• Yes! Senseless violence is all it is!

    After watching a video of real wrestling, I have come to the conclusion that it is too dangerous to be allowed to continue. All wrestling does is teach our children how to be violent and how to climb a gate to drop kick someone. Why people enjoy watching others hurt each other is beyond me. Yet another reason human society continues to go down hill when people find pleasure in watching others get hurt.

  • Wrestling is bad for kids

    Wrestling teaches kids to be violent towrds other children,wrestiling does not prepare kids for the real world, because in todays day and age you dont need to know how to take someone down. Thats why there are COPS! It only shows children how to hurt other children. (from the veiw point of a loving mother)

  • Yes! I agree completely!

    It causes arrogance and short tempered human beings. It makes the players angry and thus do not keep stability in their minds. Even though everyone esle supported I will go against it. Take my lines into account and think. Well if they do not create arrogance and anger then reply.

  • Wrestling teaches to many lessons to be banned.

    Self reliance, perseverance, mental toughness, physical toughness, strength in the face of adversity, balance, and personal responsibility and the list goes on and on.

    When the Ancient Greeks trained their youth in Wrestling they were the Super Power, The USA once had Wrestling as a Physical Education course in it schools, before and after WWII. That declined in the Sixties along with our would standing.

  • No,wrestling should not be banned.

    No,wrestling should not be banned for several important reasons.First of all it provides a kind of escapism that does not include drugs or alcohol.When you are talking about wrestling on the amateur level it provides healthy competition,exercise and chances for academic opportunities through scholarships and other similar awards that athletes get.

  • It's awesome sport

    It is a great sport.Nowadays almost all sports have violence it doesn't mean that all sports must be banned.It inspires everyone of us.It is a great exercise both physically and mentally.It is a source of entertaining everyone in this world.So, I strongly disagree that government should ban wrestling as today's youth as well as children are inspired by wrestling.

  • No! No! No!

    Wrestling should not be banned because it is the best of physical exercise and in wrestling from shows a player limitations are there. Likewise, in Olympics India got medals in the field of wrestling. For example sushil kumar got silver medal . So from my sight wrestling should not be banned.

  • No because its not right

    Because a lot of people like it and they make a lot money and people love them because wrestling stars make kids feel like they can do it to if they do good in school and make good grade and make your self happy and make your mom and dad happy about your self and my little bother look at wrestling when he was 5 years old and sometimes i look at it to so no wrestling should not be banned.

  • It is the oldest sport

    Wrestling is the sport which is played since human has take birth. It helps to know who is more powerful.It also helps to make our body fit. It is the help but do are to too were pool poll you by birth computer good bad sad not happy at all

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