• Yes, women voters should listen to Ivanka Trump.

    Female voters should listen to what Ivanka Trump has to say about her father. Ivanka Trump is a well-educated, successful business woman in her own right. She has a strong sense of many of the issues that impact female voters. Ivanka showed a lot of empathy to mothers that struggle to balance their careers and family, as well as demonstrating her father's compassion on many women's issues.

  • Everyone should listen to Ivanka Trump

    This is not a problem about sex/gender. This is a problem for EVERYONE to have concern for, and this is a woman for everyone to pay their attention to, the same way everyone pays attention to males. Let's not make this a concern about sex, let's not make this sexist. Sure women can relate more with another woman, but it's just not fair.

  • Nice try Ivanka

    Ivanka, like most daughters only see her dad through rose colored glasses. She painted an image of an angelic man, who loved and honored his friends and family, yet didn't he cheat on her mom with Marla Maples and lord knows who else. She also let it be known that he was absent as a father but they could call him anytime. Well, it won't work. We see him based on the awful xenophobic things that have come out of his mouth.

  • No, she is stupid.

    Ivanka Trump is not the brightest woman. She is a model and a trophy wife for Donald Trump. The fact that she has to act as if she is worthy of being First Lady is embarrassing. Women should not listen to her, because her ideas are not her own and she has nothing to say.

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