• Adding diversity and perspective to a workplace.

    Adding women, who choose to work, to the workforce is a benefit to society as a whole. Women think differently and so will contribute to a versatile environment in which new techniques and styles will be implemented. Men and women complement each other, hence working together will produce results which only men, or only women, may not have been able to produce on their own. This does not imply that men and women who work outside the home are allowed to opt out of their responsibilities at home. If both parties were to give their careers as much importance as maintaining stability within the home, we would have a system which isn't oppressive plus enforces values.

    Posted by: ms17
  • Women should work

    Women is not a commodity to be bought by her husband and made
    a chef and babysitter.No one can mean that she should be inside 4walls
    as an indoor girl.As some people say that its dangerous for women to go out on her own i agree with the fact but i think all should knw that

  • Women should work if they want too!!!

    A woman should have a choice to work outside of the home or not to! Men should have that same choice! Women and men have equal rights and that's how it should be as no gender is better than the other. Everyone needs to realise this as many women in places such as India are getting abused by the day. Equal rights one of the steps the whole world needs to take for peace.

  • Of course girls should do job....If men can for changing the thinking of our society....

    Now a days girls are not behind men..They can do each and every thing..Bcoz it's there own life there own choice and there own decision as like men..Before marriage girls have to stay behind there brothers and after marriage behind there husband..It's not a right..Girls can do work or job well as compared to men..Bcoz,"OUR SUCCESS OS DETERMINED BY WHAT WE R WILLING TO SACRIFICE FOR IT"...

  • Yes!!!!!! To prove that women are just as competitive as men

    Even the economy is growing rapidly the idea of women working outside is considered a sin....Well its not...In the olden days women worked inside and the men worked outside, now there is a slight change in the lifestyle women have learned to work outside to, and they should work mainly to support themselves, to prove that they are no less than men to realize that they have the capacity to outsmart men and also with the growing rates it is mandatory for both men and women to work to improve their standard of living and meet the expenses. These days men want women who are independent and has some knowledge of the outside world. She must work so she can set good examples to her children and can guide and mold them and can tell them whats right and whats wrong.
    So women working does more good than harm

  • Women should work for thier own sake

    Women should work to take care of themselves. A dependent woman is in a vulnerable position financially . It is women's right to choose what they want to do . If you trust your partner / marriage to take care of you without having to work, please do make sure you are taken care of in certain ways and can get a job if needed. Women should never be the automatic assumed to be the care taker. Sheay choose to do so, but she should feel no pressure.

  • Are you 'no'people stupid?!

    Women are very much equal to men and maybe even better. Also you have to remember that: NOT EVERY WOMAN WANTS TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS . After all I don't.,I'm gonna get some sort of degree in technology in college, move to somewhere in the Midwest, adopt a few dogs and work in technology and fight for human rights. Ill be more free being able to work with a job, because then i can save up and do anything i want that's legal of course :).Before you ask, yes i am a Lutheran christian.

  • Yes women should work in offices

    Behind every man's success there is women.Both men &women are same.Girls mind is "10" times better than boys mind.Women are great because they work outside and earn the money and take care for her children.Some members saying that women should not work that is wrong.All mens should depend on women.

  • I guess it depends.

    I agree with women working, because it gives them something to do if they no longer have children at home. It is NOT right to send your child to Day-care and let someone else raise them. I don't agree with certain jobs for women. Like being a firefighter, construction worker, mechanic, etc.

  • Yeah ! Ofcourse ! Whynot !

    A women can do whatever she want , yes! She has the ability to do anything in this world! She has the spirit ! You can say that it's the quality of women who can handle everything.. So, we have to be focused on women's education ..
    We should not having discrimination between the man and a woman. If a woman wants to do some work so, you should motivate her instead of bound her doing that work !
    Oh man ! We are in the 21st century , seriously.. Its not the way to underestimate the power of a girl... Having those typical thinking are the worst for a girl.. Yes! She has the right of having an independent life, yes ! We should treat a woman same as a man . Life gives the chance to every person but only few people avail this chance and can attain everything in this world . It is obvious that a country's development in the hand of a woman like Quaid-e-Azam said " you give me a good mother and I'll give you a great nation . " What does it mean? Means a woman has a great part in the country's development . So, it is proved that a woman can do everything ! She is the best mother , a good teacher , a doctor, even she can go for man's profession..

  • Women are inferior.

    Women do not have the required skills, strength and intelligence to endure the work life. Those that do are in most cases far less productive than men. So if men are better at working due to their superiority in the afore mentioned fields, then why should they not take that position? It is more efficent if the woman takes on the less demanding job of looking after children and cleaning the house. ON top of this women are emotionally unstable and would be exposed to too many men in their working life, which could lead them astray from their marriage and duty. I hope this helps!

  • Of course not

    Women should not work outside the home, that is a man's job. Women are meant to stay at home, clean the house, cook, raise the children, and above all; serve men. They should not be working in a position that men are supposed to fill. I don't even leave the house unless my husband allows it.

  • Women don't belong in the workplace unless nurses or teachers.

    Women are not equipped to work outside the home. They should be raising children and tending to the home. Men are supposed to work. That's why we have so many screwed up kids. They don't have a nurturer at home and they go buck wild. Mom needs to be at home. End of story.

  • Women should not work outside the home

    Women should only work if they "want" to and not because they "have" to. Women were not designed to deal with the stress of demanding jobs. Women are designed to be caretakers of the home, have dinner ready, house cleaned, raise children, work out at the gym, volunteer, get involved with church activities, etc. Being at home is a lot more work but God designed women to manage it all with grace. God did not design women to deal with the stress of work deadlines, work goals, bosses, office politics, etc. Plus a lot of affairs start at the workplace.

  • Its not possible for woman

    Its not possible for woman to work long-hours and then take care for her home. In a developed its ok but in a country like india were woman have to adjust home and professionals life simultaneously. She has to take care of her husbend, in laws, and children and also she had to do joab which is impossible

  • Women are less happy than before feminism.

    A lot of career women end up on mood-altering pills for their depression, and I think working is a huge part of what contributes to it. They don't get to spend time enough time with their families an if they even try to adjust their schedule a little bit, they are set back at work because they have to constantly compete against their co-workers.

  • Motherhood more valuable.

    Being a FULL TIME wife and mother is the only effective way to be a wife and mother. Being a wife and mother is much more valuable to society in the long run than working outside of the home. Many studies have shown that children raised by a FULL TIME stay-at-home mom are more well adjusted and productive members of society.

  • Kids shouldn't grow up in DayCare

    A society where people don't raise their own children is bound to fail. What is more important at the end of the day: your promotion and "independence", or the impact you had on your children and huband's lives. Men have never worked because it's fun or fulfilling. These seem to be the reasons for women. Men have done it because it's their duty to their family. It is a woman's duty to take care of the house and children. Traditional marriages last longer, with fewer fights and much less stress.

  • Balance is needed

    Society needs balance. A woman going outside to work for money, then coming home and working for free is bound to breed animosity. Paying someone to raise your children while you engage in building a career is fine, if that is your absolute dream, but the fact of the matter is, someone will be left feeling cheated, most often, it's the children. The woman, though many will deny it, will ultimately feel some amount of guilt in essentially abandoning her natural role (whether voluntarily, or due to challenging circumstances) to care for her children in the complete sense. It should also be noted that children thrive more when cared for through full-time parenting. Balance is needed. In a work obsessed, money hungry world, a healthy balance between profession and family is greatly needed to improve the quality of human beings produced for the future.

  • Society needs a balance of roles

    1.A girl doesn't expect her partner in marriage to be 'not manly',for example one who can't shoulder the responsibilities of a man like bringing in income,being lazy,crying or showing stupid sentimentality at the slightest of issues.A man who performs his manly duties is considered to be caring to his wife.Similarly a woman who stays at home looks after the food,children and management of the house's internal affairs is considered to be caring for her husband.
    2.A woman who works in corporate houses may have to spend nights out of home when the husband may need her.The husband may be worried about her intentions.He would feel she doesn't care about him.She isn't fulfilling her primary role as wife to her husband.A man who has to spend time outside cannot be brought under the same argument as men NEED to be EMPLOYED,he cant remain in society UNEMPLOYED whereas women CAN.(Atleast in my Indian society).
    3.If a man brings in good income what need does the woman have to earn?If a woman thinks she has to prove her worth by competing with her husband isn't that hostility towards her husband?What is the use of marriage or coming together if it brings in hostility?
    4.A woman may very well fall into the temptation of doing things against marriage at the request of her male bosses to get promotions at workplace.You may ask me can a man not fall into such temptation?The answer is NO because by my logic women must not be present at workplaces so no female bosses.Why not all female and no male workplace?The answer to that is the rhetorical question 'Would you marry an unemployed man?'Men HAVE to work that's it, women may not.
    5.In Bible God said men have to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow,so if you respect religion...A man MUST work.
    6.My concluding point..If men must work women should have a different role to complement each other.This would create DEPENDENCIES on each other leading to lasting relationships.Without dependencies,independent men and women have great chance of falling out in marriage.

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Anonymous says2013-04-05T12:00:45.793
I think woman should not work outside the home because she have already a job. It is motherhood. How can she rganize her her time between working outside the house and motherhood?
Anonymous says2013-06-21T14:35:20.120
It would be nice if woman working at home would get paid for their work