• Kids see this and they learn unwanted fighting things from it and also, DOES NOBODY SEE THE WRESTLERS GET SEVERLY HURT???!!!!

    Yes, it is practical for people who don't like wrestling just to say away, but what about the people who are actually in the ring. They get blows that would knock an average man to Texas!! Okay, that was an exaggeration :) , but still. I saw a match on my computer because my brother was just begging me too. I don't even want to remember what happened between John Cena and Kane. Kane was literally punching the air out of him! But no, that's not what made me, gawk. What made me gawk was that later on, the Undertaker was punching the LIFE out of Kane! I mean, he was just slamming Kane's head onto the steps leading to he ring!! This is enough to make a person die and don't even get me started on how much I despise women wrestling!!!!

  • Encourages Eating Disorder Behaviors

    Making Weight. When I think of wrestling, that's the first thing that comes to my mind. Coaches tell them, you have to loose "x" amount of pounds. To some athletes, they will do anything to be a winner, and that means making weight. This includes purging, restricting calories intake, excessive exercise, water loading, sweating out water weight, and many other eating disorder related behaviors. In my opinion, we should not be supporting this.

  • It is mindless violence

    Wrestling should be banned since children are following of what they see. As a young adult, I see many teenagers and other young adults who I interact with, and they seem to practice these moves on each other. Some of my friends get seriously hurt too. They think its okay, but I do not get why watching someone getting hurt is modern. We should already be done with barbaric fighting especially when it is unnecessary. These people are getting seriously injured and children are becoming more affluent to violence that the negatives greatly outweighs the "positives". In conclusion, it is not moral and it should be banned.

  • Just noooooooooo! Are you out of your mind?

    Why its wwe just no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no i think you get it. Right? But anyway ill just carry on to annoy you no no no no bye

  • It hurts a lot

    Wrestling hurts hhhh h. W w w e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e p p p p p p p p p pp p p pp p p p pp p p p p pp p p pp p p pp p p p p pp p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p

  • Wrestling be banned

    Because there is no point in fighting with someone for no reason it doesn't get you anywhere in life so yea it's bad influence for the children it's not safe at all causes brain damage , concussions,and other series of injuries that leads the, to the hospital for care .

  • Wrestling be banned

    Because there is no point in fighting with someone for no reason it doesn't get you anywhere in life so yea it's bad influence for the children it's not safe at all causes brain damage , concussions,and other series of injuries that leads the, to the hospital for care .

  • Wrestling Must Be Banned

    Wrestling should most definitely be banned everywhere. It needs to banned because this can lead to serious injuries and, in more serious cases, death. Watching wrestling makes me mad. How can someone treat another human being like that? It is extremely disturbing to me how people can allow this. Dog fighting is illegal (as it should be) and so should wrestling. This enrages me. It makes me even more mad that my brother watches it and thinks that it is appropriate everyday behavior. Wrestling needs to be banned!

  • It's awfuk and troubling

    Violent and repulsive
    The sport has no merit and encourages violence in children. Shows.Such as wwe are poorly scripted and.Children copy whatbthey see. It is mindless and poor quality sport. There is no place for this in society. Ban it now. Won't somebody please think.Of the children! He he. It's just abhorrent

  • It should be banned

    It gives the children to be more violent and shows importance in hurting others and according to me it does not give any entertainment.Just some huge people fights arrogantly.And causes severe injures.An actual sport is that we should enjoy while playing.The persons who say NO are real fools.SO I SAY YES

  • Not at all!

    Wrestling should not be banned as one is not force into that profession rather sport! It is plus a physical and mental exercise also! An it ain't that people get hurt only in here, what about Football? People do get hurt and just get a card! These are professionally trained! And do not encourage fighting anywhere rather have ad's to prevent that...There are a no. Of reasons for not banning Wrestling and one does not force you to watch it, If not interested, SIMPLY STAY AWAY!!

  • No! No! No!

    Wrestling should not be banned because it is the best of physical exercise and in wrestling from shows a player limitations are there. Likewise, in Olympics India got medals in the field of wrestling. For example sushil kumar got silver medal . So from my sight wrestling should not be banned.

  • No because its not right

    Because a lot of people like it and they make a lot money and people love them because wrestling stars make kids feel like they can do it to if they do good in school and make good grade and make your self happy and make your mom and dad happy about your self and my little bother look at wrestling when he was 5 years old and sometimes i look at it to so no wrestling should not be banned.

  • It is the oldest sport

    Wrestling is the sport which is played since human has take birth. It helps to know who is more powerful.It also helps to make our body fit. It is the help but do are to too were pool poll you by birth computer good bad sad not happy at all

  • Wrestling teaches to many lessons to be banned.

    Self reliance, perseverance, mental toughness, physical toughness, strength in the face of adversity, balance, and personal responsibility and the list goes on and on.

    When the Ancient Greeks trained their youth in Wrestling they were the Super Power, The USA once had Wrestling as a Physical Education course in it schools, before and after WWII. That declined in the Sixties along with our would standing.

  • No,wrestling should not be banned.

    No,wrestling should not be banned for several important reasons.First of all it provides a kind of escapism that does not include drugs or alcohol.When you are talking about wrestling on the amateur level it provides healthy competition,exercise and chances for academic opportunities through scholarships and other similar awards that athletes get.

  • It's awesome sport

    It is a great sport.Nowadays almost all sports have violence it doesn't mean that all sports must be banned.It inspires everyone of us.It is a great exercise both physically and mentally.It is a source of entertaining everyone in this world.So, I strongly disagree that government should ban wrestling as today's youth as well as children are inspired by wrestling.

  • What would happen to wrestling coaches!

    Think about what would happen they would lose there jobs! Too many people would go without a job ,then what would you want to live with your mom again I do not think so pleas reply ,and state your opinion on the subject just think about it or sleep on it!

  • I hate it

    I hate it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha h ah ha ha ha ha ha but please don't watch it you will regret it cause it's JOHN CENA bum bum bum bum Bing Bing Bing bong I love to río you out of no where

  • Wrestling is awesome

    Some one said that you dont have to wacth and you are right,if you dont want to watch beasts beat each other like crazy then why wacth? Its you right to choose what you want to do so let wrestling live!!! There is nothing wrong with that thank you people

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