• Women should do whatever want

    My face is my canvas, my make up is my paint. I love painting my face - and more often than not do it for myself more so than for when I leave the house. To tell someone they should not is almost as bad as telling someone they should

  • Women should not wear makeup

    When you wear makeup, you feel cleaner. You feel lighter and on hot days you wouldn't have to worry about your makeup running down your face due to sweat. Also, the worst part of makeup is taking it off. We often get really lazy and forget to take it off. This can lead to acne, increased pore size, premature ageing, eye irritation and styes

  • God can't make heaven everywhere, so he create women. It means that women should have something more beautiful than man, both inside and outside.

    As I say in the headline, women are also human, so they totally have their weaknesses in both inner beauty or their appearance like men...So why they can be those haven??? They create themselves things to make them look better than the other side of the world, and they are lipstick, mascara and many things else. History has proved that. Everyday, I just need 20 minutes for doing exercise and 20 minutes for wearing makeup to be more profession (not glamorous)...Because I love myself and I do that.

  • It's a personal choice.

    It's not your life to control. Don't push your views on others. Some people wear makeup to feel pretty. Others wear it for a fun artistic time.It can be easily be seen as an artistic outlet for many women. It's an individual choice no matter what they wear it for.

  • It really up to them

    People say that the cosmetics industry is just playing on a girl's insecurities that make girls wear makeup. While that might be true, it's not your or mine's decision on whether or not a girl or woman gets to wear makeup. Uber-Feminsits cry out that society has made girls have to wear makeup to make them feel good about themselves, and that insecurities are purely the result of society. Not to say that out society hasn't gotten a little obsessed with self-image, but people have insecurities whether or not society is telling them to have those insecurities. These are just things people don't really like about themselves, or think that they could improve, which is natural. You can't honestly tell me that when you look in the mirror you wouldn't change a single thing. Makeup offers an alternative to gritting your teeth and going into the outside world felling self-conscious, it helps girls feel good about themselves. Also, it's really low of people to take a right from girls who have real self-esteem issues. You can wear makeup, or not wear makeup, you're choice.

  • If That's their choice

    Want to mimic up they can't. It's up to them does not mean you're being insecure so yes some people might be insecure but that there's women can also choose to go without make up they like. We can also just go on Sundays with or that make up. Also many women want to wear them selves not and that's fine. It's also fine if they decide they want to look nice for significant others, as long as they like it too and they're comfortable and that person is comfortable. All gender identities can wear make up if they choose to .Some people look both good with or without makeup. Some might look more average and that's fine . It's a matter of choice

  • Woman should have the right to wear makeup

    If any woman wants to look good then that's their right to make themselves feel pretty, even if they are pretty underneath. Makeup has been around for hundreds of years and in many religions for face paint or body paint. It emphasizes their features on any person. Makeup has been with us for centuries, there is no way that woman can just discard what has already been embedded in our history and appearance of humans. Makeup makes any woman feel good and even a simple stroke of a brush of eye shadow or lipstick enhances their well being.

  • I don't say "Yes". I say "Why are we even having this debate?"

    People wear nicer/prettier outfits in order to put their best foot forward; makeup's in that same category. People have different faces, and some of those look better/worse with/out makeup. There are benefits (appearance, depending on her personal taste) and disadvantages (time required). There's a lot worse one can do -- in fact, ridiculing people for their appearance is an example of that. If you don't want to wear makeup, or date someone that does, okay then. If you're the opposite, okay then. It's an individual decision. Others dictating a beauty standard, even if it's the less common one, are only hurting the gender equality cause.

  • Not "Yes", per say, but "If It's Their Prerogative".

    Telling a woman not to wear makeup is the opposite of empowering her. You're just dictating a beauty standard, even if it's the less popular one. I believe your face, body and all that is your own. Like the natural look? Good for you. Think makeup improves? Good for you, too. We don't vote on this crap for guys. Seriously, what the hell?

  • Yes They SHOULD, but not obligated.

    Women are entitled to their own choices.
    The problem is living in a society that tells women that they're only worth as much as their beauty is perceived. My soul doesn't have to be labeled as beautiful to be worthy. My face doesn't need to be beautiful for my words to be validated. The problem is how we determine the for women has a different criterion than for men.

  • Women Shouldn't Have to Look Pretty to Attract Men

    Women don't need makeup to be attractive. It's today's twisted society that deems beauty is only skin deep. When models are paraded down runways and Miss Universe is crowned, the cosmetics industry claims females need to alter their appearances to look beautiful. Internet dating is a prime example of how appearances don't matter. How many relationships are formed today by the click of a mouse as opposed to an ogle across the room?

  • Na Na Na

    Women should be happy with their appearance. The word make-up literally means make up for something you deceive yourself as not having. It is easily noticeable to and as a guy I think makeup makes women look even worse. Not to mention that make up even from the start causes your skin to act out of whack and messes up the body. When you put stuff on your face, it blocks your pores and no matter what advertisement may claim of this makeup not hurting your skin, it does just not in a way that they portray it. Women should not waste money especially in the hundreds over something that society does not have a need of!

  • Make up is corruptive

    People wear makeup to paint on a face to make themselves look prettier than the average person, this causes for other girls to feel insecure even though they actually look really good.In addition to that people like each other for personality not looks because if they like you simply because you're pretty they shouldn't even actually care for that person .

  • Individual women are pressured into wearing makeup because the majority of of women wear makeup.

    Deciding to go out without makeup is like deciding to go goto a costume party without a costume. You'll feel like you stand out. As a result the more women there are that wear makeup the more pressure there is to wear makeup. Instead we should all get used to seeing our normal faces.

  • Faces are beautiful

    Faces are beautiful. A layer of chemicals on a face is repellent. A girl who is comfortable with how she looks is a lot more appealing than one who thinks she has to wear makeup. A girl who thinks for herself and doesn't do the sheeple thing of wearing makeup is much more appealing. Not good for a girls health either. A lot of makeup contains carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting chemicals, which are found in breast cancer tumours.

  • Be defined by your true inner beauty

    If entering a world of competing for the prettiest face, you will find no winner, only a need for a little more here and a little less there. Where does one end? However, the confidence of a women who is at peace with how God created her, who faces the world without a mask and shines with an inner beauty, is a woman who reflects a radiance that cannot be matched. The inner "beautifying of the soul" far outweighs the outward masking of the "real you". I am one of 15 friends who have chosen to wear no makeup. Our husbands love that we look the same 24/7.

  • No, are people crazy? Women are literally brain washed into wearing makeup.

    Women spend on average of 15,000 dollars in their lifetimes on makeup, which gives them nothing. Women wouldn't feel less confident without makeup, if they weren't brain washed into wearing it. Yet, men are called gay if they wear makeup, and I'm not saying that men and women should wear makeup, I'm just saying that makeup is disgusting, and should never be worn for insecure reasons.

  • Beauty from Inside out

    I think that while makeup gives a "face", we desire, we should focus more on our health and our inner beauty. If a woman with no makeup on is laughing, smiling, and truly having fun or happy it will make her look beautiful. Makeup basically covers up what we don't like about ourselves. How many more minutes could be used to do something more useful in the morning because you didn't have to use 15 minutes to put on makeup. True beauty will melt its way out onto your face, it will seep through your pores and the natural beauty of happiness and love will show. No makeup needed.

  • Women shouldn't be wearing make up

    They shouldn't and because girls take more time about how they look, boys and makeup then grades and career. Make up is what you wear if you feel that you're not pretty enough to fit in and that you're ugly. Make up may boost self esteem but they should have confidence in their natural beauty inside and the out side. Don't forgot that make up some times has gross ingredients and toxic which will ruin your skin. Make up is like lying. If you tell one you'll have to tell another and then another. With make up you lie and show fake beauty. Then after your skin ruins you add more make up to cover it up and then it goes on and on. If you're 30 and you don't wear make up and if someone else 30 wore make up for the last ten years you probably look better. And they'd be jealous that you naturally beautiful and they're naturally ugly and hat they have to cover it up.

  • No no no

    I have body dimorphic disorder from being pushed into trying to be beautiful all the time. I cannot even leave my house without wearing a full face of makeup. It takes me 4 hours every day of trying to achieve beauty, it's what I was told as a child matters most for a woman. I know that some people may think this is an extreme but it's what can happen when woman feel expected to wear makeup all the time. They start to lose sense of who they are inside, and begin to believe beauty is what's important in life. Makeup is how it started for me, so I say no woman shouldn't wear makeup, it's better to learn to accept your natural self.

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