in all women shouldn't gain the right to jobs or voting. This is my case.
Anonymous says2013-06-24T15:33:42.540
Really? Hmmm what bible are you reading? ( sarcasm )
Anonymous says2013-06-24T15:55:00.843
Also you don't think husbands cheat? ( they cheat more than women if not equally) the bible says thu shall not covet... Now reminding you about today's society do you really think men dont covet or lust. Ha and yes i know women do the same thing if you're going to try to make it sound like I'm one sided.
Anonymous says2013-09-13T10:23:04.467
Leave a bible written by men out off this , there of no proof of your god and women and men should have the same right
MCR1998 says2013-10-28T08:29:14.563
The entire point is that misogynism is outdated, like slavery, Jewish pogroms and the idea that the world was flat. If you still believe in these ideals, I pray for the salvation of your soul. The Bible tells you to love your neighbour and for the husband to be faithful to his wife also. To be faithful and loyal to your wife, Jesus himself advocates that you support your wife in her endeavours. He has also said that you should love each other better through supporting each other, putting faith in each other (without faith there is nothing), and getting rid of communication barriers by giving her her own freedom of choice (we belong to God don't we, and a man DOES NOT own his wife!) Women are NOT goods or possessions!

Jesus preaches about faith and love. You have turned this argument around to say that women do not love or are faithful to their husbands when they make their own choices and decisions. Do not use the Holy Book to do the Devil's work.

Only when man and woman are equal, when people truly love their neighbours, when husbands finally trust their wives and give them freedom to live their lives - women are more than capable of doing "a man's work - can Jesus' Word be fulfilled. What a glorious day that will be! Please reconsider!
cricket0206 says2014-02-25T03:35:07.357
There was also slavery in the 1800s. But yeah you're right, let's just revert back to old ways.
seraphina1917 says2014-04-03T01:30:04.497
Maybe you should learn some English grammar - specifically where to put commas - before you try to educate the world. Your capitalization of the "the" in "the Bible" is incorrect. It is lower-case. Just a few tips for next time you decide to write a ignorant and bigoted rant. Maybe get a life while you're at it?
femme says2014-08-19T20:46:50.507
Ever heard of a lady called Mary Magdalene?
And yeah, Jesus, too, was a Feminist. It has been proved. So get your facts right.
chloeg says2015-04-30T05:24:49.240
Youre using The Bible as your argument.. First of all, this is a religious book. It is not known if it is true or not. That's why it is called a belief. Second of all, NOT EVERYONE FOLLOWS THIS BOOK. Thee are many in the US who follow other religions or do not have a religion at all.
AKM106 says2015-06-16T05:07:55.377
Reasons your argument is invalid
1. Cleopatra
2. Catherine the Great
3. Queen Elizabeth
4. Mary Queen of Scots
5. Wu Zetian
6. Joan of Arc
All of these women are considered some of the most powerful and successful women of there age and all of them were in power before 1800, women oppression is new and was created because misogynists like you were jealous and couldn't keep up with us.
Anyonex says2016-06-19T15:05:39.273
People also used wagons in the 1800's, do you use wagons?
Anyonex says2016-06-19T15:05:44.670
People also used wagons in the 1800's, do you use wagons?
r_and_om_n_ess says2016-07-20T09:44:17.433
Get a fucking education you cunt.
Commietween says2016-12-15T22:35:25.787
God doesn't exist
SPANNA says2017-02-12T02:12:35.467
And what happens when a husband cheats on his wife? He blames it on the woman? No. I don't think so.
geolovesdebating says2017-03-12T16:13:49.277
If a woman cheats on her husband, that doesn't mean she abused her rights. She is a human and still deserves them. But anyone that cheats on their SO, gay, straight, man or woman, simply doesn't have the best morals.
DebatesDoGood says2017-04-13T20:46:27.507
You know what I am not even going to explain to you why that's stupid, I am just going to tell you to die.
JustARegularGuy says2017-04-22T05:18:21.777
I find it funny how badly you have misinterpreted the bible. Jesus empowered women, he didn't oppress them. You're high as fuck.
7Kaylab2002 says2017-05-10T21:03:17.287
Fyi if anyone cheats then there's obviously something you're doing wrong, maybe being sexist assholes, probably why you're not married, ass
alexis_lyn says2018-01-11T02:48:49.410
Well your case is bull shit
harrypottereatspie says2018-01-24T06:13:19.693
The 1800s is different from now. You could say WWII changed all that. When the men were at war, who the fuck held up the fucking economy? Women. And if you are going to listen to everything the bible says, don't wear clothes with mixed fibers, as Leviticus says.
lleeiillaa says2018-03-12T05:57:20.907
I agree with you on the miscommunication point the men should have the last word so there is no reason to argue or fight
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