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  • Wwe is entertaining

    Wwe is ment to entertain not to beat pepole up it is a good way for kids to have a little bit of fun. Like me i enjoy pepole that are extreme ,like sabu . I also like collecting wwe figures i even have a youtube channel called primes toy show.

  • WWE is awesome!

    I think the WWE should not be banned because, like DaltonJeter said, it's all fake! Also, kids love to watch people throw themselves around. It's all acting, and it's not setting a bad example for kids. Also, they give a "Do not try this at home" message. Kids know not to try it at home! What's the point of banning it?

  • WWE is stupid!

    I think it should not be banned because they never get hurt! It is just acting and fake punches! Its cool to watch but it is also fake. Whats the point of banning it! I mean seriously it is all fake hilarious junk that should not be banned! I mean seriously whats the point?

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