• This is what equality means.

    Modern weaponry has all but negated the importance of physical size in combat. If we want equality between men and women – and it seems that most of our society does – then this is necessary. Any approach that views women on the whole as the “weaker” sex will continue to prevent every individual from fully participating in and contributing to society.

  • Yes kind of...

    I personally don't think so but if they are going to say that women (in the armed forces) are equal to men (in the armed forces) then yes. Because if women want to be like men on the front lines while fighting then they should also have to be a part of the draft. But I don't think women should do that kind of work in the armed forces because if and when women get captured they will be raped as part of being tortured in other parts of our world.

  • Equal means Equal!

    As a former member of the military I did not initially support women in combat or women in position that could be exploited by the enemy but once it passed I embraced it. Whether I supported it or not in the past, I currently support it. This means they should be sharing the burden of potential war requirements. You can't have your cake an ice cream too without making the sacrifice required. I believe for us to truly be equal we have to have an equal stake in the protection of our country. I think all should register after their 18th birthday.

  • Yes they should

    Men and women have equal rights. That means that women will have to fight in a war to help save our country. If you don't think they should, then clearly you have no idea how our country works. Men and Women already fight side by side, so drafting them wouldn't be any different.

  • It's the 21st Century

    It's equal rights for everyone, including men, woman, transgender, no matter the race or age. As long as you meet the physical health requirements and are mentally stable to join the military, then you should have the same chance as anybody else to be drafted.

    The world is getting more and more populated, so our military will need to get more soldiers. I'm sure it will be a lot easier if we are pulling from everyone.

  • No, nobody should.

    The Draft is one of the wort things they could do to anybody. "Oh yeah, you're twenty or so, and you're going to start your life and try to ignore all of the awful things that are happening now that the war's starting? Well fuck you, you can go shoot people and get shot."

  • Frankly, neither gender should have to.

    Men and women are equal. I believe that neither gender should be forcibly drafted, but if needed, both should have to it. It isn't fair, but forcing one gender over the other is even more unfair. Generalizing all women as "less physically capable and weaker" is ignorant and not an impressive argument.

  • No they shouldn't

    First off, since most women don't fit requirements, it'd be a waste of time, money, and energy weeding out all the unfit women in order to get the few fit women. So it'd decrease military efficiency.

    Studies by the Marine Corps show that male only combat units outperform mixed gender units in almost every way, and that female soldiers have 6 times the injury rate of male soldiers. The number for unwilling female soldiers would probably be even higher. Each injury costs the military money and time, and also decreases combat efficiency.

    Men's advantage over women increases even more if they have their weapons stripped from them, which may happen if a soldier is abducted. What happens if they're abducted and have their weapons stripped from them? Due to lesser brute strength, a woman is in much more danger than a man. Men should be protecting women from other men.

    Plus the woman, once captured, may be raped and forced to give birth to the babies of the enemy. This wouldn't happen to men.

    Drafting women into combat isn't equal because you're putting the women into much more danger than the men.

  • No, certainly not

    If you have studied anthropology or the biological evolution of Homo sapiens, you will understand a concept called sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism describes the size between the two genders of a given species. For Homo sapiens, males are the larger of the two genders. This difference in size gives males a distinct advantage in combat situations. Another factor is the greater presence of testosterone in males. Testosterone is produced within the cisgender female body but human males produce ten times the amount females do. The effects of testosterone have a significant effect on the physiology and psychological behavior of an organism. Studies have shown that testosterone increases aggression and muscle mass both critical advantages in a combat scenario. Given the distinct biological advantages that males have over females, it would be irresponsible to thrust unwilling females into the woes of modern age battle.

  • No they shouldn't

    Women are supposed to make life by making babies, not take life. Women are not supposed to be in the military it is too tough for them and women are weak and wimpy. There are not enough people on earth yet, the earth is underpopulated. Wild carnivore animals could eat all humans and take over the earth if they aren't driven to extinction by more human houses and infrastructure.

  • Not a good idea

    If a woman can do the same job as a man can, then by all means, let her join the military. However, considering it is a biological fact that men are generally stronger and more aggressive than women, we are therefore better suited for combat roles. Including women in the military draft would weaken our military as a whole in a time when we need it to be strong. Again, women can join the military if they posses the same physical strength that a man does, there are exceptions to every generalization. But since women are generally weaker, it's a bad idea to draft them alongside men.

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