• Yeah, why not?

    If women feel like they want to wear makeup for whatever reason they have then I think why not wear some makeup. However, I do think that just as with everything in life, it should be worn in moderation as to look presentable and attractive. It can be easily be seen as an artistic outlet for many women.

  • Yes if they want to.

    Women should wear makeup if that is what they want to do. It allows them to feel more confident and feel more beautiful which is not a bad thing. I do not think women need to wear it or look better with it, but giving someone a little confidence goes a long way.

  • Its up to them

    Women look good either way. As long as they take care of their skin and things like that then theres not much need to wear makeup. In the end it's entirely up to preference. Some people prefer it and some people don't. Either way a woman looks good as long as she takes care of herself.

  • Yes, women should get to wear makeup without criticism

    Many women, including me, don' feel comfortable without makeup. It will boost a female's confidence, making them feel good about themselves. If everyone in the world was beautiful (not saying they aren't) maybe people would stop judging. A girl named at the high school committed suicide because she was bullied based on her looks. Shouldn't we have a right to express beauty in any way we would like to?

  • Yes, why not?

    If women want to wear makeup then why should we judge? We don't judge those who don't wear makeup so why is it ok to judge those who do? I don't always wear makeup, I don't feel the need to, but some people don't feel comfortable without a bit of makeup, so don't criticize them - help them.

  • Postmodernism Gone AWRY

    Do we have to deconstruct EVERYTHING ?

    Look, shirts and ties, makeup, jewelry, it all just adds a little zing to the world, a little theater, a little spice. Not everything in this world has to be a political position, sometimes we just want to have a little fun and live in a beautiful world, to create icons instead of destroying them, to make the world a nicer place. Do we have to have flowers on the table? No. Do we have to have pictures on the wall? No. Do we have to wash our cars? No. Do women have to wear makeup? No, of course not. But for this man the world would suck a little more if women all stopped wearing makeup, and I don't think women understand just how refreshing it is to see a woman who has taken the time to put on makeup, it just makes the world a better place to live in. Seeing a women with makeup is like seeing a park with flowers in it, it can put a smile on your face and make the day seem a little brighter.

  • Not ashamed to wear what I like.

    Naturalist try t claim that women are shamed into wearing make-up. But the lesser of two evils is still evil. Trying to shame me into going "natural" or not wearing make-up is just as bad as trying to shame women for loving the way they look without it. I love wearing my make-up and looking like a doll. Why should I feel shame because someone else has an agenda?

  • yes

    Women are entitled to show their beauty any way they want. It is true that make up covers the natural beauty of a women, but they have the right to look gorgeous any way they want. If women want to wear make up and look incredible for our eyes I say we support the makeup.

  • Yes, It Gives Confidence

    Yes, women should wear makeup. Most women are very self-conscious about their looks and always have been. Makeup, applied correctly, enhances a woman’s natural beauty and gives her that extra confidence to face whatever the day brings her way. How many men have heard their wives or girlfriends say they can’t go out because they don’t have makeup on?

  • Yes, Women Should Be Comfortable Wearing Makeup

    I have no issues with women wearing makeup, to the extent that they use it to compliment their features. Way too many women use excessive makeup which I feel detracts from their natural beauty. But makeup is no different than other things that both men and women do. Men, for instance, shave, trim their beards and mustaches in to unique designs, all in the name of improving their looks. Makeup on women is no different.

  • Women Shouldn't Have to Look Pretty to Attract Men

    Women don't need makeup to be attractive. It's today's twisted society that deems beauty is only skin deep. When models are paraded down runways and Miss Universe is crowned, the cosmetics industry claims females need to alter their appearances to look beautiful. Internet dating is a prime example of how appearances don't matter. How many relationships are formed today by the click of a mouse as opposed to an ogle across the room?

  • Na Na Na

    Women should be happy with their appearance. The word make-up literally means make up for something you deceive yourself as not having. It is easily noticeable to and as a guy I think makeup makes women look even worse. Not to mention that make up even from the start causes your skin to act out of whack and messes up the body. When you put stuff on your face, it blocks your pores and no matter what advertisement may claim of this makeup not hurting your skin, it does just not in a way that they portray it. Women should not waste money especially in the hundreds over something that society does not have a need of!

  • Women shouldn't be wearing make up

    They shouldn't and because girls take more time about how they look, boys and makeup then grades and career. Make up is what you wear if you feel that you're not pretty enough to fit in and that you're ugly. Make up may boost self esteem but they should have confidence in their natural beauty inside and the out side. Don't forgot that make up some times has gross ingredients and toxic which will ruin your skin. Make up is like lying. If you tell one you'll have to tell another and then another. With make up you lie and show fake beauty. Then after your skin ruins you add more make up to cover it up and then it goes on and on. If you're 30 and you don't wear make up and if someone else 30 wore make up for the last ten years you probably look better. And they'd be jealous that you naturally beautiful and they're naturally ugly and hat they have to cover it up.

  • No no no

    I have body dimorphic disorder from being pushed into trying to be beautiful all the time. I cannot even leave my house without wearing a full face of makeup. It takes me 4 hours every day of trying to achieve beauty, it's what I was told as a child matters most for a woman. I know that some people may think this is an extreme but it's what can happen when woman feel expected to wear makeup all the time. They start to lose sense of who they are inside, and begin to believe beauty is what's important in life. Makeup is how it started for me, so I say no woman shouldn't wear makeup, it's better to learn to accept your natural self.

  • No, women should not wear makeup.

    Most women who do wear makeup usually say, "I don't wear it to impress males, I wear it to feel better for myself." That statement supports the idea that they do wear it for men. By wearing makeup, a woman is clearly showing others that she's insecure and isn't accepting herself. There is no great reason of why any woman should not accept her appearance. Society has brainwashed every female in the world. They have been brainwashed into thinking that covering their face with something that damages the skin makes them more accepted by others, whether it's a male or female. Obviously, this isn't true. Whether a female does or does not wear makeup, she should be treated with as much acceptance. Every girl who says that she wears makeup for herself is in-denial. In order for her to accept her appearance, she has to apply makeup on. Once she leaves the house with makeup on, she has the idea that people will look at her in a more positive way only because she has some black eyeliner on. That is what makes her feel a lot better about herself, triggering her to want more. What if she didn't apply makeup on? She would walk out of her house feeling embarrassed, insecure, and a bit ashamed. Why? Because her face isn't covered with makeup. She thinks it's a bad thing to do... To walk out of the house without any makeup on. In her mind, she'd have negative thoughts. "Oh god. She's looking at me. She probably thinks I'm ugly! Why did he glance at me? What did I do to him? You see, ugh. This is why I wear makeup! They're all probably hating on me in their heads because of my face." is only a few examples of the negativity she'd put herself through. Pressure has been out on all of these young girls. They believe that if they have makeup on, they'll become more accepted and if they don't have makeup, not a single person will want to be near their existence. In conclusion, many girls are so insecure that they're in-denial of the fact that they only put makeup on to feel more accepted in society.

  • Wearing Make up shows insecurity

    If every woman went without make up, the world would be a happier place. Many women and girls aren't happy with themselves, and need to learn to love who they are, and not cover things up. This kind of thinking could easily start in places like schools, where it should be against the rules to wear make up. This puts every girl in the same boat, and teaches them to love who they are.

    When I see girls wearing make up, I see insecurity. Even to events like the prom, putting on make up to be seen as 'more beautiful' when usually they don't wear it, still shows they do not view themselves as good looking enough to go to the event.

  • Make-up makes skin worse and why should you hide yourself?

    Besides, I don't think it is very healthy for you - physically or mentally. Physically because, as I found, it tends to make your skin worse. When suffering from bad acne I had to go make-up free as it was just making my skin worse.

    It is also not healthy for you mentally because I feel that people who use loads of make-up are essentially hiding themselves. I know some girls use make-up because they like it but so often make-up hides the real you.

  • Is it ok to lie?

    The way we put on make up it to characterize darker eyes, rosy cheeks, and darker lips. Originally, when a woman is fertile her eyes are darker, cheeks are rosy, and lips are darker. When we put on makeup we are saying that we are fertile. I was always told that you wear makeup to enhance our features, but then I researched it.

  • They should be happy with who they are

    Wearing some make up is OK, but some women are conditioned to think they cannot be seen without makeup, that cosmetics makes them "feminine".
    Women with the mentality of "I can-not be seen without wearing full make up" have fallen hook, line and sinker for the cosmetic industry line. Anyone selling a product wants to make a potential customer feel that they "need" that product. Thus the cosmetic industry aims to "prove" that women need cosmetics to be feminine and attractive, & are not fit to be seen in their natural state.

  • Doesn't change who you are.

    Yes, I'll agree it does look nice (when applied appropriately) but it doesn't make you a better person for wearing it. What really boils my nerves is the increasing idea amongst society that the women who don't wear makeup are lazy and can't be bothered with their appearance - This is a total cop-out. Many women who choose not to wear makeup often have to go to great lengths to keep their skin looking healthy because they're not relying on cover ups. Don't even get me started on the cancer causing carcinogens - which is linked to cancer - or the mineral mica - which is often mined in slave labour conditions. Mostly it's just a choice and if a woman wants to wear then so be it but society needs to stop telling us that we need to wear it to be excepted.

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