• Girls should be able to play in the NBA

    They should be able to play in the NBA because nobody watches the WNBA and the NBA should be for everyone. IT IS NOT ABOUT GENDER ITS ABOUT TALENT, ATHLETICISM, AND ABILITIES! Women deserve it just as much as men. My point is women should definitely be able to play in the NBA

  • No way in hell

    Women can't compete with men in physical sports. NBA players are taller, heavier, faster, stronger and WAY more athletic than WNBA players., hence the reason there is no women in the NBA. There is a reason for the WNBA , WOMEN SIMPLY ARENT GOOD ENOUGH TO COMPETE WITH MEN, and quite frankly, never will be.

  • They should be in the NBA

    It is unfair that only men can play in the NBA. Some girls are just as good as any boy. It is being really unfair that no woman can play but men can. They should allow any type of gender in the NBA. Just because the average boy is better than than the average girl doesn't mean everybody's average.

  • Girls should be aloud into he NBA.

    It is unfair that only men can be in the NBA. I know we have the WNBA but, we should be able to play with men. Fairly without them being easy on us. Which they won't be easy on us if were in the NBA because, they want to to get into the NBA finals. Another reason that woman should be in the NBA is that it is not called the MNBA. Men's National Basketball Association.

  • Wnba hmm hmmm

    U have ur own league. Stay in it. Wnba is for wome. Play with ur own gender. Leave us be. We dont need u. Like r u sooo insecure? Dont play in the nba the wnba was created for u stop the comaplianing. U can do anything as good as men face it

  • It annoys me a lot to see this argument here on the internet. It shouldn't even be an argument.

    I absolutely think that women should play in the NBA. Many people think that i say this just because of my age and that many teenagers stand up for things that don't even make sense and that they're opinion is weird and that's sometimes true but when it comes to this stuff then it gets really serious like anyone in the world should be able to understand this. A funny thing that someone commented was that not even people in the nba can't stop LeBron James from scoring...Well like you literally just wrote that men and women have the same strength because in this question they asked should women play in the NBA and you chose no because we're not as strong as men but yeah okay we can't stop LeBron but you said that also men in the NBA couldn't stop him so what's the deal? If no one can stop him and everyone should be in the NBA. Another funny thing that someone wrote was that if women played in the NBA there would've been separate locker rooms. Well i mean of course being able to communicate is a very big deal in any sport like that's the key for you and you're teammates to win championships for example (defense is also another key). Someone commented something else saying that then women and men had to get own lockerooms but honestly let me tell you something would it hurt a 27 year old man seeing a 25 year old girl (or vice versa on the ages) in a bra, panties, boxers or whatever they wear? No it's not i just think that people have heard that women are bad at some stuff that it's actually getting believable and it isn't any 27 year old girl can do what ever a 27 year old man can and there's no difference between men and women we're literally all the same except for our private areas. Even a freaking 14 year old like me understands that.

  • Yes Deffently they should

    I think they should because some girls are better then some of the NBA players.Plus the NBA should I have the best of the best even Hey are girls.It make no sense that there are separate teams for boys and girls everyone is equal.So I think there should be women in the NBA

  • I believe women can do anything a man can do and triple better then they did it.

    There are woman who put there minds to this and they dont het paid like man do they get put to the side because they cant be in the NBA but us woman work hard running up and down the court like yall do. Women need to be in the NBA so they can have a good reason why they played ball in elementary school, middle school, high school,and college. It stops right there thoe cause they have no where else to go because women arent in the NBA

  • Of course they should

    Women are just as strong and talented as men.NBA is National BASKETBALL Association.Not men's national basketball team.Get rid of wnba and mix NBA with wnba and just cut some players and make tryouts harder.I love basketball.When I was told when I get older I couldn't play in the NBA I was crushed.Because I wanted to be one of the best players and famous for it.The WNBA doesn't he as much glory for what they do.And most games aren't on t.V so it's not fair.Girls at home want to watch girls play too.I think that's fair for all.

  • Women can compete well if given the chance

    Women compete just as well as the men do if not better. They don't have the emotional "got to kill that guy who just dunked on me" mentality. They will be much more intelligent player. Hard to find in the testosterone laden group of "boys" that dominate the NBA now...Ugh! They will catch up on body size and strength, they are well on their way now! Just a matter of time, boys...

  • They Have The WNBA

    Women should not being playing with men in the NBA. The league is for men and men only. Women have their own league, the WNBA, and that is where female basketball players should play. There is no need for women to try to play in the NBA and vice versa.

  • Women Don't Stack Up Against Men

    Lets be realistic; physically the women cannot compete one on one with their male counterparts. That is not to say that there isn't the truly, exceptionally, physically gifted and talented woman that can go head to toe with most males, but overall, side to side, they can't compete. If you mix the sexes, then women will become the sixth man - bench warmers providing team aesthetics. Locker rooms would have to have segregated shower areas and the team would meet in a common area after changing; this would break up team unity.

  • They have the WNBA

    Women have their own league and should just stay in it. For other sports, expecially in schools, if there is no program for girls specifically, then they can play in the guys league. It sounds sexist but they have their own league already. They would never let a guy join the WNBA.

  • Wnba hmm hmmm

    U have ur own league. Stay in it. Wnba is for wome. Play with ur own gender. Leave us be. We dont need u. Like r u sooo insecure? Dont play in the nba the wnba was created for u stop the comaplianing. U can do anything as good as men face it

  • Wnba hmm hmmm

    U have ur own league. Stay in it. Wnba is for wome. Play with ur own gender. Leave us be. We dont need u. Like r u sooo insecure? Dont play in the nba the wnba was created for u stop the comaplianing. U can do anything as good as men face it

  • Nooooooooooooooooooo they cannot

    In the debate on whether women can play a man's sport, it comes down to

    size, speed and overall athleticism. Now I know that there are many great women

    athletes who can sprint faster, bench double what some men can and even throw

    down a dunk in a defender's face; but in the sport of basketball, I believe women

    should stick to the WNBA.

    In the WNBA, the best women from around the world, compete for the championship against the other teams and just like the NBA, it's not

    easy to make. But in the NBA, where the players are lightning fast and the average NBA player is 6’7, the NBA greatly overpowers women's basketball. The WNBA is much slower, and consists of women throwing up three and making wide open lay-ups, but you never have to worry about someone jumping over you and dunking in your face. Women should stick to the WNBA to prevent injury, and to reach maximum success in their careers. For players like Maya Moore and Brittney Griner, two of the WNBA’s most elite players, their games in the NBA would be mediocre to say the least if they competed in the NBA. The taller, heavier, and faster paced game that is the NBA, is not a place for women. Men should stick to the NBA and women to the WNBA, and don't get me started on Football.

  • Never, no matter how many years

    Women in the WNBA can't even beat HS Boys Varsity teams. Never would a woman be able to play in the NBA. They lack the skills, speed, strength, agility and athleticism... Yeah everything!

    Impossible. Can't even beat me in a game of 1 on 1. Smh. Real Dumb question indeed.

  • Stupidest thing ive ever heard

    How could a girl possibly stop anyone in the nba? Guys in the nba cant even stop LeBron james so how in the hell is a 5'10 white girl going to be able to play defense against this man. This is honestly one of the more stupider arguments ive seen on here

  • Women should not play with the men in the NBA

    Because men are stronger and they will push they round and don't get. Me wrong women basketball players are good and most are better they me but the. N.B.A is rough for the woman and men can't foul as hard so it is good how it and don't take it wrong

  • Cause boys can take a hit

    Girls cant play with us if we cant play with them and we gan take a hit. Girls cant take a hit like boys can take a hit so thats why girls cant play with us on the nba team. And girls run to slow and they can play like us

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