• Yes, women have good ideas.

    Yes, women should take an active part in politics, because they have good ideas that will help society. Women are half the population, and only they know how it feels to live as a woman in society. Women in politics can make a difference which will help the quality of life for the people they represent.

  • It's important that women bring issues crucial to them into the political arena.

    Women represent half the population and it's important that their talents and perspectives be brought into the political arena directly by them for consideration. Men have historically minimized or ignored the concerns of women. It's important for women and others to directly voice their concerns, otherwise they will go ignored and no actions will be taken.

  • No way bruh

    Fuc dat im a mexicano, cappucino aint need no women, we mexican eat taco and pussy cos aint no body need no hole in politics with da ripped jeans and shit ya feel? You tink i talkin shit but dat shit real, just believe and watch aint no women gon enter politics

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