• It helps build confidence

    When you are out and about some women might be shy so if they wear makeup and they are happy with their look they will feel more confident while around others with is always good. If you think your face doesn't need makeup then fair enough, don't wear it but personally I think everyone looks prettier with just a touch of makeup. Be careful not to put to much on though because if people cant tell you are wearing it then they will just think you are naturally pretty. :)

  • Increase confident level

    Women should wear makeup. I mean just to cover her face look more nice and tidy in front others. This would make her more confident and brave. Makeup would made their day happy and absolutely confident. I also like to wear makeup if I went out from house because I want people who see me like I'm not just ordinary women but I have my own class.

  • Women should do whatever want

    My face is my canvas, my make up is my paint. I love painting my face - and more often than not do it for myself more so than for when I leave the house. To tell someone they should not is almost as bad as telling someone they should

  • Women should not wear makeup

    When you wear makeup, you feel cleaner. You feel lighter and on hot days you wouldn't have to worry about your makeup running down your face due to sweat. Also, the worst part of makeup is taking it off. We often get really lazy and forget to take it off. This can lead to acne, increased pore size, premature ageing, eye irritation and styes

  • God can't make heaven everywhere, so he create women. It means that women should have something more beautiful than man, both inside and outside.

    As I say in the headline, women are also human, so they totally have their weaknesses in both inner beauty or their appearance like men...So why they can be those haven??? They create themselves things to make them look better than the other side of the world, and they are lipstick, mascara and many things else. History has proved that. Everyday, I just need 20 minutes for doing exercise and 20 minutes for wearing makeup to be more profession (not glamorous)...Because I love myself and I do that.

  • It's a personal choice.

    It's not your life to control. Don't push your views on others. Some people wear makeup to feel pretty. Others wear it for a fun artistic time.It can be easily be seen as an artistic outlet for many women. It's an individual choice no matter what they wear it for.

  • It really up to them

    People say that the cosmetics industry is just playing on a girl's insecurities that make girls wear makeup. While that might be true, it's not your or mine's decision on whether or not a girl or woman gets to wear makeup. Uber-Feminsits cry out that society has made girls have to wear makeup to make them feel good about themselves, and that insecurities are purely the result of society. Not to say that out society hasn't gotten a little obsessed with self-image, but people have insecurities whether or not society is telling them to have those insecurities. These are just things people don't really like about themselves, or think that they could improve, which is natural. You can't honestly tell me that when you look in the mirror you wouldn't change a single thing. Makeup offers an alternative to gritting your teeth and going into the outside world felling self-conscious, it helps girls feel good about themselves. Also, it's really low of people to take a right from girls who have real self-esteem issues. You can wear makeup, or not wear makeup, you're choice.

  • If That's their choice

    Want to mimic up they can't. It's up to them does not mean you're being insecure so yes some people might be insecure but that there's women can also choose to go without make up they like. We can also just go on Sundays with or that make up. Also many women want to wear them selves not and that's fine. It's also fine if they decide they want to look nice for significant others, as long as they like it too and they're comfortable and that person is comfortable. All gender identities can wear make up if they choose to .Some people look both good with or without makeup. Some might look more average and that's fine . It's a matter of choice

  • Woman should have the right to wear makeup

    If any woman wants to look good then that's their right to make themselves feel pretty, even if they are pretty underneath. Makeup has been around for hundreds of years and in many religions for face paint or body paint. It emphasizes their features on any person. Makeup has been with us for centuries, there is no way that woman can just discard what has already been embedded in our history and appearance of humans. Makeup makes any woman feel good and even a simple stroke of a brush of eye shadow or lipstick enhances their well being.

  • I don't say "Yes". I say "Why are we even having this debate?"

    People wear nicer/prettier outfits in order to put their best foot forward; makeup's in that same category. People have different faces, and some of those look better/worse with/out makeup. There are benefits (appearance, depending on her personal taste) and disadvantages (time required). There's a lot worse one can do -- in fact, ridiculing people for their appearance is an example of that. If you don't want to wear makeup, or date someone that does, okay then. If you're the opposite, okay then. It's an individual decision. Others dictating a beauty standard, even if it's the less common one, are only hurting the gender equality cause.

  • Women Shouldn't Have to Look Pretty to Attract Men

    Women don't need makeup to be attractive. It's today's twisted society that deems beauty is only skin deep. When models are paraded down runways and Miss Universe is crowned, the cosmetics industry claims females need to alter their appearances to look beautiful. Internet dating is a prime example of how appearances don't matter. How many relationships are formed today by the click of a mouse as opposed to an ogle across the room?

  • Why only women?

    Why is that only we women are pressured into wearing that clowny mask? Why is it not expected from men? Historically, men wore makeup at first... Society tells us women we are not beautiful enough without makeup...So sad...While we are used to see men completely natural, why should it be only for women that "we should wear masks.." ? It is extremely sexist.

  • To be free...Free yourself

    Embrace being natural . Real beauty should come from inside. We can still look nice without make up. Hygiene is more important. Plus we don't need all the chemicals . Any woman who feels like she needs to wear make up is a slave of the capitalist world. Be free .

  • Makeup is just a mask.

    Most women who wear makeup do it because they don't see the beauty in themselves. Society has painted this picture of women that isn't true. Makeup is supposed to make people feel better, to cover up the imperfections. But in reality makeup is doing the opposite. When you see a perfect women walking down the street it makes you feel bad because you have imperfections, you don't look like that. But she has imperfections too. Makeup masks all the ugly hings

  • You're lying to everyone, including yourself.

    You don't need to lie about how you look. If you don't like something about your skin then fix it, if you're eyelashes aren't long enough use castor oil on them. Just accept your flaws because no matter how much you cover up uoi will never be able to change how you trully are.

  • I am truly neutral to whether women use makeup or not, but I don't think "we should" as in "have to".

    Some women feel comfortable and well with makeup on, while others don't wear makeup. I think both choices are completely fine, and should be accepted. Humans (both men and women) have used some sort of makeup probably since the dawn of men, which kind of states that wearing makeup is a natural choice. Making those who don't wear makeup more like radicals, which is also okay. Please, try to respect each other as equal human beings, and don't expect people to make the same choices as you. You have the right to choose what feels right for you, because you are beautiful, intelligent and beloved.

  • Changing Women's Presentation Paradigm

    I think that women who are serious about gender equality need to take a serious look at their obsession with the "painted image." Certainly, women should be able to do whatever they want to feel good, but acting out of joy vs. Expectation are two different things. The idea of "putting on one's face" with makeup, botox, collagen along with implants, lifts, surgery, suggestive but not too revealing bodies seems to be a construct from the harem that may not be the right message for the boardroom, legislature or newsroom chair. So what if men don't like it; too bad. I thought the idea was to stop being viewed as sex objects and to be taken seriously. Save the dazzle for the evening out and what follows. Consider that women are naturally beautiful, not constructed creations.

  • Fuck no hey

    Woman should not wear it because they look shit ugly.. As a matter of fact no fucks were given that night when she cried all her mascara off.. I just gave her a wet wipe.. To wipe of all the čùm on her face .... Sorry but its true ...

  • Fuck no hey

    Woman should not wear it because they look shit ugly.. As a matter of fact no fucks were given that night when she cried all her mascara off.. I just gave her a wet wipe.. To wipe of all the čùm on her face .... Sorry but its true ...

  • Cruelty to puppies

    Most makeup is tested on animals. You may be thinking. WELL so what, they wont die from it. WRONG. Companies make animals eat or put mascara in their eyes, and force them to eat nail polish. This is to test if it will poison them. 70% of the time, they die from it. Women should feel beautiful naturally anyways.

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