• Yes, women should be allowed to ride bikes.

    Women in Iran - women all over the world - should be allowed to ride bikes in public. The idea that women should not be allowed to do the same activities that men do is ridiculous. There is not reason that a woman could not ride a bicycle. However, this issue goes beyond riding bikes; women should have equal rights to men everywhere.

  • Yes, it is totally unreasonable to forbid women form riding bikes in public.

    Women should be free to ride bikes in public in Iran. The notion that women should not have this freedom is outdated and offensive to most people living in the modern world. The ruling appears to be based on a belief that cycling can be seen as immodest behavior and that women should be encouraged to stay at home looking after their families.

  • Yes, of course.

    It's great to see that light is being shed on this issue, the women of Iran have been the main victims of this regime for nearly 4 decades now. Iran continues to discriminate and terrorize women in every aspect of society, while paying lip service to human rights and equality when dealing with the West. Sadly the fate of Iranian women has been left out of the narrative surrounding negotiations with the fascist theocracy in Tehran.

  • Yes, it is good for one's health to ride a bike

    Yes, bike is an ecological vehicle - it doesn't use fuel and riding a bike is good for one's health. Why shouldn't women in Iran ride bikes? It is just ridiculous to ban them such thing. It is scientifically proven than physical activity extends people's life and there is not a better workout than bike riding.

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