• Yes, women should shave

    I believe all women should shave, for several reasons. First of all, shaving is part of good hygiene. If a woman does not shave her armpits, she will bring in more odor. Same goes for other parts of the body. Also, women should shave because It's the feminine thing to do. Women are feminine, men are masculine. If women stopped shaving, who would know the difference anymore?

  • YES

    nobody wants to see a hairy woman. This is not only my opinion, but I am sure if you asked numerous people you walk up to, they would agree. A hairy woman is frowned upon in society and has been for a long time therefore it is the higher opinion all around. Shave.

  • Yes, the main reason being that if your man wants to go down on you it will smell more if you don't shave.

    Of course, if your man doesn't go down on you, then I guess it doesn't really matter. In that case it's only the way it looks that counts and that is up to each individual to decide. Do ask yourself though, if your man doesn't go down on you, why doesn't he? Most men that don't (or do it rarely) will not do it because of the reason I've mentioned.

  • Yes women should shave.

    Although it should be every woman's choice on what they do, women should shave as it gives a sleeker look almost like a final finish to their bodies. Most hair traps sweat and can actually make you stink worse then you do, so by removing it you can help control your odor.

  • Yes, Women Should Shave

    Women in American culture (U.S.) should shave because it is considered to be a hallmark of femininity. However, it should not be an actual requirement that women should have to shave because some women do not want to and others do not need to. Whether or not a woman shaves should be totally up to her, but most women in the U.S. should shave because it is "the norm."

  • Yes, Women Should Shave

    In most countries, it is tradition for women to shave. The decision, however, is not the act, but the result. If that woman. and ultimately society feels that not shaving is acceptable and attractive, then that is up to that individual. Shaving is just another stage of the grooming process, and should be considered no differently than cutting hair, bathing, or a man shaving or trimming his facial hair. It all should be based on what that person feels makes them feel best and is most attractive.

  • Women r gross

    Women=Disgusting mammal that don't deserve the love of a hard working man if they do not shave. Who cares about being tired of shaving, men deserve the soft smooth skin that a woman has to offer. The longer women go without shaving the more nasty and gross they become. So please do your man a favour. Shave.

  • So Not Shaving Only Makes Women Smell bad?

    Why should women have to shave to please their SO? Sure, women get "smelly" when they sweat under their underarms and other hairy regions, but so does the male population. It is not only rude but hypocritical of the male population to claim that it makes women smell "unappealing" when they smell just as bad, if not worse

  • I agree with you.

    I love a women that's of your nature. And I wish more people would accept people for that .Hair doesn't make you dirty or unattractive it's what makes you a women. More wemon need to leave body hair alone. I've meet pretty wemon that don't shave and I find them very beautiful .More so than shaved.

  • Yes (their legs)

    A woman should be able to show off her legs with a skirt or shorts (or skorts) or bikini. A woman's legs are supposed to be attractive and hair on the body is associated with the male sex. Hair under the arm, or around the pubic area, should be trimmed.

  • Only If They Want

    I shave my armpits and my pubic hair every other day, but I rarely shave my legs. I have been told by some (mostly other women) that I need to shave my legs because it is proper hygiene. My legs don't usually get sweaty and I have never experienced a bad smell in that area. It is simply for looks. I have nice legs and don't feel obligated to shave them to improve their appearance.

    It is more socially acceptable for a woman to shave, but I am not here to please others with my appearance. Personally, I feel that men should shave their face, armpits, and pubic hair, but I don't chastise them when they don't. A lot of women find pubic hair and facial hair unattractive but you don't hear us telling men they are dirty when they don't. It is a personal choice to shave. Let people do what they want.

  • Shave if you want, but don't feel obliged!

    Having body hair doesn't make you a man. It makes you a human. Why do women have to if men don't? Everyone should have a choice. Many men think it's gross, unhygenic, or smelly. So men are too! There is no magical thing which makes men perfect, clean and fragranced naturally! Some people even argued that men 'deserve' a shaved woman, and women are 'gross' therefore the least they can do for a man is shave. What on earth. Women are not here for men. If those people think women are gross, DON'T DATE THEM! And, for your information, if it wasn't for us women, how would anyone have babies?

    God made Eve from Adam's rib, not from his head to be above him, not from his foot to be below him. #genderequality

  • No they shouldn't unless they want to

    If women have to shave then so should men. Women are people. And a woman can do whatever she wants. If she wants to shave, great. But she shouldn't HAVE to. Ultimately it is up to an individual whether they want to shave or not. And if they don´t shave it´s okay. Humans are naturally hairy.

  • What is wrong with society today?!?!

    Why should women go out of their busy lives to shave their legs when the men don't have to worry about a thing? Since when do women get to be so trapped? Why does society look down upon women with hairy legs? Leg hair is a natural part of the body. Why get rid of it?They can choose to do what they want with their lives! They can be confident either hairy or hairless without anyone judging them! No one should tell anyone how to live their lives! It's time that we change society!

  • Why does it really matter?

    We're all humans. Why is it that women have to shave and men do not? We all have hair and what does it matter to anyone that we have hair on other parts of our bodies than just our heads? You're beautiful the way you are, and shaving won't make you less of a person. If others can't accept it, they're just losers.

  • It's a choice not an obligation

    Many men choose not to shave just because it is masculine or easier and many women accept that it's there choice however many men seem to perceive that women should shave like an obligation as it is more femine to do so but women should free to do what they want wi

  • It's simply natural to have hair.

    I'm not saying women shouldn't shave if they want to. I know multiple people who like having smooth legs. I'm just saying that it's totally normal for women to grow hair, and it's weird that they're pressured to shave it off if they don't want to...Some of us are ok with our hair :)

  • Don't let advertising and the beauty industry control what you do and think

    If you read it up, in the Western World women being expected to shave is purely down to the beauty industry advertising this, so that they could sell more products. We've now been brainwashed into thinking this is the norm, when 100 years ago it was unheard of.

    If women want to shave, by all means they can do whatever they want, but there should be no expectation for them to do it, least of all, one purely down to advertising.

  • Not at all

    Women dont have to shave because it just hair. Women can shave if they want to, but its not necessary. And if women have to shave their legs, and pit, then men have to as well. Even though shaving in general is dumb because hair is natural and grows for a reason.

  • Why do we have to

    I'm perfectly ok with women shaving as long as they think about why they're doing it. You should only shave if YOU feel happy. If you're shaving because society demands it (and I know many people who would feel happier not shaving but would feel embarrassed to go out if they didn't) then stop. If you find it a hassle and you're happier not shaving then don't, because it's bullshit that women are expected to shave to be feminine. (I don't shave btw)

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