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Why isn't this 100% Yes?

  To be fully accurate, women are biologically stronger than men, and don't even need sperm to create babies anymore. Using bone marrow and eggs, you can create a human fetus, and it will always come out female. Basically, chauvinistic pigs like the ones saying no are not needed anymore, and they're simply afraid of the power females could hold against them if they were to get full equality. If it came down to it, the human race could become nothing but females. Even so, much less women are found to be murderers, or committing serious crimes at all. I understand fully that there are women that do these things and more, but it is a much smaller percentage. Most, if not all, shooters in the US have been Caucasian males in privileged families. Going back to my earlier statement of women being biologically stronger; women not only mature much faster, but they produce antibodies at incredible speeds, are less susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, and woman have a much higher pain tolerance due to having to live through childbirth and other things. Not only this, but women are much less likely to suffer from recessive disorders like colour blindness, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and hemophilia. To the ones voting no: your arguments are illogical and immoral, perhaps you would feel more at home in the Dark Ages?
PpPpPp says2014-04-15T06:29:21.267
Do you forget that in every social situation that occurs, from hostage situations to club entry, women have an advantage? How about in divorce where women always get the house that men paid for? Until that evens out, forget about your equal rights.
TheDoctor18 says2014-04-20T04:02:42.550
Excuse me, but no. Tachi's argument had nothing to do with social events. Go back and read the claim before you post things that are unrelated.
Tachibana42 says2014-04-22T14:55:52.633
Sorry for using nothing but scientific evidence that females are stronger than you might think and deserve equal treatment?
intellectuallyprimitive says2014-04-24T06:35:54.550
I am no advocate for the removal of opportunity for any human, but I am going to address a few of your assertions. You assert that women are biologically superior than men. You are aware that the biological differences that exist amongst men and women do not constitute women as stronger then men? Moreover, men are anatomically superior to women. Have you cogitated the different anatomical aspects between women and men? Men, pertaining to the average male, are anatomically superior in comparison to women regarding muscle mass, bone density, and physical strength. Would a boxing match that featured an exceptional male athlete contesting an exceptional female athlete be equitable? What is your resolution?
Tachibana42 says2014-05-02T01:27:17.773
First off, I specified how females are stronger health wise. Not once did I mention the physical differences. I do acknowledge that males are physically stronger than females, that is a fact that cannot be ignored and will probably never change. My whole purpose for specifying why females are stronger than many might think was to help females realize their own strength. May I remind you that the word "strong" has numerous connotations and does not only mean a physical superiority, but also to be strong in mind, in body, and in spirit. When I say body, I don't mean in a physical sense, I mean in a physiological sense. The masses are constantly reminded of the physical difference between the two sexes, and it's true, males and females are different and cannot be truly compared. My only reason behind emphasizing the strengths females have is because we are all constantly told how males are stronger, but rarely are we informed of the females' own strengths. We cannot leave females behind, as they are the ones who give birth to future generations and are extremely necessary to society moving on. All I'm asking for is a little recognition of why females are still strong human beings and deserve respect just as much as males do.
intellectuallyprimitive says2014-05-02T05:58:02.623
Anatomical and physical superiority relating to men is because of certain biological factors. In that regards, specifically, men are biologically superior. That is my incentive for stating that.

"but also to be strong in mind, in body, and in spirit."

Your usage of the word strong whereby utilized in context is ambiguous, however, the colloquial term spirit describes something non physical, hence deeming it impertinent to your original assertion that women possess biological, biology being a model which examines physical substance, superiority in comparison to men. How is a strong spirit indicative of a superior biological structure?

"Basically, chauvinistic pigs like the ones saying no are not needed anymore, and they're simply afraid of the power females could hold against them if they were to get full equality"

What power can females hold against these so proclaimed chauvinistic pigs?

"If it came down to it, the human race could become nothing but females."

Merely an assertion.

"Woman have a much higher pain tolerance due to having to live through childbirth and other things."

Women possess a more tolerant pain threshold FOR (deliberate emphasis placed) labor, and labor does not automatically grant a woman a higher threshold for other types of pain, that varies from individual to individual. Women are equipped to give birth, as opposed to men, and require the reliance of certain tolerances. If a man gave birth the pain would be profoundly more immense, in my opinion. Moreover, what "other things" are indicative of a higher tolerance to pain?

"All I'm asking for is a little recognition of why females are still strong human beings and deserve respect just as much as males do."

Thats not what I inferred from your initial post whereby you asserted that women were biologically superior to men. That doesn't appear to be a productive method of obtaining recognition for respect to me but rather an effort to demonstrate certain dissimilarities between men and women. An individual should be respected because they are biologically superior?

As I stated before, I am not an advocate for the removal of opportunity for any person regardless of race, gender, and culture, however,
I fail to comprehend how you assert the notion that women being biologically superior to men is a reason that women should have rights. Why should an individual be granted rights because they are biologically superior?
Tachibana42 says2014-05-02T13:26:45.877
Both are very strong, but I still don't think physical strength makes someone superior. I'll admit I was rather angry when I typed that out but I was mostly quoting my Biology teacher's words through a lot of that. I fully understand where you are coming from, and I shouldn't have said some of the things I said. None of the arguments on the "no" side were very reasonable by my opinion and I had to point out the female's own biological strengths that are usually ignored. I used the wrong words but I did mean to mainly point out why females are not just worthless trollops that should be considered lesser beings. I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else, but I'm not sorry for trying to point out reasons as to why females are strong too.
Tachibana42 says2014-05-02T14:07:02.977
As for why an individual should be given right due to being biologically superior, I simply felt as though if moral reasons were not getting through to people, which they don't some of the time, that perhaps they would listen to scientific evidence. I was simply trying to bring to light a different type of reason to grant rights. There are many people I know that refuse to listen to anything but that, and I assumed that a percentage of people here were like that.
crayven says2014-08-08T21:23:17.097
After you just wrote you're lucky i am still civil with you.
We're not afraid of misandrist harpies. Your petty antics haven't changed anything. And you will die alone with a lot of cats and childless.
Enjoy "empowerment".
bigmo477 says2015-02-08T02:00:52.457
The problem with the whole feminist movement in itself are people like you. Feminism in itself implies that women are looking for superiority else the name would be coined equalism. Your entire argument stems from your belief that women are superior to men for a variety of issues that are not really relevant in the political sense. Please refrain from spewing your nonsense on public forums as your argument is irrelevant and detracts from the cause as a whole. I believe in women's rights, I do not believe in gender superiority.
maiamoondragon says2015-10-09T04:37:54.053
No actually if you would read and properly analyze the meaning of her second statement you would realize that she is TRYING to show a few examples of something women are can do that is .. Good. If intellectuallyprimitive ever reads this I would like to congratulate him on the use of a thesaurus.
donkal says2015-12-31T23:03:39.530
You are also more likely to suffer breakdowns and depression.
PowerToThePeople16 says2016-02-09T22:05:31.503
Feminists want women and men to have equal rights. Not that whole superiority thing over men.
KiwiRiver says2016-04-26T17:37:24.207
Seriously what is wrong with you humans. HUMANS we are all humans, just because we are usually smaller and we look different doesn't really mean anything, usually a lioness would hunt and the male lion would just relax, this also happens with hyenas and many more animals, so it much prove something. Maybe we are more likely to suffer from breakdowns and depressions, but that's because we care. Actually women are usually more stronger than men since we have to experience child birth...
Zeru says2016-05-20T22:23:12.107
Men are harder better faster stronger than women. Men suffer less psychological diseases so we are stronger inside and out. Women may have a little stronger immune system and live longer but they are also more susceptible to high blood pressure allergies STDS diseases of organs and much much more. Men wins hands down.
Zeru says2016-05-20T22:25:00.167
Oh and also women's body are flooded by natural anaesthetics by their own body so they dont die out of pain. So no women doesnt have better pain tolerance than men its the other way around. Men was the hunter and suffered much more wounds than women so they needed to keep fighting. Its common sense.
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T15:10:48.847
So woman superiority???

That sounds evil
DebatesDoGood says2017-04-13T21:12:00.597
Zeru can you go seven days bleeding every month without crying? Have you any I idea how a cramp feels? It feels like someone putting a string through your muscles and pulling it hard. And boy I could tell you I was the fastest runner in my school days, whether it was against girls or boys. I still can't believe how cocky you are, you may be stronger than the women you know because you can't stand the fact to be with a woman who is more worthy than you.
Asha-forwomen says2017-05-22T20:06:50.750
YukiHayashi and yet male superiority is fine?
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