Should women who get raped and then impregnated be allowed to have an abortion?

  • Of course they should

    Women should be allowed to have an abortion no matter what. That aside, rape is a very traumatic thing, and taking care of a child essentially drains twenty years from a person's life. Since most rape victims are in the earlier parts of their lives, it is totally unfair to punish them for being raped by draining twenty years of their lives. Furthermore, it really changes the body. Once a woman has given birth, her body will never be the same as it once was. It's not fair to take a young lady in the flower of her youth, brutally assault her, destroy her physique, and take away a fourth of her life. Totally unfair.

  • Yes they should

    Women should be able to get an abortion whether the fetus was conceived through rape or not, at least up until a certain point. Until I believe about 4-5 months into the pregnancy the fetus is no more conscious than a tree, and certainly isn't sentient, sapient or self-aware, much less intelligent.

  • HELL YA, why would you want to carry a rapist's child? Would you?

    So say your raped by some random man out in the street, and got pregnant? Now your pregnant with a rapist who's happy to have gotten you pregnant. Everyday that child is living in your stomach, getting bigger and bigger, and your thinking. Why? Why do I have to have this child?
    Then you have this child, you beat it up everyday because you hated the child's father. Every time you see the child's face it will remind you of how he rape you, laugh at you, and torment you. Then day after day you hope that you would never have to see that child's face again, that child grew up without any love. He might as well never have been born.

    So if you think you'll feel guilty for getting an abortion... Don't, because you are not wrong.
    If you think you could be happy and forget the past by doing so then do.
    People in this world has no right to judge you for it. You have the right, because it's your life.
    Your unborn child might be yours by blood and flesh, but if you can't guarantee given it's love and care, and treasure it like you would with a child made with you and your lover. Then please do what you have to do.
    A child is brought into this world by love, it should be raise with love.

  • Of Course They Should

    Women should be allowed to control what happens to their bodies. I am not a fan of abortions, but I am a fan of women having the right to have that option on the table. I cannot fathom a situation where it should not be on the table in the case of rape.

  • Yes, obviously they should be allowed to

    Rape is obviously a sensitive topic, but it isn't a secret that the event is prone to affect the woman for years to come, if not the rest of her life. Forcing the woman to give birth to a child (that she most likely doesn't want, because the father raped her) is just adding to the emotional and mental scarring the woman has to endure.
    Why should a woman be forced to endure a pregnancy in addition to rape?

  • Yes they should

    Okay, if they got raped they didn't even want to become pregnant so of course they should be able to terminate their pregnancy if they wish. Even if they didnt get raped abortion should be open to any women who wished to use it. Who are we to say no?

  • Yes they should be able to.

    Rather than forever be reminded of the rape whenever she sees the child's face, she can truly get a grip back on her life. A pregnancy changes SO MUCH STUFF in a woman's body, and to force her to endure such just because "Hey, we're moral people and abortion is murder. So no abortion for you sweety." is just awful.

  • Of course they should. It would be a breach of rights otherwise.

    If the pregnancy is not consensual i.E. If it lacks two willing parties then it should be purely the victims choice to give birth to or terminate the child. The choice to terminate the unwanted child would be little constellation after her ordeal. The other reason a woman who had been raped would want to terminate her child would be that she may have no desire to have a child, or raise a rapists child for that matter. The child would be unwanted and probably unloved which is no environment to raise a child. By law the mother of the child has the right to give birth to or terminate the child even if the pregnancy is consensual so women should definitely be allowed to abort a child conceived unwillingly.

  • Its up to the female... But it should always be an option.

    I want you to imagine that you are waking up in a dark room. A man stares down at you leeringly, and attacks. Minutes later, the deed is done. You were raped. The man leaves you on the side of the road, unconscious.

    Miracles of miracles, a good soul finds you and takes you to the hospital. You can react in different ways. You could shatter. Become numb and overwhelmed with emotions in waves. But after multiple tests over a series of time you find that you are pregnant. The man who hurt you in a way that cannot be healed has now made sure you bring life with his DNA. He has taken the gift you were allowed to wield, and used it for his own desires. It's up to you now. You can make the best of the situation and try to heal somewhat. You can choose to raise the child, though its possible the penetrating may have ruptured something inside of you. Or you can choose to have an abortion.

    I believe it should always be a possibility at least, for the first four months. Because many victims of rape cannot function. They fade away. Begin to hate themselves though they are not to blame. Should we force a depressed person who has no wish to birth anymore to let a child inside of her grow, and probably only depress or make her more anxious?

    Now imagine in a 11 year old was raped. She just got her period, but hasn't developed enough to birth. Her body isn't formed enough, and when the baby is growing her body will stretch so much, that her inside may rip apart. The girl probably has ruptured organs in her already, so should she let the fetus grow while she is healing it increases the chances of both of them dying.

    Because at this point, its about saving the breathing alive being in this world, not the one non-formed and supplying off another. At this point, it's about knowing that the unborn is probably doomed and saving the one who was hurt and can heal, or at least survive.

    So yes, it should always be an option. So the woman can know, there is more then one choice.

  • If you don't support Abortion, then you're more EVIL then the Rapist in question. "Can one fight force with force?"

    First & foremost, Rape is against the Law. So in regards to any empathetical feelings or moral obligation to a forced fetus, these should be entirely disregarded.

    Now, as for my stance on Abortion, "Yes!"

    Abortion should be allowed & it should become a commonly accepted principle towards any rape scenario.

    Why you ask;

    Well firstly, any preconception that a Woman or girl whom was raped should be forced to give birth to the Child is complete & utter Hogswallot. Each and every Female in the world has had a dream before, each and every Child has had there own experiences. To draw a verdict based around the idea that every Child is innocent, is like saying that every Child is born equal afoot.

    The fetuses innocence is lost, the moment it's brought into this world at the cost of its mothers future. Not only does bringing the fetus into the world jeopardise the mother, It also jeopardises the family. Whether the Girl is already married or whether the girl is in Highschool or University, being forced to keep the Child will greatly jeopardise her life.

    Perhaps even ending any relationships she has, should she keep the child, perhaps even ending her Career path, should she keep the child, perhaps even ending her own "Life" should she give birth to the child.

    Yes these're subjective arguments, however the result in the end of the day is, that the Girl herself will be facing a troubled future and the world won't just stop and give her a helping hand, it'll completely ignore her & expect "HER" to take care of herself and the childs, whilst ignorant plebians whom don't support abortion will continue to glorify there own anachronistic moral judgements, despite being unwilling yourself to pitch in & help support rape victims.

    I do believe we all understand that Victims of Rape need help, they need moral support, they need a Psychiatrist & they need Psychological help.

    As for the so-called 'fight fire with fire - being wrong' this's completely unfair. The girl herself will lose a great deal of her life for a Child she doesn't want.

    Ask yourself, would one allow a Parasite to stay alive despite it jeopardising ones own life?

    No. We'd kill the Parasite & have no problem with doing it. "Yes" life is unfair, that's why we make our own decisions & hope we don't regret them. However forcing a girl to keep a Child makes you the people whom don't support Abortions, just as EVIL as the Rapist. You're forcing a girl to give birth & to give up her life.

    "Can one fight fire with fire?" -- is equivalent to saying "Can a forced Rape victim, be forced to keep the Child."

    So, If you still believe Abortion should be illegal, even If you're raped. Then I believe you, yourself are just as "EVIL" as the Rapist in the first place.

  • Can one fight fire with fire?

    Let's look at why rapes happen. A man develops an uncontrollable desire to have sex, but he's not married and doesn't have a girlfriend who's willing to let him have his way. Furthermore, he doesn't want to wait to get married and maybe he doesn't want to get married at all. So he commits a rape, and unless he is apprehended by the law he suffers none of the consequences of his crime. He was motivated by a concern for his own happiness at the expense of another: rape is an act of gigantic selfishness.
    Now of course no one wants to take care of a child one didn't ask for. A raped woman is justified to note the injustice of her situation. She had other plans which have been somewhat compromised, and if she keeps the baby her future could be in danger of a complete revaluation. If she has an abortion, her life will continue as normal. It would almost be as if she'd never been raped at all...
    The rapist was acting out of selfishness. The woman who has an abortion can't be said to have concern for something beyond herself either. I won't argue that a fetus is a person at the moment, because that is a debate in itself and it's beside my point. Whatever a fetus is, it certainly will be a person if it is allowed to grow. If the fetus is aborted, the memory of the rape can only ever be one of lost time, money, and dignity. Waiting and paying for an abortion may not be a great inconvenience, but certainly nothing is gained by it. On the other hand, if she has the baby and offers it for adoption, she can still resume her normal life and become, quite literally, twice the person she ever was. Her attitude towards her memory of the rape can become one of living hope rather than buried shame. And if she decides to raise the child herself and love it despite of the memory of its origin, then the child will return her trouble with love. Love heals victims of lust. Since love is the one thing missing in a rape, love, not self-concern, will heal its mental effects.
    Anyhow it's obviously in the interest of rapists the world over that the fruit of their evil desires never ripen. Imagine taking a man who raped you to court. "Damn it, this guy raped me! But I'm OK now. Just make him pay for the abortion." Is that likely to discourage anyone from committing another rape? Try this instead: "This man raped me and now he's responsible for the welfare of his child. Make him pay for cloths, food, education, etc."
    Can one fight fire with fire? Not that I ever heard. Unless you sentenced rapists to the stake...

  • Absolutely not, abortion does not heal the harm done by a rape.

    No one wants to care for a child one didn't plan for. But why do rapes happen? Because the rapist is interested in himself and his own happiness. To "terminate" the child would be to continue the self-interested attitude that caused the rape.
    From the woman's point of view: the pregnancy is an inconvenience. To end it now would be an end to the inconvenience. After a short time and a small expense, life can resume as normal.
    Response to the woman's point of view: But now the inconvenience will be forever lost time and money. The memory of the rape itself will forever be forbidden territory, a portion of the mind must be painfully boarded up and never uncovered. I will not here argue that a fetus is a person, for it is beside the point. If the child is born and allowed to grow, it will undoubtedly become a person, and the added inconvenience of loving and nurturing a child will have some payback. A loved child will love in return, a lost child can only ever be lost.
    Further, it is obviously in the interest of rapists the world over that the fruit of their evil passions never ripen. Without the well being of a child at stake, there is no reason to hold a rapist responsible for his actions. Abortion can only encourage more rapes.

  • Don't punish the child for the crime of their father.

    All people should be given the right to live. As a female, who is also pro-life, I don't see having a child as an infringment of the rights of women. I see abortion, however, as the ending of a life. In my opinion, you can never justify the ending of an innocent life. Life is a fundamental right, liberty always comes second when compared.

  • No, women should not be allowed to have an abortion in any situation.

    Rape is obviously a horrific crime that no one deserves to go through, however it does happen. The woman is obviously the innocent party, yet so is the baby. I realize that it's not fair that a woman should have to carry a baby around for nine months when she didn't ask for it and doesn't want it, however life isn't always fair. In the end, life is about doing the right thing regardless of the situation. Terminating an innocent child's life is obviously not the right thing to do. Some may say that there is no point bringing an unwanted baby into the world, but that's not true because there are thousands of families that can't have babies and would be delighted with the opportunity to adopt one.

  • Debating contrary to my personal beliefs.

    Let it be known that I am firstly a supporter of the pro-choice movement--relatively fiercely. That is why, I am going to be debating this as if abortion is equated to murder. If abortion is murder, then it doesn't make sense to counter one violent crime with another, does it? I mean, come on, that baby didn't do anything wrong. It is completely innocent. If it is equal as a human being as its mother, why should her preferences take precedence? I don't want you so I am going to kill you? What the heck? If you stick it out for a couple months you can always put the baby up for adoption. This is why I am always so annoyed with wishy-washy pro-lifers...

  • Women shouldn't get abortions

    Women should not be able to get an abortion if they are raped because they are killing a human being which is just as bad as murder which is against the law. If you have the baby when you hold it in your arms you will not think about you getting raped you will think about your child and what's best for them and you will love them no matter what

  • I take back what I said earlier

    Rape should not be an excuse for abortion. Don't blame it on the child for what happened to you. Love your children. They're still your offspring. There is only one time when abortion should be permitted and that's when the birth is a threat to the mother's health. That's it.

  • That's worse than rape

    A women who kills her own child is worse than a man who rapes. It's not the baby's fault. Why should they suffer? Everyone deserves a chance at life. Many women who get abortions end up regretting their mistake. I know someone who got an abortion when she was 15 after a rape and she regrets is deeply.

  • Thats too crazy

    NO! I get that you got pregnant from a rapist but that does not mean you should take a way someone else's life! They have all their life to live and you take it away from them? Rape is a sin but so is killing someone. Don't fight fire with fire, if it is totally needed than give it up for adoption, plenty of parents would kill for that baby and yet you're going to physically kill it, not right.

  • Of course not

    Yes being raped is something you can't forget and having a baby out of the rape for you is worst. You may want to abort because you don't want the baby reminding you what happened. It wasn't the baby's fault so why kill him/her? You are killing a innocent human being. The baby still have feelings. If you really don't want the baby then just put the baby up for adoption but don't kill him/her.

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